50 Creepiest Panoramas That Will Give You Nightmares

Conventional photography techniques were a little challenging. The quality often gets compromised too. It was harder for a larger family to fit in a single frame and wide-angle photos weren’t an actual thing back then. It was a struggle fitting into a single frame.


Panoramas are a fun feature that evolving technology has provided us. Whether it’s about capturing a big family photo or a scenic view, the Panoramic photo feature comes to the rescue. You don’t have to struggle with editing anymore, it’s an all in all tool that has made photography facile. It’s heaven for professional photographers but not everybody gets it right away.

However, when a new feature hits the market we all take some time getting used to it unless you’re a pro and a quick learner. Mistakes are made. But experimenting with panoramic pictures can be a little haunting and dramatic. Here are some early birds who stepped out of their comfort zone and probably were the first-timers at taking panoramic photos. These pictures not only turned out to be an ultimate fail but also depicted surreal scenes that sometimes were hilarious but pretty creepy at others.

Here’s why you need to think before you decide to try the panoramic feature! Enjoy the hysterically scary series of pictures.

1. Hands in the air or heads in the air?

via comptonasskim

It floats!

2. Cold and warm

via _guppster

A perfect description of the contrasting temperatures of the afterlife

3. A cat-terpillar

via FallenCoffee

4. Wasn’t aware of this side of her

via JuddJasper

A mid-picture sneeze can turn you into a demon

5. When you want to take a picture with everyone in the family

via McFortune-Cookie

This looks like a normal picture… until you see it!

6. Spilling seas

via gandalfisadrugdealer

7. The Cerberus

via Pufferchung

Great hound of Hades

8. Meme material troll face

via maddog595959

Mom, you are going to be the next big inspiration for the meme world!

9. Selfie stick or a selfie hand?

via Strid3r21

Might give you a good angle though!

10. When the mitotic division results in the development of two heads instead of legs

via kingofthesofas

Only if it was true, hehe

11. Long but little human

Why is this making me so uncomfortable?

12. The earth is round


“Flat Earth proof”

13. Ele-dog: Dog with a trunk

via _knoxy

14. Nice dive.

via -Skizza

Seems like a scene from a horror movie.

15. When you know the other person is lying but you still try to be nice

via nflitgirl

16. Make way, Superdog incoming

via pembull

Quick as the wind

17. “A new kind of dad joke”

via mcphadenmike

Had to laugh… I tell you it’s going to be his next display picture

18. I’ll take you down no matter how far you are

via KylePeterson051

19. A human caterpillar, perhaps

via irrelejuante

In his natural habitat, the city

20. The masterpiece of Picasso

via 43percentburnt

21. When you’re suffering from the inside but acting cool on the outside

via ender411

What a perfect depiction of two moods

22. The Spider-man


Turned and twisted like the web is. But… how?

23. The two-legged horse was spotted wandering the streets yesterday evening

via GallowBoob

24. The tale of the strangely lit stadium


This seems like an interesting story…

25. Man is a true descendent of chimpanzee

via insolent_swine

This could turn anybody’s good day into a nightmare and take away peaceful nights of sleep. Only if the intro description didn’t explain what actually the pictures are about, it would have been named as a series of horror stories. Keep scrolling to see some more of the greatest panoramic fails of all time!

26. The placement of hand gone wrong

via MichelleJaime46

Okay… Don’t know how to unsee that!

27. “Fashion week and the case of the ghostly heels”


Once lived a fashionable ghost.

28. Is that a dog or a cotton string?

via lukeallen1

Just a dog panorama

29. My dog’s imaginary pal

via WildAnimus

He only appears in pictures

30. Yeah, I am listening


Such a multitasker!


via wisconsin_cheese_

32. Another one from Picasso’s gallery

via Newspaper_Edtior

33. The next Olympics star

via MentalMasochist

I see the medals coming home

34. “The rare water cooooooooooorgi”

via ceanders

Seen every 8000 years



*Laughing at?

36. The auto-driven car

via ducksizedhorses

The future techno-world

37. Oh no, Tsunami

via panoramafail.tumblr

38. Wait, I thought it was only the tower of Pisa that was tilted.

via Gamma8gear

Another wonder of the world discovered through the panoramics

39. How do I unsee this?

via abice07

I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep now

40. The queen cow

via 56productions

“Wonder how much milk you can get from a cow like that”

41. The instant realisation that it’s the last day of the vacation

via olboyenvoy27

I can’t Monday anymore

42. A true gymnast is flexible and flamboyant

via tylergarner

It sure is!

43. When the reality unfolds

More like when the city unfolds itself…

44. A goat who had a horn

via Consent_van

The goat of another world

45. We all need that finger to turn off the light at night while being tucked in bed

via agills

How convenient!

46. She was too excited for the picture

via Legit_Shit_Breath

47. The yellow school train

via Omodro

The latest project in town

48. “Can you give me a hand here?”

via MythOf1961

49. Scootie relay

via panoramafail.tumblr

50. The picture seemed pretty aesthetic until I saw the man in the front

via xaxnxdxrxexax

Aesthetically creepy

I think we’re done for the day. These juvenile photographers sure need to practice more to finally get there! Have you ever been through failed photography encounters? If yes, share with us your masterpieces and the stories behind them, in the comment section below. It’ll be fun!

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