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Pregnant Stray Cat Was Let In By An Old Friend To Give Birth To Cute Kittens

This pregnant kitty knocked on the door of an old friend, in need of her help.

Cats deserve the best lives. They are so innocent and adorable. Their appearance, be it any breed, can make you instantly fall in love with them. But sometimes, unfortunately, they do get abandoned. I don’t know why, but it is reality. And sometimes when we say a cat is stray, it clearly means that it is not on the right or desired path and they need path correction. That’s where humans come in. We need to play the role to give these cats the life they deserve and bring their lives to a full circle.


Not always does life go full circle for everyone. But it did for Salami. Salami is a stray cat who knocked on the door of a human who she had interacted with before in the past. Salami was pregnant and needed someplace to rest and give birth to healthy kittens. So she decided to go to her old mate’s place.

She was at the door of Ida Floreak, a painter who lives in New Orleans, USA. Ida was quick to get the flashbacks of that one night of fall when Salami came to her door for food.

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Ida brought Salami in and she met her cat as well.

She also gave her food and they became friends…sort of.


When Salami returned to Ida for help on a random night at 5 a.m, she was quick to notice the belly. Salami was very much pregnant with a belly that looked like it was about to explode. She knew she had to help the kitty as it can get dangerous for a stray cat to wander around the streets all by herself in this condition.

Ida gave Salami a nice and comfortable bed to rest on.


In an interview with The Dodo, Floreak said, “She came at  5 a.m. and squeaked very insistently. So, I let her in and she started having babies around 8  or 9 in the morning. I was surprised because I thought that when she had them I wouldn’t see her for a couple of weeks.”

Salami realized and recognized the effort Ida had just made for her. And she fell in love with her.

Salami was already in love with her cat and all factors made Salami take a decision that she doesn’t want to move forward anymore, and stay with Ida and her newborns, forever.


Ida treated Salami and her kittens really well. She gave them all the required care, fed them at the right times, and all this allowed her to gain the respect and trust of Salami, and the love from the tiny kittens.

Ida gave them shelter and they all became a happy family


Ida said that Salami will stay with her forever. They seem to bond very well, and she really likes her other cat as well. As for the 4 cute kittens, Ida has already found a new happy home for them where they can grow up, have lots and lots of fun, and receive tons of love, trust, and affection. We are so happy that people like Ida exist in this world.

Ida also added that her other cat had gotten very used to Salami’s presence and now they are the best of friends, always playing and pulling each others’ legs


What Ida Floreak did for Salami will always stick with her. She will never stop respecting her human for being a true friend in times of need.

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