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Crazy Neighbor Asks For Child Support For Her Dogs

People are obsessed with pure-breeds. 

And that is true for whatever pet you can think of. It is honestly so sad that people would rather buy dogs or cats from puppy mills than adopt one that desperately needs a loving home. Why does it matter whether the hypothetical dog is mixed or what many like to call them ‘mutt’.


It sickens me to my stomach to hear that if a ‘pure-breed’ dog mates with a mixed one or not of its own breed, somehow that dog is tainted. Someone help me understand this dumb logic because I think I lost a few IQ points just reading this. However, this woman is doing exactly that. You can read the whole story by scrolling below and taking a look for yourself.

Source: Reddit

This story is definitely going to take you on a crazy ride but it is worth it.

If she didn’t want this, she should have paid more attention to her dog and not let her escape into her neighbor’s house.


I have honestly never heard of child support for dogs but I have seen crazier things in my life.


I don’t think owners who are caring for their dogs actually make much money off selling puppies. I looked into recently because I have a dog that used to be used for breeding.

Quality vet care for mom + puppies (especially if delivery is complicated) can be pricy. And on top of that, there’s food, meds, and round the clock care needed for the newborn puppies. If they pay for sperm (to keep genetics healthy) that’s $1500 to $2000. They need to do genetic testing on mom and dad to make sure they’re not passing down any harmful traits and that isn’t free either. Per hour they make almost nothing when you subtract the actual costs. It’s not a profitable business model for the most part.

Now puppy mills and shitty breeders who abuse the dogs….they make bank.

My point is that after food, vet care, meds, and time spent caring for the dog she’s likely going to break even selling the mutts…if she intends to care for her dog well. But she sounds like an asshole who lets her dog free roam so she might just be someone that does the minimum and then lists the puppies for something ridiculous like $1500 on Craigslist.

Is dog abortion a thing? I’d offer to pay for that just to spare that poor mama dog…on the condition she is spayed after. –Historical-Dare1045

Well, that is technically how it should work if he pays for their care right?


Something makes me think, she isn’t going to agree with that.


Wait, This is a thing in the breeding world? Now, I have heard everything.


At least that reason makes somewhat of sense but can’t the dogs get tested or something?


She clearly just wants money and doesn’t really love her dog.


And some of these puppy mills are truly disgusting.


And yet so many people still obsess over the breed when it shouldn’t matter.


But these people don’t care about the health of their poor dogs.

My daughter’s fiancé’s mom breeds dogs. My daughter and her fiancé have a purebred lab that has been shown and they are planning on breeding her. I will tell you that if they even get an inkling that she might go into heat, she goes nowhere near other dogs, especially dogs that they aren’t 100% sure are neutered.

The fact that this woman is letting her purebred dog that she plans to breed out roaming free with no supervision is so stupid, I even wonder if she even knows anything about breeding animals.

You are NTA and no court in the world is going to award her damages for a dog she let loose, that is 100% on her. –Athenas_Return

Then I wouldn’t want to be part of a culture where this is considered normal.


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