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Karen Manager Wants Employee To Print Out A Video File, Revenge Ensues

Who would want a video file printed out?

This is the first time I have ever seen someone ask and employee to print out a mp4 file. I have no idea what was going through her mind. Now I am not going to shame people who are older and might not understand technology as well. However, it doesn’t mean you can act entitled and rude towards your employees, especially when they are trying to tell you something. You are never too old to learn something new after all.

This woman however doesn’t think like that. As when she was told that you can’t print out a mp4 file, she doubled down on her order and told him to do it regardless. I am not even sure if she knew what it was and just wanted to be right. Just because you have done a job a certain way your whole life doesn’t make it the ‘right way’. And you can scroll on below to see what this employee did after she berated them for not doing as told.

Source: Reddit

She got what she asked for.

Most of the people he worked with were a good bunch.


However, there always has to be one who ruins everything.


They tried to explain that isn’t possible, but she wouldn’t listen.


So they decided to do what was asked of them and even got it in writing.


And boy did they put their all into it.


Things didn’t end there, and she got what was coming to her for a long time.


And everyone got a treat at the end of the week as well.


She was clearly stuck in her ways and wasn’t willing to change.


In my wife’s old job the owner would have his secretary print out all his emails and put them on his desk. Then he’d write his replies in pen on the printouts, and his secretary would type them up and send them.

The company went bankrupt. Mostly because their competitors had bad-but-functional webshops, and they had a single page with their logo, a picture of the company owner with their “we do personal service!” slogan underneath, and a phone number. –ScriptThat

That is what I have learned through many of these Reddit stories.


It was a first for me as well.

But apparently there are many people from all walks of life who are allergic to listening to someone.


That must have been quite boring but at least they prevailed.

Our former company president questioned the invoices from the company maintaining our websites (six brands; six sites). I explained the volume of work on multiple sites. He said I needed to print the websites, so he would have an idea how big it was. I tried to explain that the sites are huge, change all the time, and are available to view at any time, so you don’t need a printed copy. Nope, he wanted a printed copy. I was not going to waste my time on this stupidity, so I got a quote from the web developers to do it.

A couple of weeks later we received two huge three-ring binders of printed website pages – a veritable monument to the company president’s idiocy. I dropped them on his desk along with an invoice for almost $3,000. I am pretty sure he never got past the first five pages before he realized how stupid it was to read printed web pages. He was forced out within the year for his horrid management practices (and we later found out he was screwing the frumpy HR assistant).

The executive assistant brought the binders to my office and asked if I needed them. “No, you can throw them in the rubbish.”zinsser

What did you think of this revenge story? Have you ever been in a similar situation? If so comment down below and let us know.


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