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44 Times People’s Pets Brought Them The Weirdest Gifts Ever

Animals have a weird way of showing affection. 

Usually, they will either try to do the same thing to you they do towards their species. Like how a cat will try to lick you clean or knead you thinking that you will feel better. However, one thing that is synonymous with affection in all species is bringing gifts. While humans spend their fortune on presents just to show up other people. But animals are different, they will bring you whatever they can find.


Sometimes that will be critters or birds and other times it is food from your own pantry. Although the following pets took things a bit further than usual. As some of these adorable floofs decided to bring other animals or even carcasses as a present to their human. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to wake up to an owl flying around in my home just because my cat thinks it is a good idea. 

However, in fairness, it is quite hilarious. And you can see that for yourself by scrolling below. 

#1 Atleast her gifts are useful in a sense.

Via FredIsANiceGuy

#2 I wouldn’t recommend using it.


#3 Is that gift for the hooman or the cat itself?

Via erigunn

#4 Beautiful flower for a beautiful person.

Via andeeortz

#5 ‘The hunt today was certainly successful.’

Via thoughts-of-an-x-factor

#6 ‘Would you like to play with my toy?’

Via Endur

#8 The doggo doesn’t want his hooman to get sunburn.

Via volcompt

#9 Well, it is a pretty leaf.

Via Lrbroders

#10 Where did she even find it?

Via luckyisdesii

#11 When your dog brings home a kitten.

Via NikonNights

#12 He doesn’t want Christmas to be over.

Via carlyylalaa

#13 ‘Look, I brought you a cracker so you can feed it to me.’

Via Cristiano_1

#14 Cats sure do love bringing leaves.

Via Stoned_Barista

#15 It is someones birthday somewhere.

Via Ihaveastupidcat

#16 When the office dog doesn’t want you to leave so he brings all his toys.

Via rdsyes

#17 Cat wanted her hooman to have a little duck.

Via chickendinosaur

#18 Not going to lie, I would scream if I saw this.

Via itsnaomikatt

#19 This kitty wants to play badminton.

Via ReverseCommute

#20 Why doesn’t every cat bring their owner a rabbit?

Via adstop

#21 ‘You look like you need to eat.’

Via Edibletapes

While not everyone may like to wake up with insects on their faces, there is no other way for animals to show their love. They just think of us as really big animals and thus treat us the same as other animals species. And that is why they bring us d*ad animals. I have no idea whether they think we will eat them or play with them but at the end of the day, it is the thought that counts. And we do feel loved even with all the weirdness.

#22 Some cats only want to hunt mouse toys.

Via r0w4n10

#23 When you find a turtle in your backyard.

Via John_Broad

#24 ‘Do you need tape? Because I have it right here.’

Via newaccount21

#25 That is a part of Mr Potato head.

Via Steve4444

#26 I know cats are hunters but I feel sorry for the bird.

Via mssugarginger

#27 ‘Wanna play some dungeons and dragons with me?’

Via Anna_Banananana

#28 This dapper kitty is apparently obsessed with sponges.

Via Funkmonk_360

#29 This doggo brought home a live pigeon and I don’t know why that is so funny to me.

Via idavidcai

#30 That is indeed ten dollars.

Via dudley_the_dog

#31 When you save a dog and he brings you his toys as a thank you.

Via SergieKravinoff

#32 I really hope that is not a skull.

Via CharIieBronson

#33 Not going to lie but the snake is kinda cute.

Via grapeseedol

#34 When you want to be treated like a baby.

Via shorterthan-ur-avg

#35 The dog apparently wanted a tiny turtle.

Via kdottcdott

#36 He is not going to have great breath after this.

Via HunterGEM

#37 How are dogs able to find rabbits everywhere?

Via AndrewDEas

#38 He looks so satisfied with himself.

Via cheml0vin

#39 My only question is why?

Via briacobon

#40 That is a weird looking cucumber.

Via jp5384

#41 When your cat brings in a bird but it turns out to be alive.

Via Weavler

#42 This doggo is telling his hooman to eat his vegetables.

Via catsteel

#43 He brings home an array of gifts.

Via miss_brianna

#44 I that a tiny dog or a really big marshmallow?

Via iFargle

What is the weirdest thing your pet has ever brought you? Let us know in the comments below.


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