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18 Painful Moments That Will Make Facepalm Really Hard

Been there, done that.

Let’s face it, we have all had our weak moments where we did silly and weird stuff. Upon looking back, I’m sure you will remember some of them which were truly worth a facepalm. Not just any faceplam, one where your hand hits your face HARD! Thank God we have the power of recognizing our dumb errors, whether the are trivial or huge. But once the damage is done, it could be next to impossible to repair it.


Have you ever had one of those days where everything that could go wrong, DOES go wrong? I’m not talking about a bad hair day or a bad day at work. I’m talking about the real deal. Just imagine, everything is running smoothly and all of a sudden something happens and you say to yourself “why, why me, why today?”

Today, we are going to focus on such incidents which deserve an Oscar in pure facepalm. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

1. All of us are, trust me.

Via u/melvilleismycopilot

2. How convenient.

Via u/YT_sharkeyVeno

3. Moment of pure facepalm.

Via u/Plyro1776

4. Why would you want to know the marital status of everyone, anyway?

Via u/sloshedmosh

5. Just like they want the world to get less overpopulated so they introduced corona virus in the world, right?

Via u/Lazarfan109

6. Sounds fair enough.

Via u/PolyPolyanna

7. Harvard wants to hunt you down and enroll you in their PhD program for stupid losers.

Via u/Kyles_Hat

8. Nobody would now.

Via u/cragcrag

9. That’s why they say, always do your research before making a point.

Via u/dsj79

If you think you have seen enough, brace yourself. Because there is more where this came from. And I know what you are thinking; they are so funny that it’s impossible to get mad at them. Right? But if you really think about it, it might be really hard to survive in the world if we had gone through one of these incidents. But then again, everyone needs a little something to make this boring life a little fun. Keep scrolling for more.

10. Maybe that’s not their child. Just to be on the safe side.

Via marcus2m

11. Be right back, gonna shoot myself in the head.

Via u/Gudetama

12. What’s satisfying about carrot puree?

Via u/kevinowdziej

13. I feel like there is no point in wasting even a second on this person.

Via u/CycloneTurnip

14. What a clever guy. I wish I had his guts.

Via u/YT_Sharkeyveno

15. I feel like smacking my head in the wall. What part of “COUNTRY without letter A” did these people not understand?

Via u/Mkairxp

16. How is that even possible?

Via u/Raaqu

17. I don’t think anyone found this to be helpful.

Via u/Riguy231

18. WHAT?! Who is the damn admin of this page?

Via u/TheReesesPuff45

Reminded about your own such experiences? Share with us in the comments below!


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