16 Pets Who Need To Be Reported To The Principal For Their Behaviors

Pets are creatures of their own minds.

We always love to call our pets the most perfect creatures in the world. And they are, call me biased. They can literally do everything they feel like doing. And they always choose to side with positivity and never with negativity. It makes you think they are very smart, they have the intelligence to pick between right and wrong. And there is way too much enjoyment in the positive, and they know that. Life with pets is just so glorious. Yes, it is not easy, but it is a massive responsibility a pet owner takes on when adopting their best friend. But with the right amount of patience, effort, and love, eventually, that inseparable bond will form and there is no separating you from your pet then. Onwards, it’s a journey full of happiness, joy, entertainment, naughtiness, and compassion.


We like to think our animals are perfect, as I mentioned, but our animals don’t think that way. They feel the opposite. They believe their humans are perfect and they want to be like them. Well, it is not physically possible for an animal to become a human, but imitation is something we all do, and pets like doing it as well. They imitate their humans and that’s how they feel they become perfect. The results make them literally look so weird and funny. I cannot wait for you guys to see the pics we have compiled for you guys. You are bound to laugh hysterically at these pets behaving very weirdly.

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1. Little Lilly says her mommy does yoga and this is how she was seen the very next day.

So odd. It doesn’t feel weird when you are in this position. But seeing a dog in this position is giving me pinches.

Via a***rab88 / reddit

2. Maddie is a very sweet dog who doesn’t like barking until it is absolutely necessary. She got stuck in the basement and didn’t bark for help. She just poked her head out of the door like this and waited for her parents to spot her and realize she is stuck.


Via ermarie73 / reddit

3. Every time anyone comes to their house, this weirdo decides to stand up straight and creep the heck out of everyone.


Via SweetPrism / reddit

4. No, Jed is not casually chilling on a sofa, he is guarding the lawn for any kids who come in.


Via ExcuseMyT*** / reddit

5. Perhaps he spent too much time playing last night. In the morning he woke up and on his way getting out of the bed, he slept again.


Via DannnyGG / reddit

6. On hot summer days, you tend to give up at 10 a.m. just like this cat did.


Via chum1989 / reddit

7. I mean, come on. Has there ever existed a more uncomfortable dog picture? I don’t think so.


Via ambermackay / reddit

8. Winston interrupted his owner just to say hi…like this.


Via mycatsagirl / reddit

Wow. I swear they always manage to pull off everything, even being weird. Animals are so adorable and I have no idea where we would be without them. I hope they always keep us in the shadow of their weirdness. We don’t deserve them.

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9. He saw humans play hide and seek and wanted to join. This is how he hid and thought no one will be able to find him.


Via SuperCub / reddit

10. He smelled it from far away and made this face as his owner munched on the delicious noodle soup.


Via ClassiestLift3r / reddit

11. Two best friends having a relaxing nap. But who is imitating who?

Via Gary*23* / reddit

12. No idea where he learned this from but this is his imitation of a human gentleman.


Via Outrageous-Bobcat-64 / reddit

13. Nature got distracted and gave this cat chicken legs.

Via jrduke4 / reddit

14. I feel like he has recently seen the new Spider-Man movie.


Via HermittCrabby / reddit

15. This is how you know your pet is completely comfortable in with you.

Via tide14 / reddit

16. When her mommy starts doing house chores, this is the seat the cat takes to enjoy the views.


Via stopkony2017 / reddit

I really hope you guys had fun viewing these pics of pets trying to imitate their humans and ending up looking totally weird. We love you, animals. Just never leave us.

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