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45 Pictures Of People Meeting Their Dogs For The First Time That Will Melt Your Heart

These heart-melting first meetups between cute dogs and their humans made us believe in love at first sight.

There is no love greater than the one between dogs and humans. They are your best buddies. Your ultimate partners. If there’s anything that can make you forget all your worries at the end of the day, it’s the cute barks of your lovely dog. You feel all the stress leaving your body when you finally have your fur baby in your arms and pet them. There is no greater feeling than to own a dog. We all know about the selflessness and loyalty that dogs have for their owners. Other than that, they are extremely cute. Their big round eyes, cute smush nose, and pudginess make them so lovable. They are adorable! It’s for all these reasons that dogs are always topping the charts as the most favorite pets of all.


Everyone wants a dog before a soulmate. And when they finally get their cute buddy, the emotions are indescribable. Since we are unable to describe how they feel, we have here some perfect clicks of the moments when people meet their dogs for the first time.


1. The look of sheer joy on their faces after adopting this dog. Precious!

via: Lort Smith

2. This is Bellini. She seems to like her human so much.

via: wickedsmaht

3. Aww. My heart, guys.

via: Jonas Lavoie-Lévesque

4. “Local Shelter Posted This Adoption Today”

via: logically

*teary eyes*

5. “My tasty hooman!”

via: Jake Cleveland

6. Happiness gets doubled when you get a dog as your Christmas present.

via: DarkSpirit

7. “All 46lbs (21kg) wanted to sit on my lap on the way home from being adopted. I love my new best friend.”

via: dustball

*Holding tears*  How are these smushballs so cute?

They are not only cute but are super intelligent too. They have an amazing sense of smell. In fact, it is 40 times better than humans. They can identify more smells than us. That is why they are used to sniff out drugs, money or pieces of evidence and can be great helpers in these departments too. Their sense of hearing is also incredible. They can hear sounds of much higher frequencies than humans. This also makes them very good at rescuing as they do help really well in the tracking and finding process because of their good hearing sense. Some dogs are great swimmers too. For example, Newfoundlanders. They are also called rescue dogs. Dogs are amazing runners too. Greyhounds can run really fast and reach at the speed of 45mph within a few seconds and are often compared to cheetahs for their ability to run fast.

Dogs are smart and intelligent as well. They are clever and that is why they are assisting in military, rescue and other departments all over the world. They have the ability to learn a hundred words and gestures and they are almost as intelligent as a two-year-old!

Enough reasons to love dogs, eh?

8. Nugget pup!

via: Amélie Michaud

9. Cute blep moment!

via: Talvie

10. Already a selfie star.

via: TJ McAllister

11. “Grumpy Meets Happy for the First Time”

via: RathskellerDwelle

12. Pure love.

via: Julien Jamar

13. I can tell how snuggly he is!

Advertisement by UDM
via: ObeytheWOLF

14. “Adopted this girl from the pound. She rode like this the whole way home :)”

via: hcornatzer

15. That is the cutest looking doggo!

via: Jerry Bushman

16. Boop shake.


17. You see that? That’s love at first sight.

via: tinkerlane

18. This man got himself a selfie partner.

via: Matt Renfro

19. “My shelter holds an annual dog adoption day in a public park. Seeing this lady with her new best friend made my day.”

via: I_speak_Australian

20. Best birthday present ever!

via: T-man696

21. This is melting all our hearts.

via: Taters1881

I’m not crying. You are.

22. BFFs.

via: zackbusselsd

23. A picture describing what dog love is!

via: Panhandle Animal Welfare Society

24. He found his safest place to nap.

via: Greg T

25. When you finally meet your soulmate.

via: Nicoletta Licciardi

26. “After 6 months of being depression-free, I adopted my new best friend! Everyone, meet Gilly!”

via: bed_is_my_soulmate

27. This Goldendoodle pup is adorable.

via: talkingxbird

28. “My wife just texted me this from the shelter. Looks like we’re adopting a puppy :)”

via: Futurehero317

29. He looks really happy with his new friends.

via: RunnyFool3508

30. “This is Hope meeting her new dad for the first time. This is probably the best day of her life so far.”

via: sfunde

31. “Love at first sight… I think she has my genes! (Same head!)”

via: Budzsta

32. Meet Luna! She’s so majestic.

via: zombeejeezus

33. “A few weeks ago my uncle’s dog died after 14 years with him and he’s been so depressed about it. My aunt surprised him by taking him to pick up their new puppy when he thought they were just going shopping. This is the first picture taken of them together when they got back in the car.”

via: Pianoangel420

34. Pocket-sized doggo!

Is he even real?

35. Flexing his teeth to impress on the very first day.

via: Megan Jordan

I am floored.

36. “First day meeting my best friend”

via: deeeegs

37. “Come here. Lemme lick-approve you first, human!”

via: Inga Korolkovaite

“Mmmmm tasty! It will do.”

38. “Bringing my new girl home. I think we will be alright.”

via: Hi-sup

39. Happiness in a picture.

40. This sweet pupper has just been adopted and is already loving it!

via: LilFourEyes

41. Just vibing with his human!

via: Sylvia Gutierrez

42. Am I the only one who’s seeing a bear instead of a dog?

via: wiioz

43. “I rescued this little girl, here she is today going to her forever home. Happy pup.”

via: FuzzyManPeach

Sure she is!

44. When you and your human share the same energy!

via: Allie Lucchetti

45. This baby girl is all of us when we get dogs as gifts.

via: project_seven

Hope you liked these adorable floofs and their heart-melting unions with their humans. Which moment was your favorite from the thread? Were you also this overwhelmed while meeting with your dog for the first time? Do you have a picture of that special moment? Do tell us in the comments below, we’d love to know!


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