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Orphan Racoon Gets Rescued By Family Dog Who Considers Him A Puppy

This rescued raccoon thinks she is a dog. What a cutie!

It’s a wonderful feeling to rescue an animal. The whole purpose being rescuing them is to give them a better life and put them back on the track they were before facing an unfortunate situation in life.


It feels so satisfying to see those rescued animals grow, become healthy, and happier. Feels like a major purpose of life just got served. No animal deserves to be alone or stranded with no hopes for help. They deserve the best life, and there is no shame in us humans getting involved to get these animals to their best life.

This is a rescue story of a raccoon. Rosie Kemp, a resident at Nassau, Bahamas, spotted a raccoon outside her house one day. She was quick to notice that the raccoon wasn’t too mobile. It was because the poor little baby had just fallen from a tree and badly injured its leg.

Kemp and her daughter, Laura Young, went out and searched around for the injured raccoon’s mother who was nowhere to be seen. So they decided to bring her in and actually adopt it. Their rescue child was named Pumpkin.

Scroll below to read how Pumpkin settled in with her new family.

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Abandoned little ‘Pumpkin the Raccoon’ was found with an injured leg, by Rosie and Laura

Kemp and Young took very good care of Pumpkin and soon enough she fully recovered. No more injured legs, her bandit self was ready to run all around the house.

Once Pumpkin was fit and recovered, Laura Young and her husband decided to take her to their own house and wanted to give Pumpkin the best life she could ever imagine.

In an interview, about Pumpkin, with The Dodo, Laura said, “She instantly bonded with us and our two rescue dogs and follows me and our two dogs everywhere we go. She now thinks she is a dog…she is able to play and be rough with them and she respects them when they have had enough.”

Now that’s how you say sorry after annoying them throughout the day. What a cutie!


Gotta get them gains…or is she after the coffee?


It looks like they’ve got the same favorite TV show. That means there’s no more separating them, anymore.




Pumpkin spends almost all her day with her dog mates. So much so, that she now thinks she’s a dog as well. Looks like the doggos successfully converted the bandit.


Doggo lickin’ her little baby is a perfect example of an inseparable bond.


She has grown into being a sneaky little girl.


“They are so unbelievably intelligent.”


“I would say they are even able to express emotions.”, added Young in her interview with TheDodo.

Raccoons really are adorable animals and what makes Pumpkin’s story adorable is the love and affection she got from her new family.

They look so cute together!


She really is a cute little puppy!

The dinner is served.


Oops! Ate too much. “Blaaargh”

She likes to be the big spoon. Okay, little girl.


Aww, her eyes! No wonder why Young was too quick to adopt Pumpkin.

“She instantly bonded with our two rescue dogs.” She sure did!


She loves watching her Momma sleep peacefully.

“Omg, they’re gonna kill the hero.” “Relax Pumpkin, it’s just a show.”


When your favorite TV show ends. We can relate little Pumpkin. It’s okay.

Pumpkin looks the happiest with her family. And that’s what makes us the happiest.


It’s really sad how Pumpkin fell off that tree and injured her leg, but you know everything happens for a reason, right? She fell right into the arms of her new mother, Laura Young. It was a very good move by Laura and Rosie to bring the helpless raccoon in and help her recover.

We are sure Pumpkin respects them for all the efforts they made to give her the best life. And that’s all that it is about. Care for each other, make your time worthwhile, cuz you never know when you might trip off a tree.

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