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26 Dramatic Animals That Could Outshine Any Actor

Our pets are better at expressions than most of the actors.

Although pets can’t speak but they are good at expressions. They speak through their expressions and we can clearly read on their faces what they are trying to say. Whether they are happy, sad, mad or whatever, you can clearly read it on their faces. Animals are more dramatic than humans. Sometimes they just fake the situations. You teach them anything and they will show you how to do it better. Teach them to act dead and they will show you how it’s done. They can act to be innocent, guilty, sleeping and whatnot. Today, we have 26 adorable animals that could outshine any actor. Scroll down to enjoy!

1. No singer can compete when he is singing:

© bubonicbombshell/

“My cat looks like he is singing when he yawns.”

2. He has planned something against his owner:


© s4r4hz /

3. When you wake up and realize it’s not your bed:


© FsdFay/

4. “My pup was unimpressed that he wasn’t allowed on the boat.”


© epicfairy/

How can you say no to such an adorable boi. Well, your loss, not mine.

5. “I didn’t give her the last bite of my burger.”


© waxiestapple/

6. The look on your face after waking up:


© Yoll/

7. Blessing your day with a smile.


© E_a_s_y/

8. It’s cat versus dog.


© steel_sky/

Dog = 0, Cat = 1.

9. When it is your birthday but you are not in the mood:


© Leriq/

10. “My colleague taught his dog how to play dead.”


© deethy/

Let’s play dead.

11. That’s how we sleep on Weekends:

© -EG-/

12. When he is busy doing his thing and you disturb him:


© alex_mariee1/

13. “My dog next to my mom’s puppy, 8 months difference between the two pictures. The emotions of my dog seem to be speaking loudly.”

© cabeleirae/

Humans can not beat animals in expressions. A lot of actors need to learn it from animals. They are effortlessly beautiful and they do not need any retakes to get a perfect shot. From singing to posing for the camera, animals are outshining all the actors and singers out there. They are proving to us that they are the definition of perfection.

14. Whenever she realizes you are going out for work:


© Surfsupforthesummer/

She will give you this look to trick you into not going to work.

15. This is us on Monday mornings:

© Cazpar-Zx/

16. “One of our cats, Luna, was very upset that she was taken to the vet for vaccinations so on the way home she hid in her ‘mother’ our dog Lily.”


© Bhaktiyogini/

Mom: How dare you take my child to the vet for vaccination?

17. The look he would give you when you are not giving him attention:

© madame_eyebrows

18. Like father like son.


© Sariola/

19. That’s how you pose for a picture:

© wieselblitz

20. Human, don’t eat this much.


© CallMeSneak/

21. “This is Jane. She likes going for rides in the car.”

© nickmarko557/

22. Mom and dad waiting in the lounge when you come home late at night:


© Lethalbadger95/

23. Someone is in love:

© unknown

24. That’s us successfully finishing the Monday:


© raccoonfury

25. That’s me watching the family drama:

© Ineslithromantic/

26. When you tell her today is her appointment with the vet:


© GypsyJack /

Which animal do you own? How good is your pet at expressions? If they are good at expressions, then share their photos with us in the comments section down below.


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