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Mom Wanted To Pay Child’s Babysitter With “Ice Cream And Fun”

Being a mother is so not easy at all, it comes with a lot of challenges that you just cannot back out of because the decision of being a mother gets taken 9 months before the baby actually comes into the world. So it is a pre-planned step that parents take toward a new chapter of life. Because parenting is so difficult in overall terms, mothers often look out for services from other people so their lives can be hassle-free. One of those services is babysitting.

Babysitters charge for taking care of your baby. They are usually hired when the parents are not able to look after the baby and have to be somewhere else. It must be known that in no way does it means the responsibility of the child also gets transferred to the babysitter. The responsibility remains with the parents, always. And part of the responsibility in hiring a babysitter is to pay fairly. Never rob a service provider of their hard-earned money because karma can really be a b*tch.

Today we have got for you a story about a mother who did not want to pay the babysitter in monetary terms but in something uniquely else. Scroll down below to read.

 The mother told the babysitter “Ice cream and fun” was her payment for babysitting her child.

The two had already decided on a rate that was $16 per hour. The babysitter provided her services without compromising on any quality and when the time came for her to receive her payment, the mother told her she wasn’t going to get paid any money and that the ice cream she had with the kids along with all the fun was enough.

The babysitter showed screenshots to the mother where they had finalized a rate.


The babysitter was never going to take care of the kids as charity work. She was offering her services and wanted to be paid for them. When she did her work as per the deal, the mother should have also done the right thing and paid her according to the set rate.

The mother wanted to compromise at $20 where the actual amount to be paid was $128.


I am not certain about this but there has to be some sort of court that deals with such cases. The babysitter must search for a court of law that may help her out and definitely knock on their door to get her money.

The mother then decided to block OP as her last message did not get delivered.


That’s one of the routes these villainous, thieves take. By blocking, you just know the mother knew she was wrong and had nothing left to say in order to defend her case. So she just ran away from the scene. I hope the babysitter manages to get her rightfully earned money somehow. And even if she does not get her $128 from the mother, she must believe that karma will somehow make that mother pay for her unfair act, maybe the payment will not be made directly to the babysitter, but that $128 is bound to leave her bank account one way or the other and against her will.

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