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50 People Who Made Their Neighbourhood Hilariously Interesting

I’m sure at some point, we’ve all had somewhat of a love-hate relationship with our neighbors.

Some may prefer to live in a secluded mountain cottage where there are no neighbors around for miles. Forever free of all the chaos neighbors can bring. Meanwhile, there are those who prefer being surrounded by people and meeting their neighbours every day, or at least, every other day. Then there are some neutral ones who would just prefer waving whenever they see them. And let’s not forget those neighbours who prefer gossiping all the time and being super nosy.


If you’re not really sure what we mean and you’re sitting there saying “What? Our neighbors aren’t that bad…” then these posts are sure to open your eyes to some of the craziest things that people have had to experience because of their neighbors! From the weirdest midnight occurrences to downright laughable behavior, these posts will bring it all. We’re sure this compilation will make you laugh, cry, and shock you all at the same time!

Let’s get scrolling.

1. Winter in July

via avtec

That’s what leaving the sprinklers on in below-freezing temperature will do!

2. Joke is on you

via lapresdmididufaune

This neighbor was tired of all the jokes

3. Pokemon Stop

via Zephon_Asianne

Taking their passion to the next level

4. Innovative Gardening

via EZ_does_it

When you run out of space to grow your agave plant in the garden…

5. The Royal Pirate Ship


Creativity at its best

6. Parrots’ Day Out

via hamdangled

Bird enthusiasts, I guess.

7. That doesn’t look quite right

via bosscher47

Not sure what to think about this…

8. Quick paint job

via aquabird

Taking laziness to a whole other level

9. Doctor Who?

via CaptainKernow

Love the garden decorations

10. Booby traps

via EnemyInMe

Neighborly pranks = perfectly done!

11. Not the type of film we expected…

via Revircs

What’s going on in this neighborhood?

12. Happy 4/20

via K011in

Smoke that stress away

13. Over the Hedge gone wrong

via c-root

A friendly neighborhood visitor

14. That’ll scare more than just the crows…

via Muegra

15. Guess we’re getting takeout

via RainbowSherbertShit

What’s the point?

16. Noise reduction

via makenzie71

Some kind soul took one for the team

17. Thor was here

via AgentVT

Things you find in your backyard

18. Home security

via poldridge

That’s one way to keep burglars away

19. Get him a nicotine patch

via louisxxx

Someone, please explain to this guy how cat’s work

20. House of horrors

via Point21Gigawatts


21. Midnight conference

via PotatoWifi

Repeat after me: Watermelons aren’t people!

22. Unwelcome mat

via Fleecebeaver

That’s the neighborly spirit!

23. Someone’s getting frisky

via wahday

The neighbors chatting through their WiFi names…

24. Wintery windows

via sheriffearp

The darkest house in the neighborhood

25. Marking their territory

via Your_Local_Engineer

New trend

26. I did not need to see this

via Feelfreetopee

An alpaca as a pet?

Now that we’re halfway through these bizarre posts, are you starting to view your own neighbors in a different light? Maybe you’re grateful that they aren’t as strange as these ones. Or maybe you’re rolling your eyes because these neighbors seem like puppies in front of the weirdness of yours!

Whatever the case, I’m sure you can relate to some level! Maybe you’re rethinking your decision to take that much-needed vacation? Or move to a different continent and live in solitude. Before you make that decision though, scroll down and check out more weirdness.

27. Happy Moo Day

via LCS9492

Alright, this neighbour did a good job. Kudos!

28. Keep it down


At least he knows that protection comes first!

29. Considerate neighbors

via chasingadalia

When your neighbor’s cat wants to start a family

30. At least he likes to eat healthily!

via Theone211

Bananas in pyjamas. This little dude just wanted a banana from the neighbour.

31. Imaginary strip club

via woundedstork

That’s just creepy

32. Balcony Wars

via Ecclessis

There are two types of people in the world.

33. That’s one way to embarrass someone

via camrell25

That must have taken a lot of work

34. Lonely little pupper

via seethroughdinosaur

He seems to be getting over a heartbreak

35. That’s one curious doggo

via verguy

Prying neighbors

36. Spring cleaning helper

via katyourmom

He looks so sad!

37. A courteous neighbor

via kels9413



That’s just scary

39. Taking petty to another level

via therealsix

A++ for creativity

40. Godzilla strikes again

via SidewalkFlavoredSoda

That’s one way of scaring the neighbors away

41. I hope this is for a snow fight!

via RendeRiot

Hit ’em with them snowballs!

42. Oops

via ekoorb12

That’s not fun…

43. Someone’s bad at football

via blackmomba

Either that or they are really good!

44. Christmas came early

via artisandesarts

The only weather forecast we need! Divide it in half.

45. Jesus is always watching

via suzy-queue

Hide your sins!

46. Lawn zoo

via mattstillbust

Guess the new kitten won’t be friends with the bunnies any time soon!

47. Making the best of a bad situation

via PoopThoughts

Spread the love!

48. Free for all!

via Ophthalnurse

Mailbox and microwave all in one!

49. Thanks for the details…

via SmokeyBare

50. Lousy drunk

via NugNug86

Someone had a rough night…

Now that we’ve finally reached the end, you can breathe a sigh of relief! We feel like these crazy neighbours definitely bring about some entertainment to the entire neighborhood. Would we want to move anywhere near them? Not really…

We can’t wait for you to let us know which post was the most bizarre in your opinion! Can you relate to any of these? Also, we’d love it if you shared some of your own crazy neighbor stories in the comments below.


What do you think?