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23 Cat Lovers Confess What They Tell Their Cats Before Leaving Home & It’s Hilarious

If our loved one is staying back home and we are going out to run a few errands, we always convey the message of us leaving the house before getting out of the premises so the other partner or parents are aware just in case of an emergency. That is just a basic rule. We can’t not let them know and just vanish out of the house? It will leave them wondering where we went.

Like so, when we consider our loved ones close to us to let them know beforehand, how can pet owners not notify their pets when leaving the house? A Twitter thread was created for all the users to come on the platform and share their stories of what they tell their cats before leaving the house. These people are too adorable with their little ones and we love it!

Scroll down and check these amazing tweets out!

1. It is so considerate of you to do that.

Via © yellkathy / Twitter

2. Picking up the call would be a bit complicated for the cat.

Via © silvergayb / Twitter

3. So the cat would definitely reply back saying how it misses you.

Via © pimianova / Twitter

4. To negotiate for all the time spent away from your paw-buddy.

Via © dascha_igel / Twitter

5. The duties are well distributed beforehand just in case either one forgets its job.

Via © starpersha / Twitter

6. Just like any other normal household.

Via © realzzebra / Twitter

7. She is like a toddler when you drop them off at school, on their first day.

Via © alarmatreshka / Twitter

8. Cats are always the ones in charge, period.

Via © espritdlparesse / Twitter

9. They must get really mad at you for leaving.

Via © snowhelga / Twitter

10. They should have known prior where you were to not bite you.

Via © Gryadunog / Twitter

11. Since the house is empty, might as well keep the cat in charge.

Via © UginAbroskin / Twitter

12. If the cat nods, I say goodbye.

Via © Bruzzga / Twitter

13. Well the empty walls will hold the responsibility of it all.

Via © huliotebenado / Twitter

14. Of course he is not going to worry, why would he?

Via © valya_de / Twitter

15. Do not touch the fridge.

Via © kaknravitsya / Twitter

It is nice to see how the owners own up to their confessions of notifying their pets before they go out so they don’t worry if the owner gets back home late. Some animals know exactly how to behave while others have further company to ensure they stay on the same track too. Funny enough, the animals do not have the verbal capacity to relay their responses for us to understand but as long as they follow what is said, why not. Here are some more:

16. Not a single petal should be broken when moms back.

Via © VictoriaCeles / Twitter

17. I mean that is okay too.

Via © tasyahg / Twitter

18. No worries.

Via © KarinVestfal / Twitter

19. The parrot does its job well.

Via © ksenia_germann / Twitter

20. That is one intelligent cat.

Via © Lexy_Fly / Twitter

21. No parties while the owner is gone.

Via © Wenzel07 / Twitter

22. If you do notice, remember it was just a dream.

Via © Cudzinec_Art / Twitter

23. As long the cat has the authority, does not matter where the human went.

Via © unicorn_vice / Twitter

Have you committed this crime to talk to your pets as to where you are going, when will you be back, and with whom you plan on going? There is nothing to be ashamed of as they become part of your family and just like our fellow humans, they have the right to know when you go and get back home. If you are one of those who talk to their pets, let us know what you say in the comments section below.


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