Redditor Furious At Her BF For Getting Her Dog High, Reconsidering The Whole Relationship

Taking care of a puppy is a heavy responsibility, so you’ll need the support of your friends and family. What would occur if you didn’t? So read this tale. The “cutest Pitbull” belongs to OP (27F) and her boyfriend (33M) (1F).

Since they have a one-bedroom apartment and the owner works at home, the dog enjoys regular walks, daycare for a few days each week, and trips to the dog park on a regular basis. She is adored a lot and spends a lot of time interacting with others. 

But since the dog belonging to the OP is still a puppy, he or she occasionally chews on stuff like chargers, chapstick, lighters, napkins, knitting needles, etc. When OP catches her in the act, she instantly criticizes and corrects her, but she is powerless to correct her if something is discovered hours later.

Although she tries to baby-proof the home and keep the child occupied, her partner has never owned a dog and sometimes leaves stuff lying around. He’s had to be taught to pick things up and clean up after himself, and he insists that she instruct the dog not to do that.

One morning, when she appeared unsteady, sleepy, and peeing all over the apartment, OP was worried for her dog. It turned out that she had smoked marijuana in the bedroom’s ashtray on the floor.

The vet assured her that it occurs more frequently than people realize and advised her not to be concerned, but the OP was upset that her boyfriend had been responsible despite her warnings to practice caution. She treats her dog as if it were a child and can’t get the idea that this could have been avoided. If the OP is being unreasonable in her irritation or if she should just let it go, she wonders.

Keep on scrolling down below to know the whole story and make sure you guys and gals read it till the end. 

1. Here goes the title

2. Seems like a pretty good doggo

3. Well, dogs are like this and we cannot do much about their curiosity. But OP make sure to correct her while the doggo is caught doing mischief.

4. The boyfriend needs to be empathetic towards the OP and the doggo or he shouldn’t just scatter things up

5. OP noticed her dog being lethargic and it was acting weird and unusual it turned out that the doggo got into the boyfriend’s weed that he left on the floor

6. OP took the dog to the vet asap guess what happened, she was as high as a kite.

7. But the boyfriend was still blaming OP and her dog, he claimed that OP baby her too much.

8. Be wise guys, let us know who’s the A-hole here.

9. The following justification was provided by OP as to why they believe they might be the a-hole

10. Keep the dog loose the boyfriend, a user suggested.

11. OP should think some things through, what do you think?

12. Well, at least he should have apologized for being careless

13. A point to be noted, most of the users think OP isn’t an a-hole.

14. Gotta admit it was his duty to clean the stash he left on the floor endangering the doggo

15. Maybe give him a second chance after all, he was a bit worried and even paid for the vet bills.

Taking care of a puppy is not a piece of cake, you have to guide them through, discipline them and stop them when they are doing mischief. After all, puppies are still a baby and they are learning they don’t understand the consequences of their actions. So in this case you are the one who is going to be responsible if something bad happens. Well, we are happy to declare that OP isn’t the a-hole we are looking for.

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