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Newly Adopted Dogs Loving Their Furr-Ever Homes

Animals are truly a blessing for us. We don’t deserve such pure souls. And we certainly can not give them what they deserve. There will always be something missing! But they won’t care. They’ll be happy with what you give them, even if that thing is super tiny, they’ll just be grateful. But what we do we, humans, do? We abandon them! Some of us even hit them, torture them, hurt them, etc. But they would still love you, even after all we put them through. Especially dogs!


Dogs are known to be a man’s… wait nope! A humans best friend. Whoever said this was right and should be given an award. We couldn’t be more thankful for such an amazing creature. They love us, they care about us, they protect us, they are loyal AF and the list goes on and on. Something else we are also thankful for are some kind human beings who provide shelter, food and water to these beautiful creatures. And rather than making it a monetary transaction, they opt for adoption! Talk about being amazing.

Let’s take a look at these wonderful doggos who got adopted and found their fur-ever homes!

1. “I went to the shelter to adopt a dog, and i found those two in this posture, i couldn’t separate them so i end up adopting both of them.”

Via u/Weekly-Description-3

You have certainly made the right decision.

2. “We’re having a baby in February. Thought “why not ruin our sleep schedule 6 months early”. Meet Echo!”

Via u/smpilichowski

Now both of the babies can grow old together.

3. “Meet Zuko”

Via u/CuriousQueso

Hello lil Zuko. We already love youuu.

4. “Became a dog dad recently! Meet Ember!”

Via u/manwithcam


5. “Check out this lil bean we adopted today!!”

This hooman definitely deserves all the kisses for adopting this doggo!

6. “Got my 8 year old son his first puppy tonight. Meet Sage.”

Via u/T_Dogg80

We’re so happy that sage has such a cozy place to call home.

We love how there is still a little good left in this world. Especially during this pandemic, when everything else is falling apart, this is exactly what we need to pull ourselves out of this dark time. Another good thing is that this isn’t the end! Must be our lucky day. Let’s keep scrolling, shall we?

7. “Doggo is super happy to have a new member of the family”

Doggo got a new doggo.

8. “Coming home from dog shelter with this girl!”

Via u/lukileczo

Best friends for life. Look at their smile, though. True love!

9. “Got married this weekend and couldn’t go on a honeymoon due to the pandemic. So my wife and I adopted a new puppy instead. This is Oreo, he’s a Papillon. His ears should be symmetrical but he doesn’t care.”

Via u/T-Bizzle

How is Oreo THIS cute? Can we steal him?

10. “WATCH ME TWIRL, DADDY! This was the first morning after he was adopted from the humane society.”

Excuse me while I cry.

11. “Meet reggie. Arrived with us at 9am and already settled in so well”

Reggie was just waiting to spread the love. Pretty sure that little body couldn’t contain it all.

12. “My first rescue. Shes a scared, timid, beautiful one eye baby”

Via u/ombrecloud

Bless your heart, hooman. You have now gained a shy companion for life.

13. “This is Shadow. My parents adopted her last week. Her tail has not stopped wagging since (evident by the blur right behind her)”

Via u/ridingthelightning69

The excitement is evident.

14. “Just adopted this little girl!! She’s missing an eye but that’s okay:)”

Via u/norwgianwood

All of me, loves all of you. All your perfect imperfections. 

15. “Hi everyone meet Ghost!”

Via u/rambo_ramzi

Ghost was born with a face mask. Already ready for halloween.

Sadly, we have reached the end. This was so wholesome, that it definitely warmed our hearts. We can’t help but admire how happy these doggos were after finding their hoomans and their furr-ever homes. Can we all just continue giving them lots of love? Yep? Good!

As for you, if you haven’t already done it, go visit your local shelters and find the perfect little buddy for you. Just remember, Adopt! Don’t shop!


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