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21 Photos That Prove Pets Can Sleep Pretty Much Anywhere They Want

Pets can sleep anywhere they want.

Our four-legged friends can be found sleeping literally anywhere they want. Winter boots, planters, couch cushions, fruit baskets, ladder and neighbor’s house are some of their favorite spots to take a nap in. They would surprise you every time with their new location and if you are a pet owner they would always make you wonder what would be their next spot to sleep in. We have caught our adorable pets sleeping in the weirdest and unexpected places that will prove to you that our four-legged friends have the ability to sleep wherever they want to. So, scroll down and have fun.


1. This adorable kitten loves sleeping inside the pillow.


© RedditCoffeeGuy / Reddit

2. When your newly adopted kitten started liking you so he ends up sleeping on your arm.


© Furkaan125 / Reddit

3. This weirdo fell asleep in the couch cushions.


© Poogassa / Reddit

4. Meet Zissou, my gaming partner who fell asleep on my arm.


© DearTrophallaxis / Reddit

5. Little weirdo fell asleep on my foot.


© TeZe65 / Reddit

6. Couldn’t find her anywhere in the house, walked out by the plants and saw this.


© kixu6964 / Reddit

7. “She fell asleep like this while waiting by the window for my girlfriend to come home.”

© Kyla_420 / Reddit

8. She fell asleep here after helping me crochet.


© azhurewater / Reddit

9. Meet Nala. She fell asleep on the scale at her first visit to the vet.

© coltsfanca / Reddit

10. She ate too much and fell asleep on the windowsill.


© rf900rs / Reddit

When you love sleeping but food is your priority so you do both at the same time. Eat food and take a nap. What can be better than this? Wish we were pets and could just eat and sleep without any stress. We assume pets have the motto “sleep whenever and wherever.”. We adore pets and love the way they fell asleep wherever they found space. Scroll down to watch more pets taking nap in unexpected places.

11. Visited a pottery store and found her sleeping here.

© ryanthemusefan / Reddit

12. He fell asleep while trying to escape.


© Jezoreczek / Reddit

13. “My mom’s Maine Coon fell asleep in a wreath before they could hang it up.”

© Jreffrey / Reddit

14. Samson fell asleep on the guitar.


© Brinkzik / Reddit

15. Found a stray kitten sleeping in my combat helmet.

© walzdeep / Reddit

16. Arya and I fell asleep watching the movie.


© krixtian / Reddit

17. Little baby fell asleep while trying to climb her litter box.

© *** / Reddit

18. She fell asleep while playing on the top of the scratching post.


© ninjaspartan76 / Reddit

19. Taking nap in shoes.

© deblicious / Reddit

20. She fell asleep in the middle of the yoga.


© ***** / Reddit

21. Corgi fell asleep while drinking water.

© HeyyScott / Reddit

Are you a pet owner? If yes, we are sure you must have seen your pet sleeping pretty much anywhere. If your pet is a sleepyhead, then don’t forget to share its photos with us.


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