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Professional Artists Recreate Kids’ Monster Doodles In Their Own Creepy Style

These days it is very rare to see kids reading, writing, or doing anything with a paper involved. Everything has turned digital. Artists are increasingly getting into visual communication work more than fine arts. You probably won’t get to see kids with a pencil in their hand trying to draw something out of your imagination. It is a rare sight. However, when kids do make drawings, they make the most creative things ever. A child’s mind is like a huge bubble of imagination. Their vision is vast and in childhood, there are no limitations to what you think. A kid has so many questions and curiosities in their mind. They always need an outlet to channel all their imagination. Kids with artsy streak find their outlet to be drawings.


Sometimes kids make beautiful drawings and the only thing that is keeping those drawings to look worthy of being part of any animated movie is the special effects. Kids can make beautiful drawings of creatures that are just like those we see in our animated movies. I won’t be surprised to know that monsters from Monster Inc were made by a child.

Knowing how much kids are capable of, The Monster project was started to encourage little kids to create art. Because kids mostly are not told how much potential they are, this project gathered elementary students and over 100 professional artists together to instill more confidence in children. Recreations of the kids’ drawings were made by professional artists to help the kids realize how much potential their drawings hold.

Scroll below to see the creations!

1. The green caterpillar

Wow, the monster got turned into an actual animated character. This character looks like a real character from an animated movie. And it looks exactly like the kid’s drawing, so we can see how much potential the kid’s drawing holds.

2. The five eyed crow


This is such a creative drawing! I like how the kid gave the bird five eyes. That is a  new twist because we do not get to see birds with so many eyes. Usually, when they have to make birds look scary, they give them one eye or a little third one. But five eyes is a first!

3. Tiny rainbow pony with wings


This drawing is almost a reflection of how adorable the imagination of the kid must be. The original drawing is giving me colorful pony vibes with wings. The rainbow on the pony’s back is so cute! The drawing made by professionals does seem a bit different, but I still like the adaption. The artist turned the amateur drawing of the kid into such a giggly creature. Look at the blush on its cheeks!

4. Mummy with hands on his head


A Mummy with hands on it’s head? That’s a first.

5. Blanket monster


This is the cutest monster yet! This kid made a monster with patches of different colors on it and the professional artist decided to turn those patches into patches of cloth. It almost looks like the monster was inspired by blankets!

6. Coffee monster


The kid left a patch of black on the monster and the professional artist decided to turn it into a coffee stain. We have all been there. We have all thrown coffee on ourselves. This monster speaks to us!

7. Eye monster


The ten eyes of this monster might scare you, but the smile would bring you comfort. I love how the kid didn’t just limit her/himself to the color orange but used purple, red, and green too. And apparently, the kid is obsessed with eyes.

8. Heart eye monster


Make a monster, but make it full of hearts. This kid is breaking the norms that monsters are heartless creatures and gave his/her monster so many hearts! Even though the eyes and its teeth are not giving a harsher tone than the hearts, it still is such a unique monster.

9. Eyeball monster


How can a monster with so many eyes look so goofy and cute? I love how the professional artist leveled the eyes. They are all in different sizes and it is giving the monster odder than in the picture. The tongue sticking out from the head is so funny too!

10. Triple eyed girl


This is not a typical monster. She has a skirt, a heart exposed on the front, the feet of a chicken, and a face shaped like a pizza slice!

11. Monster with a big smile

I am really digging the big smile! The monster does not scary at all but instead, seems like the friendliest monster ever.

12. Monster with suspenders!


A monster-wearing suspenders is the cutest thing ever. Kids clearly think that monsters either have several arms or eyes more than two.

13. One-eyed brothers!

So this kid decided to make two monsters. They both clearly belong to the same family because of how similar they look. The professional artist confirmed their connection by giving them both one eye and a similar haircut.

14. Cotton ball ears


What a cute little insect! The cute ears are giving away their innocence and adorable energy. The big smile looks so contagious too.

15. Evil master!

This monster looks like that one evil monster in the movie that ruins everything and is on the mission to create chaos! Even the balloon he is holding looks so creepy.

16. Rainbow monster!


Colorful monsters are the best!

17. The one with million legs!

I am having a hard time counting the many legs this monster has. This monster is total chaos. The eye is popping out as well!

18. Octopus


The good old octopus!

19. Cheerful red monster!

This one is a good one! Giving a nose of a pig to the six-eye monster is hilarious because nothing else is similar to a pig. The legs are pointy and similar to that of a lobster. The big smile is telling us this monster is not the most dangerous to be around.

20. Conjoined monsters!


These are not your typical monsters. They jibe a book in their hand and one of them is even wearing sunglasses. Their body is of a pyramid. Damn! The professional artist added really good effects to it.

21. The tooth fairy

Remember the tooth fairy we waited for? Apparently, she has been hiding in the mountains burning marshmallows

22. The blue sun!


Doesn’t this look like the sun in the Teletubbies, but in blue color?

23. In gasp!

I love how the monster is in a gasp. What could possibly scare or shock a monster? A monster should have nothing to be scare of.

24. Fighter bee!

This is the tiniest and the most unconventional bee ever. She is a fighter bee who wears converse! And look at her wings! So cute.

25. Alien monster

I cannot tell if this should be called a monster or an alien

26. Monster house


Here we have the most robotic monster ever to be made!

27. Lizard monster!


Damn, we finally got a scary monster. This is the creepiest monster any kid has ever made. And the special effects by the professional artist make it look like a character from Jurrasic park, or even worse!

28. Spiritual guru!

If the monster did not have that creepy smile on its face, I would have taken this monster as a spiritual guru who guides everyone to positive vibes.

29. Pancake monster!


It looks like this monster made from piling up pancakes into one big tower! The only difference is that these pancakes are of every color from the rainbow.

30. Bee!

31.Purple Monster!/

This is the goofiest monster I have ever seen. I absolutely love how all the hair is floating in the air. The planets and stars are circling around the monster. It looks like the monster is in space but space can’t be white, right? The kid has created a different space from their own imagination.

32. The tiny monster with a loud voice


I cannot help but laugh at this. Anyone who is this small looks hilarious while screaming. It looks like this little monster is screaming and possibly trying to scare someone, but who’s going to tell him that he is more on the cuter side than scarier.

33. Monster maze

What a monster maze! I cannot tell if we will be falling into a maze or the monster’s mouth.

34. Evil mastermind!

We have finally found our evil master, guys! This seems like a perfect monster to portray the evil antagonist in an animation movie. This should definitely be cast in a big movie or we will protest!

That was all, folks! We just had a long run and we cannot say it was not worth it. I am myself finding it so hard to digest that little elementary kids can have so much potential in them. Their potential can be polished and furnished into something this amazing. Their ideas can be built up to make such unique and complex characters.

Little kids have their whole future ahead of them and they should not be restricted to textbooks and academics. They should be allowed to explore their artistic mind so their mind never lets go of its imagination. Our imagination is our asset that can only be used to our advantage.

Which monster appealed to you the most? I personally loved all of them so much. Have you ever made any such drawings in your childhood? Send us your pictures to let us have a peek inside your creative brain!


What do you think?