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50 Pictures Of Pets Right After They Were Adopted That Show Why We Should Adopt

Animals deserve to have a loving home.

There are so many wild cats and dogs who roam around on the street because shelters are always full and they can’t house more pets. This means that these animals have to find scraps to live on and generally have a very tough life. So when people decide to buy pets rather than adopt or rescue one, they are unintentionally putting one more animal on the street. This is why we always ask to adopt and never shop. 


The reason behind so many people choosing to buy a pet rather than adopt one is probably because of the fear of sickness. People think that the only pets that the shelter has are all sick or have some kind of problem. However, that is not true all the time since people abandon their pets for a lot of reasons including that they are moving and cannot take their animals with them. So it is always better to first do your research to see if the animal you want is available at the shelter. There is a high chance that you will find the perfect pet for yourself.

You can scroll below to take a look at the amount of happiness an animal can bring into your life.

#1 In love with her hooman after only an hour.

Via Emily O’Dell Garnett

#2 He will always jump at him no matter how big he gets.

Via Haley Minor

#3 Already found her favorite toy.

Via Brandon Mitchell

#4 There is a reason her name is Pepper, just look at her coat of fur!

Via Sofi Mujica

#5 When your existing pet is nice to the new one.

Via Virginia VJ Smith

#6 He knows he has found his forever home.

Via Jay Peter

#7 Making fast friends already.

Via Marcia Travers

#8 The kitten finally gets to sleep without a care in the world.

Via Erin James

#9 When a cat adopts you.

Via Francesca Rinald

#10 Her old owners left her so here she is.

Via Hayley Thorndike

#11 Just look at how happy he is!

Via Abigail Pickett

#12 When you know everything is going to be alright.

Via colonyVIII

#13 Even the blankets match his colors.

Via Mantas Kačerauskas
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#14 Some cats just love socks.

Via BroadwayBound

#15 Someone tossed out Kramer from their car but he found a new home.

Via Melany Myers

#16 Lilly may be gone from the world but she remains in our hearts.

Via Sue Bradley

#17 When you are tired from acting like a lady all day.

#18 Right here we have Oscar, adopted by the big kitty.

Via Bouthaina Van buuren

#19 The first time he saw his new house.

Via Tracie Selby Steele

#20 Little husky ready to make a mess.

Via Aelita Senvaitytė

#21 Adopted from a foster home.

Via Daisy Mae

#22 He was starving but not anymore.

Via Audrey Guitton

#23 His first car ride.

Via Gavin Pedel

#24 Already comfortable in the new home.

Via Becca Moorehead

#25 Adorable ginger kitty taking a nap.

Via Marintha Nealey Mosley

You would think that because of the pandemic, animal numbers in shelters would be the highest they have ever been. However, it is quite the opposite as people have slowly learned that adopting a pet is the best thing they can ever do and it is beautiful. According to statistics, adoption has increased over 70 per cent in the last year and shelters have much more space to help animals in need now. I suppose humanity knows that no companion is as loyal as a pet.

#26 Making himself at home after only three days.

Via Nichola Tilley

#27 This means that she trusts you.

Via  Nichola Tilley

#28 When you need to catch up on your sleep.

Via Bri Henry

#29 Fluffy kitty is ready to devour some food.

Via M O’Connell

#30 These pictures don’t lie.

Via Becky Rebecca Wylie

#31 The black puppy has met his new sibling.

Via DarthSadie

#32 Already trusting her hooman.

Via James Hil

#33 Not a stray cat anymore.

Via Alexandra Tusz

#34 Fig going back to his home.

Via Emily Myers

#35 ‘I am never letting you go.’

Via Dionne Pells

#36 Archie is excited for the things to come.

Via Doc Moran

#37 This is just adorable.

Via Je Cg

#38 Making himself at home.

Via Femke Negenman

#39 Sisters now safe and sound.

Via Timo N

#40 How could someone not adopt this beautiful pupper?

Via Joe Morgan

#41 Chloe looks so happy to be out of the shelter.

Via Sierra De Jong

#42 Henry needs a lot more hugs.

Via Amy Hayden

#43 The grey dog is happy to have some friends.

Via Sherry Dolan

#44 Ginger is happy to be free of responsibility.

Via Rick Parsons

#45 This Siamese is quite comfortable in this lap.

Via Denise Scarff

#46 This is one beautiful puppy.

Via Fylo Meow

#47 When you get to have a nice meal.

Via Cortni Uss

#48 Cuddling up in a blanket.

Via haji demacedo

#49 Marcie just wants to play.

Via Candace Summers

#50 He is never going to come off the lap.

Via Kaley Ann

Have you ever adopted or rescued an animal? If so, what do you love most about them? Comment down below and let us know.


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