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14 Cats And Dogs That Love To Cuddle

Pets want love and they like to show their love through cuddles.

Besides being adorable, pets are loveable and also they have loving personalities. They would ask their humans to cuddle with them or give them head pats but when a pet lives with its siblings or other furry friends, they cuddle them. It’s their way of showing love. Pets are packed with love and nothing compares to their warm cuddles. Today, we have 14 cats and dogs who love to cuddle. These adorable photos will show demonstrate animals’ love and affection. Scroll down and enjoy!


1. He still thinks he is a little lapdog.

© SevenSerene / Reddit

2. When you have no one to cuddle so you cuddle your teddy bear:


© greenBeanPanda / Reddit

3. “Personal space? We don’t do that here.”


© ETDesigns_/ Reddit

Don’t move, the doggo is sleeping.

4. “Brother and sister head baf time”

© _portia_ / Reddit

What a beautiful pair of cats!

5. “When they finally take breaks from roughhousing, Misha and Hobbes are pretty cute.”


© CoconutCyclones / Reddit

6. Blitzle (cat) adopted Eevee (dog) love to cuddle.


© u/unbentlettuce12 / Reddit

7. The big girl likes to sit on the little one and the little one does not mind it.


© melaneve / Reddit

Our cute, fluffy friends love to be loved. At the end of the day, all they want is a partner they can snuggle with. Whether they have a human friend or a furry friend, they love to sleep while cuddling. Well, cuddling is important to feel love, warmth and affection. It makes us closer to our loved ones and pets know this better than most of us.

8. “This is Tucker and Molly. Sadly, Tucker (orange tabby) passed away last year but they had a decade of cuddles together.”


© ermenart / Reddit

RIP Tucker. Molly lost her cuddle buddy and we feel sad for her.

9. That’s how you sleep after a long day:


© BeanzMeanzBranston / Reddit

10. There is no better feeling than sleeping on the couch:


© ruggerweasley / Reddit

11. “My blind cat believes he’s a dog, so he doesn’t understand this is forbidden love. My dog has no excuses.”

© dakota93277 / Reddit

This doggo is such a good boy to let her believe it.

12. “Rescued a lost Tabby during monsoon rains but was lowkey worried if my other boy would accept him, I guess they’re doing just fine.”


© Alfaz Nexuz / Reddit

We are sure Tabby was already looking for a friend and now he got one.

13. “She said he sits on the tray of her walker while she walks around and he sleeps with her every night!”

© jennthemermaid / Reddit

Grandma has someone to cuddle with at night.

14. “Sumi (tabby) & Waka. Adopted together and they were golden. We sadly lost Waka a year ago and this was the best picture of them together.”


© nszki777 / Reddit

Nothing makes us sad more than the death of pets. Tabby lost his best friend but at least he has his memories to spend the rest of his life with. Do you own a pet? Do your pets like to cuddle? If yes, share their pictures with us!


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