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50 Purrfectly Hidden Cats Who Have Aced The Art Of Camouflage

These cats have become masters at the art of disguise.

And even though it may look easy. Cats usually aren’t into hiding. They more so like lazing around rather than putting in effort into anything. However, these kitties are different. It seems they are even better at camouflaging than an actual chameleon. We knew that cats had many skills including but not limited to, sneaking up on you and then disappearing when you want to cuddle, always finding a way to get tangled up between your legs, somehow ending up being squished while you’re walking and much more.


If you want to become a master at the art of disguise, you have come to the right place. We might even learn a thing or two from these cats. The only thing we need is colored fur and we are set. Fair warning as some of these cats are pretty hard to spot.

#1 If only he wore glasses.

#2 Her pattern fits perfectly with the swirls of wood.


#3 Cats sure do love being squished by us eh?

Via catmitt

#4 The perks of having a black cat.


#5 ‘I am always watching you.’


#6 The kitty wouldn’t have liked that.

Via ShirePony

#7 No more TV for you!

Via cewallace9

If you still can’t find the cat. it’s a black cat sitting in front of the TV. And what I’ve learned from this is that black cats are the best at camouflage.

#8 Some rugs can come with eyes. It’s pretty normal.

Via SgtJim

#9 Is that a cat or a small cow?

Via KaiserVonShizer

#10 Stay with it and you’ll find her.

Via kinderthanmost

#11 Now, I know what happened to all the toilet paper.

Via imgur

#12 A conjoined cat twin perhaps?

Via BootieMcGee

#13 There is another cat in this picture.

Via Emmachen13

#14 A cat loaf napping on the wood.

Via jmankruse

You can see her right at the top taking a nap. I don’t know how comfortable wood can be but who am I to argue with cat logic?

#15 The 4th statue is pretty realistic.

Via imgur

#16 Napping with his friends.


#17 He knows where the shadows are.

Via melting_man

#18 Only the 3d one is real…..I think.

Via hotontherockz

#19 It took me a while to find the face.

Via brotherwups

#20 That couch sure does look comfy.

Via stefokay

#21 Furry cats like furry things.

Via tardislederhose

#22 The yin and the yang.

Via PatrickHeneise

#23 When you don’t know who made this mess.

Via ltlindian2

This cat clearly did not make this mess. It was an invisible man and she is just here to guard it so it doesn’t happen again.

#24 I’ll give you a hint, it’s in the sunlight.

Via warren_spectoor

#25 Is it a toy or a cat?

Via octoberwild

#26 He looks a bit angry if I’m being honest.


#27 ‘I am statue’.


Right in front of the little tv is where the cat is sitting.

#28 Just a grey furball.

Via knaller

#29 A weird taste in stairs carpet but okay.


#30 Who needs cat hair when you’ve got a cat hat.

#31 Do I see something popping out?

#32 Are they long lost cousins?

Via JB Braendel

#33 This is just adorable.

I have no idea where the teddy bear ends and where the cat begins and I am okay with that.

#34 Did the cat change color to match the floorboard?

#35 The cat has found her perfect hiding place.


#36 ‘You can’t get away from me.’

Just look up at the walls and you’ll find your stalker staring back at you.

#37 If only the arm was tucked in.

Via chaanverr

#38 Let’s hit the ball to see which one is real.


#39 Are there three or two cats here?

Maybe all of these are big furry hats to keep you warm or perhaps all of these are cats. I honestly can’t tell. But I imagine wearing a cat would keep you quite warm.

#40 At least she has eaten her brethren.

#41 The doggo is not impressed.


#42 The cat just melted from the heat.

#43 He feels at home.

Via he1d1kay

#44 Somebody is bound to sit on him.


#45 The only way to get away from the vet.

Via SavvyLY

#46 ‘I’m not food hooman!’

#47 If I fit I sit.

Via nycity.kitty

I wonder why the cat castle has ears. This is why you don’t get a black ‘cushion’ for your black cat.

#48 How many kitties I wonder? Three?

#49 The rock formation is perfect for a nap.

#50 The most comfortable pillow ever.

Did you find all of these cats at your first try or did you need a little help? Comment down below and let us know.


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