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20 Broken Pets That Need An Instruction Manual To Be Understood

As the topic suggests, one simply can’t understand their animals completely!

Whether it’s a cat or a dog, both of the pets can be weird AF and you’d never be able to understand why would they do that. As a human, we would always try to find a purpose behind every action of our pets but sadly, we can’t seem to find any. But we do agree upon one thing, the weirder your animal is, the better it is for us as it gives us a great amount of entertainment, doesn’t it? I mean what fun it would be if your pet isn’t found being stuck in a wrapper or a shopper? Or if your pet doesn’t bite your shoes randomly? Or you end up finding your floofer inside the fridge? Our lives would be so boring without it!


Cats and dogs are the two most famous pets to exist on earth. Well, people who have both of them under the same roof are lucky AF because they get to experience the goofiness of both the creatures! However, even if you have one of them, you’d still be having the time of your life. Today, we have gathered some of the most hilarious and weird pictures of these floofers being completely weird and random which would make you question their sanity. Yep, you heard that right! So, without any further delays, let’s go and check out the pictures we have in store for you today. Scroll down and enjoy!

1. “I think there might be something wrong with my turtle.”

via © Nochillmetaldrill / reddit

2. “Forgot to shut the garage before work, came home to this.”

via © Duxfeminafacti14 / reddit

3. “The booty was too good.”

via © Conniers / reddit

4. “Hooman, why are you standing on the lava?”

via © Gracynvh / reddit

5. “Partial entry into the cat dimension”

via © Shark_NATO_USA / reddit© Variatas / reddit

6. “My dog doesn’t bite people, just shoes.”

via © GlowstickGoon / reddit

7. “Our cat can get comfortable anywhere, in any position.”

via © akusbros1 / reddit

8. “Directions are unclear, the dog’s stuck in a tree.”

via © thatgirl2 / reddit© UNC_Samurai / reddit

9. “Is this what people mean when they say their dog is broken? Asking for a friend.”

via © wideawaketheysleep / reddit

10. “I’m having the hardest time trying to comprehend your cat’s body position.”

via © bcopy / reddit© AMetaLunchbox / reddit

A lot of people wonder can cats and dogs become friends? As to what we have been seeing in the movies or cartoons, they have always shown to be rivals but that’s not the truth. If they meet from the start and grow up together, cats and dogs can become great companions and that duo can be one of the best things ever! I mean, just imagine both of these weirdos in your house always keeping you entertained! Anyways, let’s proceed with the remaining pictures now, shall we? Keep scrolling.

11. “You need to congratulate him, it was probably really hard to do!”

via © skiptomylucie / imgur© TheoneAbum / imgur

12. Monday blues be like:

via © AwesomeEmmit / reddit© demigodxl / reddit

13. “This is how he likes to nap when I get home from work, snoring included.”

via © Down4ThaBrown / reddit

14. “Got him a new water bowl. I think he misunderstood what it was. And yes, he sits in the water…”

via © AWU_Hades / reddit

15. “A rare, long-eared platypus”

via © redhotsilipeppers / reddit

16. “He just folded up for easy storage.”

via © polydactylkitty / reddit© Maxxonry / reddit

17. “Our cat, taking up 3 stairs”

via © GabrieleDal / reddit

18. “You need to read the instructions more carefully before assembly!”

via © xxjordantaylorxx / reddit© MoreCatsThanSense / imgur

19. “I don’t know where she put her front legs.”

via © kolenko / reddit

20. “Sometimes he prefers to have his existential crisis in the fridge.”

via © friendlynoodless / reddit

And sadly, the fun-filled joyride comes to an end! But hey, you’ve had fun, didn’t you? It’s always hilarious and interesting to watch our pets pulling of the weirdest stunts ever! Also, we would like to know whether your pet has done something similar or not? Let us know in the comments section below!


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