10+ People Who Thought They Were Being Smart Failed Miserably

These people take stupidity to a whole new level.

When I was young and watched those old Disney shows, I thought in real life nobody could be as dumb as the caricatures shown in the series. Oh, how wrong I was. because as it turns out these character caricatures are actually based upon real people. Real people who do very stupid things.

Because of the Internet, It seems nobody stops to even think for a moment before posting something ‘woke’. And they don’t realize that their mistakes will be on the Internet forever. Everyone has made stupid mistakes in their life. I know I have and I’d rather not get into those but did these people not read what they were posting?

So if you want to feel smart about yourself, you’ve come to the right place. So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Ah yes, The titanic star is a great painter. Did you not see him painting Rose?

Via lizcalizzy

#2 I reckon removing the ceiling might not be worth it at all.

Via SkatchUK

#3 She should have realized that guys would never dress so well for a shopping visit.

Via LeviathanChaos

#4 Yes, This guy just poured out all the chicken stock that took so long to cook.

Via moby323

#5 I only wish Police was this observant in every scenario.

Via alliance

#6 Apparently this guy’s brother thought Christmas Squid existed.

Via alliance

#7 Those mirrored glasses sure do look very fancy.

Via Rich Fury

#8 Did she thought she was getting a mugshot?

Via mirandaasantos

#9 Nobody can be this dumb right?

Via piscuison

Does this guy even know that cameras are not magic? And you can’t actually have a picture of something you never took? And this is not a mistake either. he took the time to write this, edit the picture and even posted it on Facebook.

#10 Has this girl never seen a shark in her life?

Via Alondraortizx

#11 But why would anyone do that?

Via nicolewboyceUber’s pooling option is a lot cheaper than its private option, so they probably took it for that reason alone. However, the reason it’s cheaper is because you have to pool with other people. So the fact that this couple got mad at her is absolutely insane. It’s your wedding day, don’t be so cheap!

#12 Is this person 9 years old?

Via xorraks

#13 if only charging stations worked like that.

#14 How did he not correct you all this time?

Via Knecketoast

#15 Who knows? She might be a synth and they don’t serve any synths there.

Via marcirobin

#16 We will go down in history as being the dumbest ever.

Via worldofisaac

#17 Wow, Oh wow.

Via stonecold2050

#18 This person needs to go back to the 1st grade and learn about water.

Via CaptainBoB555

What am I saying? That is an insult to first graders as well. Even toddlers know that water when frozen makes ice. And yet this guy can’t wrap his head around the fact that the bottle full of ice was once full of water.

#19 This seems to be an honest mistake.

Via siouxsie_siouxv2

#20 What else do you expect from a channel named CTV?

Via Wildfire1993

#21 To be honest, smoking a Capri sun does sound like a great idea.

Via Tyler06GwanOx

#22 But why? Why would you do something so stupid?

Via HDPnc

#23 Either she can’t read English or she likes the risk.

Via joker_crineg

#24 Putting tape on a clipboard. Hm, I wonder why that sounds wrong.

Via Petemarsh54

#25 Leaving the key in the door handle would have been a better hiding place.

#26 I can imagine how embarrassed they must be.

Via iam_nobody

#27 You might want to turn it upside down.

Via moneyman12239

Or should I say the right way so you can see that it actually says PEZ. You know the candy that kids eat? And not some medicine that your kid is hooked upon.

#28 Best mistake of the century?

Via 17fpaiva

#29 Oh wow, I wonder how blind people drive though.

Via iAmWillyAmm

#30 Did this person not think before writing this?

Via dickfromaccountingI hope that at least some of them had the maturity to recognise their mistakes and take responsibility for them. But… I also somewhat doubt it seeing as how people behave all the time anyway. Do you have any stories about stupidity you want to share? Why not comment them down below as we are always in for a good laugh.


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