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25 Times Posts Took A Weird Turn That We Didn’t See Coming

Life is full of surprises.

We might think that life would be less stressful if we knew what was going to happen. And while I agree with this sentiment to some extent, there is also the fact that life would be incredibly boring this way. After all, just imagine a world where you are omnipresent, wouldn’t that life not even be worth living? It is the little surprises in our everyday life that make it unexpected and fun. And while not every surprise is fun, the following ones are undoubtedly interesting.

You see, there is a subreddit called ‘Unextexted’, and for those of us who don’t know what that means, neither do I. But from what I have learned from the subreddit, it is simply a place where people post random texts and posts they see on the internet. These are basically short stories with a weird twist or people talking with each other and the conversation just devolving. It is more hilarious and weird than it sounds.

Just scroll below to see for yourself and enjoy.

Source: Reddit

#1 I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the Girl Scouts decided to use this tactic.

To be fair, the girl scout cookies are just normal cookies but with a price hike-up so I don’t know what the big deal about it is anyway.

#2 This is just a passive-aggressive sign against Americans.


Does this mean more than three Asian or Middle-Eastern people can get on this bridge?

#3 I did not see that coming even though I should have.


#4 Atleast they are telling you the honest truth right up front before you take a step forward.


Nobody wants to be in their personal horror movie where they can’t find their way out of the corn after all.

#5 To be fair, the last ingredient does work along with some very bad side effects.


A lot of Celebrities will swear by this particular method as well.

#6 The Barber just wants to help out his friend.


#7 This is horrendous but I still laughed.


#8 I did not need to know this information.


This information has been burned into my retinas and I don’t like it at all.

#9 This took me a second to understand but it was worth it.


#10 This is the vibe of someone who is chaotic neutral.


Why did someone make this in the first place? Did they accidentally write Ketchup onto it?

#11 From my experience, they aren’t lying either.

#12 I do want to be healthy but I desperately need a burger.


#13 So what should you use a chopping board for?

Maybe you can use it to hit people on the head.

#14 Now I just want a Chinchilla.


#15 I can relate to this post on a personal level.

#16 You should always trust a random person on the Internet.


#17 I would hire this person!

#18 This is why you should always be honest with your parents.


#19 I think I might just skip voting this time.

Is there a place where all these criminals gather?

#20 I 100% agree with this post. Just wear a goshdarn mask!


#21 This is why I don’t want to know my future because it is clearly not good.

#22 Survival of the fittest on display.


Did you think this was going to be wholesome? Welcome to the real world!

#23 This lady lived as she passed away, having fun.

#24 I would not recommend doing this unless you want to see some kids cry.


#25 This does not seem suspicious at all.

Did you know about this subreddit before or was this the first time you have been introduced to this weird little nook of the internet? Let us know what you thought of the above posts and if you have any other unexpeteced stories to share with us. Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends so they can enjoy their daily dose of weirdness as well.


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