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Someone Noticed Panthers Are Just XXL Black Cats & These Photos Prove It

These panthers might fool everyone but not me!

You might have thought that a panther is a different species than a cat or maybe even a long lost cousin that has maybe some genes similar to cats. However, I am here to tell you that it is not true.


Panthers are just very large versions of black kitties we keep as pets. How do I know this? Well, it’s all very scientific. Our cat distinguishing team found out by looking at some adorable pictures of panthers and black cats. And they came to the conclusion that these are indeed the same.

Don’t believe me yet? Well, let me list all the way Panthers are exactly like cats. Scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Have you looked at these ferocious fangs?


They are exactly the same as a Panthers.


#2 And we all know that cats can climb trees.


But so can panthers.


#3 Black kitties aren’t afraid to get wet.


And Panthers just love swimming once in a while.


#4 Black cats look fearsome when they are on the hunt for a mouse.


And panthers are the same although they look for something a bit more ‘filling’.


I think we have provided enough proof that black panthers are actually just large versions of cats. I mean can you think of one thing that distinguishes them in any way other than the size?

However, for the skeptics among us, we have even more proof.

#5 The tail of a cat can signal many things.


Even panthers are able to use their tails in such a manner.


#6 And we all know how cats love napping in weird places.

Turns out so do panthers.


#7 Cats love telling everyone who’s the boss.

And a panthers roar can make anyone tremble.

Cat Haven

#8 However they also have a softer side hidden beneath.

And they can be fierce protectors.

Dheeraj pach

Now, we are all aware that black cats aren’t as ‘desirable’ as cats with other colors. It’s probably because of the superstition about witches and such. But the fact is that even black cats need love.

And the color of the cat shouldn’t deter anyone from adopting a lovely black feline.

It seems people are slowly waking up.

And realizing what was in front of us all this time.


There is no reason not to.

Now, this is just sad.


I can see that. You might even get a tiny little bruise.


I need that bedsheet for myself.

People can come up with very creative names.

That is actually very true.


What do you think of this discovery? Do you think it is worth exploring or did you already know this? Comment down below and let us know.


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