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Artist Hilariously Explains Dog Breeds That Might Help You Choose Your Next Dog

We are here to help you choose your next breed.

There are many people in this world who are obsessed with dogs and will not adopt any other pet than a doggo. And I fully understand. However even those people don’t know about all the breeds of dogs and the characteristics each one possesses. So if you want to learn about exactly that but don’t want to spend hours staring a boring white page with words, you’ve come to the right place.


Because that is a reason an artist named Grace created her comics. She wanted to explain all the breeds she had met in a few words that summed up the doggo easily. Sure, some of these may be stereotypes but that doesn’t mean they aren’t true.

Source: Instagram | Tumblr

Grace has a doggo of her own but nobody knows the breed of that one.

#1 First we have a husky who we all know loves to be outside all the time.


#2 Huh, I never knew different coats of fur meant different personalities in labs.


#3 They are just lovable giants.


#4 And they are not as scary as everyone thinks.


#5 They don’t do middle ground. It doesn’t exist in their mind.


I’ve been drawing comics since I was a kid. I absolutely love animals, so that’s usually my focus! I worked as a supervisor at a doggy daycare for years and got to meet lots of dogs.

The cartoon dogs featured in this guide are the breeds I met the most of.

Grace Gogarty

#6 Great Danes also love to sleep in weird positions.


#7 But will always be hyperactive.


#8 ‘I don’t know what I want!’


#9 Might not be the smartest but they are lovable goofs.


#10 They use their big puppy dog eyes a whole lot.

Many people will not agree with the characteristics Grace has given to these breeds and that is totally fine. It is meant to be taken as a hilarious comics not scientific fact. All of the dog breeds are awesome and all of them deserve a forever home.

#11 Didn’t know their music choice was so specific.


#12 They might be the smartest of all the breeds but that doesn’t mean they use it.

#13 Just let them run in the fields and everything will be okay.


#14 I wonder what those folds will reveal.

#15 But hopefully he won’t have to.


#16 So I can gorge on everything currently sitting on the countertop.

#17 They might be the nicest or they might be the epitome of anxiety, no one knows.


#18 But one day they will learn, it just might take years.

#19 And here I thought Shiba Inu’s were gentle and calm.


#20 To be honest, that sums them up pretty perfectly.

#21 So basically me then?


#22 And don’t forget about the hyperactivity and all that jumping around.

#23 They don’t care even if they smell stinky as heck.

To put it simply in the words of John.

In my seventy plus years, I have always been a dog lover/owner. Big dogs, medium dogs, and small ones. But when I got my first shih-tzu I’ve never looked back since. They’re very energetic, love kids, easy to hold, and the most expensive part to them is the grooming every 6-7 weeks.

They don’t eat a lot, and best of all, they don’t leave big piles that need cleaning up. Oh, and they look like hairy little children, in need of affection.

I love my CharlieK. Period!


#24 If you see a hound, they are probably napping.

Do you agree with any of these? Why not comment down below and let us know which dog breeds do you have?


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