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30 Of The Hilarious Tweets With Amusing Plot Twists

What makes a meme hilarious? “Plot twist”.

We love tweets but the ones that are hilarious capture our interest the most. Funny tweets are the perfect meme material we need to make our mood lighter. Well, not every meme will make you laugh but the ones that come with twists and turns are our favorite. If you are a fan of suspense and plot twists, then you are just at the right place because you will find here a perfect blend of hilarious memes and unexpected plot twists. We have collected some of the funniest tweets for you that end on unexpected, funny plot twists. Scroll down to relax your nerves.

1. When you don’t want kids but kids want you:

Via @Cpin42

2. Make sure to show up early.


Via @OlanDevine

3. When you want to inform them beforehand:


Via @ruinedpicnic

4. I always touch myself whenever I think about you.


Via @1MeLrO

5. This literally never happens.


Via @msdanifernandez

6. Meet my girlfriend:


Via @DanMentos

7. When you lick lips in anticipation:


Via @FrenulumBreve

8. Roses are red, violets are blue.


Via @pakalupapitow

9. Capitalization can literally change any sentence.


Via @thenatewolf

10. Stop crying, ROB WILL HELP.


Via @vineyille

11. When you are good at ruining funerals:

Via @KeetPotato

12. Why are you even here?

Via @Brampersandon

13. Calm down, museum man.

Via @Dawn_M_

14. Isn’t it cool?


Via @hippieswordfish

15. When you accidentally say “bless you” and then realize, you said it for your ex:

Via @kylegotjokes

If you love unexpected comedy then you must have understood this joke and probably enjoyed it. That time when you are following your ex to check what they are up to and suddenly she sneezes and you say “bless you” and she keeps wondering where the voice came from. Well, bro at least you left her confused. How many of you have done this? Scroll down to read some of the more funny tweets.

16. Have anything smaller?


Via @BlindChow

17. Magical in bed.

Via @ProdigyNelson

18. When you have knee issues:


Via @EndhooS

19. Aww, Dammit.

Via @pleatedjeans

20. When you see a kid crying in the grocery store:


Via @pleatedjeans

21. What would you say to your dad if he were alive today?

Via @david8hughes

22. That’s how you sext after marriage:


Via @WilliamRodgers

23. When you are obsessed with him:

Via @ShipTale

24. I love how music can take you to another place.


Via @jordanboodie

25. Goodbyes are so awkward.

Via @generaldietz

26. When you are the man of the house:


Via @JustinGuarini

27. Mom, am I your favorite?


Via @aveuaskew

28. I have something to say:


29. When you are raised as an only child:


Via @WheelTod

30. Why do you ask?

Via @TheToddWilliams

Comedy masterminds of Twitters have given us such wholesome content to enjoy and laugh at. All of these hilarious tweets have left us rolling on the floor laughing. Comment down and tell us which of these tweets did you find amusing the most?


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