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20 Pets Who Know How To Dramatically Occupy Any Space, Especially The Kind In Your Heart

Have you ever wondered where animals live? Animals can be found on the streets or in people’s homes, and throughout the animal kingdom. It turns out that there is one more area where you can find these friends, and it is the safest place for them to be: our hearts!

If we are talking about pets, they are the ones that reside in our homes without having to pay rent, they are the ones who receive their warm and tasty food by simply meowing, and they are the ones who can take a nap wherever they like. These pets are the true owners of our houses, as well as of our souls, of course.

So, keep scrolling down to have a look at some of these amazing creatures that will lift up your spirits today.

1. Cup holder? Nah, that is a kitty holder.

Via downriverrowing / Reddit

“My folding chair has a special ’kitten compartment.’”

2. This cat is living real life. The bed, pillow, blanket, and plant are just the perfect combo for a cozy room.

Via  drunktwi / Twitter

“Master, you’d better go to work.”

3. No one should dare to sit on this chair.


“I’m sorry but this place is already occupied.”

4. Sunbathing is good for the body.

5. This cat is an aspirational thinker!

Via  Paulvpm / Pikabu

“This is the place to develop a plan of how to enslave humanity.”

6. Oops! it wasn’t supposed to be a cat…

Via Heart-Bubbles / Reddit

7. Sit where you fit!

Via Potatojazzy / Reddit

“My boyfriend bought a sofa for our cat.”

8. That is a massive bear pillow!

Via Instagram

9. Stretch your legs and have a good start to the day.

Via  PuffPuffPass77 / Reddit

“It seems like my dog has adopted some human habits.”

10. The coloring of this kitty is so beautiful.

Via nicole-tesla / Reddit

“My kitten likes to climb up my shoulder, bury her head into my hair, and fall asleep.”

God has created these pals in such a way they grab all the attention and love from this world towards themselves. Because of their pure souls and innocent nature, these furry infants are deserving of our time, attention, and care without a doubt. They are speechless, but, they know how to express their feelings like nobody else in this world. They are unique, special, and adorable. A single smile, a single meow, and a single snuggle will make everything seem perfect as if there is nothing wrong in the world at all.

Keep scrolling down for some more perfect images!

11. “C’mon man, we are already late for the meeting.”

Via EverythingTittysBoii / Reddit

12. Just pack your pets…

“We’re comfortable here.”

13. “Hooman, they’re offering a 50% discount on dog food.”

Via  shangram / Reddit

“My boyfriend and my dog playing video games together”

14. “Just leave your work, and pet me.”

Via karmaboy20 / Reddit

15. Cats enjoy camping as well.

Via Lokeno / Reddit

“I bought my son a camping chair today. I took it home and heard my son crying after 10 seconds. This is why. ”

16. When you and your cat are addicted to Facebook scrolling.


17. These pals prefer to sleep during the golden hour.

Via  111ruberducky / Reddit

“They do this at the same time every day.”

18. That’s called unconditional love!

Via TheEllenShow / Twitter

19. When you’ve had enough of your life.

Via  borderlineyikes / Twitter

20. Like mother, like sons!

Via  Eh_WhatsUpDoc / Reddit

21. Shoe spots are purr-fect place to rest.

Do you have a pet who owns or occupies a space similar to these furry friends? If yes, then share their images with us in the comments area below.


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