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15 People Shared Personal Stories That Sound Fake But Are 100% Real

Weird experiences are what make life so interesting. 

If unique things didn’t happen to us, what stories would we share with our friends, children, or grandchildren? Half the fun of living life to the fullest is to enjoy even the embarrassing moments. However, sometimes you go through an experience that seems too weird to be true. And no matter what you tell others, it would be hard to believe you.


Whether it be finding a person who looks just like you or falling out of a bed and breaking several bones, life can throw a lot of curves at you. That is why today we are taking a lot some of the most interesting happenstances and coincidences ever.

And it all started when this person asked Twitter.


So let’s start with what the other Twitter users had to share about their life.

#1 So you basically found your twin then?

#2 I really hope you told that guy that the story is actually about you.


#3 Your baby is now famous on the Internet.

#4 Well, It was nice to meet you Ni.

#5 That is actually very hard to believe, to be honest.


#6 Did you try to find that hip art student or no?

#7 Are you sure you don’t have the memories of an old man then?

#8 If only you had done that then.


#9 Sometimes trying to help someone takes a wrong turn.

#10 This must happen to us all the time but we never notice.

#11 Coincidence or the world teaching you something?


#12 So did it work?

I really wanna know the whole story. Did the police get called? Why were you naked in the first place? Were you squatting in the house?

Tbh, they probably didn’t buy me being dead, but were suitably weirded out by me lying on the bed and trying not to breathe, that they left.

#13 I don’t even want to think too deeply with this one.

#14 Honestly, anyone would get tired of that.


#15 I bet the thief was sh*tting in his pants at that moment.

#16 And another story just for the kicks of it.

I was in a car in Washington, D.C. in 2006 and Barack Obama pulled up next to us at a stoplight. Obama wasn’t President yet, but my friend and I knew who he was because we had read his book.

We made small talk with him for a minute at the light and he was super friendly and asked us all kinds of questions and commented on my friend’s Kansas City Royals hat.

Epic story! And totally true.

Have any story that you wanna share with us? We promise we will believe you. Let us know your epic stories in the comments below.


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