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21 Pictures Of Maine Coons That Show How Huge They Can Grow

If you don’t know already, Maine Coons are one of the largest cat breeds out there.

That is pretty apparent if you search about them. The huge fluffballs are gigantic! Their personalities are also as big as their physical size! Even though they might look a little intimidating, they actually have a very good temperament. They are super affectionate and love cuddling. Maine Coons are one of the best pets you can get, only if you can afford them, that is. Since this breed is a little rare, they are also expensive. But I am very sure they would be worth every penny. When a Maine Coon kitten is born, it is the size of an average cat. But it starts growing at a much faster rate than an average cat, and it doesn’t stop growing when your usual domestic cat would.


But the fluffier, the better, no? Who wouldn’t love to curl up with these soft furballs and hear them purr? This beautiful breed is definitely eye-candy for cat lovers. They are very majestic and not even high maintenance. Other than frequent brushing because they have long hair, they don’t even ask for much from their owners. Let’s show you some gigantic Maine Coons now. Scroll down below and enjoy the sights:

1. You interrupted my grooming session.

© seraphilth / tumblr

2. Tiara looks like a wolf out in the grass!


3. You can see his hair flowing in one direction because of the wind.


4. Even in funny positions, they look amazing.


© iamemmao / tumblr

5. Ozzy looks like he has found inner peace.


6. He’s almost as big as the girl!


7. I might be small now, but give it a few months.


© weeniehutjunior69 / imgur

8. The boy can barely hold him up.


9. He does not seem amused.


© stinkylinkydingdong / imgur

10. That is not a cat, that is just a huge teddy bear.


© Alphatek666 / reddit

Okay, I want one now. Even if I have to spend every last penny to get my hands on one of these beautiful babies, I would! They are such amazing creatures, they give you the sense of tigers and wolves when you look at them. Lucky for us, Maine Coons aren’t aggressive at all or we would be in a lot of trouble if a cat this size decided to scratch and attack us. But thankfully, they are friendly fur babies who just want to cuddle and chill. Scroll down below for more beautiful and huge Maine Coons:

11. I think it will outgrow the little girl.

© xcarmMlemLord / imgur

12. You will have to get a bigger table for that big baby.


13. He looks so intimidating.

14. I could look at these majestic beings all day.


© Yolodolo / imgur

15. Love this one’s fur patterns.

© TheHeroOfTwilight / imgur

16. He is bigger than the kitchen counter!


17. “Don’t talk to me or my mom ever again!”

© TheFutureIsScary / imgur

18. I think you’re raising a beast at this point.


© youneverknowwhatyouregoingtoget / imgur

19. Serious poses for the camera.

20. This big boy is not a big fan of being held up.


21. How a normal cat sleeps vs how a Maine Coon sleeps.

© ProximaC / reddit

Do you have a Maine Coon? What is their behaviour like at home? Share your stories with us in the comments below.


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