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20 Times People Bought What They Thought Was Amazing, Ended Up With Trust Issues

Making purchases feels like eating one of those Beanboozled jellies.

Every time you go out to buy something new, there is always that doubt of being rick-rolled. Something that has such an amazing face value is quick to attract you towards it but is also quick to alert you there might be something very unrealistic to what’s shown, in there. Especially with e-commerce business when you make an online purchase based on how beautiful the product looks in real-life and end up with something either completely different or the same but with a very low quality. Causes some serious trust issues. I think thrice before making online purchases now. But this phenomenon of fraud isn’t just online, it happens everywhere. You can think of it to be extremely funny unless it happens to you.


Given how we all have been frauded in such a way at least once in our lives, we are officially and legally allowed to laugh at other people’s misery concerning the same fraud. And that is what we are here for.

Here are 20 examples of customers being fully rick-rolled by manufacturers on their first purchases. Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. “I was slightly disappointed.”

Via Katyt1828 / reddit

2. “Not a single chocolate chip to be found”


Via Snarti / reddit

3. “This large wall tapestry my best friend bought me vs what actually came”


Via shufflethecards / reddit

4. “I bought this pool for my family, but I guess we won’t fit in it.”


Via Mea05cer / reddit

5. “A friend of mine bought an iPad off eBay for $5 that shipped from Hong Kong. At least shipping was free…”


Via Lasion / imgur

6. “Bought new shoes online…”


Via teddytalent / reddit

7. “I didn’t expect him to be perfect, but come on!”


Via TerraAdAstra / reddit

8. “Blackout curtains…”


Via billiepembroke87 / reddit

9. “Disappointing chocolate”


Via hello_my_name_is_max / reddit

10. “This is the last time I buy a funky outdoor jungle rug online.”


Via kp7486 / reddit

I swear the number of things that we used to blindly trust in is slowly decreasing as we are growing up. My man ordered shoes and got the pair for the same foot. Like thanks, my guy. I will definitely share it with my little brother. Trust issues, this is where they come from. They create online shopping for our comfort and then send this shit to have us go back to shop physically. So much for that innovation.

Let’s see some more blunders!

11. “I think they forgot to put cream in mine”, said every purchase ever.

Via Alexander_Macedonski / reddit

12. “Bought a crocheted cockatiel online but it wasn’t as cute as the example pictures.”


Via aoloya / reddit

13. “I thought I’d have more sushi…”

Via _That_One_Fellow_ / reddit

14. “This is why I have trust issues.”


Via vicesam / twitter

15. “I see spaghetti, however, I don’t see any carbonara”

Via Hilbertt / reddit

16. I wanted curly, not dyslexic.


Via SuccLady / reddit

17. “Was looking forward to an evening snack…”

Via elchrick08 / reddit

18. “Love my new Yeezys!”


Via Max Hoang Trinh / facebook

19. Why does this Baby Yoda look extremely happy with life?

I wouldn’t have paid 20 for that anyway.

Via McFly42_ / reddit

20. “Tried a new brand of chocolate chip cookies today.”


Via gerswinx5 / reddit

I pay my condolences to all these guys and to everyone who has been rick-rolled by manufacturers. I am with you in this.

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