15 Parents Share Hysterical Reverse Psychology Tricks That 100% Worked And Made Parenting Easy

Children can sometimes become actual Bratz, especially if you try to dictate them to do something. They often become rebellious when it comes to forcing them over something. That’s just how the nature of a kid works. They’ll make you want to bang your head in the wall for being so stubborn sometimes, hereby being a parent can be hard.


However, with time as the children have discovered new strategies to put off something you’ve asked them to do for as long as they can, parents also have become pretty smart. They’ve been lately using reverse psychology strategies on their kids. This strategy works in a way where you ask something in reverse of the actual thing you want them to do.

Here’s are some of the cutest incidents where parents used this strategy over their head-strong little ones and they totally worked!

1. Mommy’s little guardian angel

Mommy’s little hero jumps in to save her from the bad guys

2. That’s how you hop up the stairs


After all, I am a big girl just felt like being your little girl for a moment…

3. Liar Liar tongue on fire


My mom always told me that my tongue would turn black if I would lie and then similar would happen if I ever lied, wouldn’t open my mouth at all…

4. The horror of bitting at school


That’s an amazing one, it would also work on kids who are used to beating and bullying from the start

5. Leftovers as a husband?


Make sure never to leave your greens on your plate again, your future husband might look and taste like broccoli then

6. Liar with the red spot


7. Whining allergy?


Mommies these days, are pretty smart! The kid would surely regret believing his mom growing up… what even is a whining allergy *laughing out loud*

8. Popeye, the one who could lift his house


It’ll be easy for you guys to move to a new place and you wouldn’t have to hire movers because just an extra bunch of spinach would be enough.

9. Helping mom out simply by being quiet? That’s easy


Well, this would work on every kid I guess, who says no to hours of watching your favorite show just on the condition of staying quiet! * I wish I could be assigned with chores like that * sighs

10. A creepy road story


You’ll be taken away if you don’t watch out before crossing the road, makes sense of course!

11. Money that looks like leaves

Well, you weren’t wrong they eat the money that grows on trees!

12. Mind games


He sure did! Now make sure to brush every time you can’t sleep and you’ll eventually be sleeping peacefully since your mind’s programmed now…

13. Screentime management

14. The cleaning force is here at your service


They hide in the windows, over the tables, and under your carpets make sure you get them all…

15. Greens are for grown-ups

Absolutely loved this one! Definitely will be trying this on my kids

These were hilarious and extremely intelligent! Parenting can be a challenge of course. But these little wild creatures known as kids, are the source of happiness in our dull life. They make you want to cry over your fate but give you the reason to live as well. You just have to be a little extra smart to keep them in control just like the parents above.

If you’ve other examples of such strategies, go on and tell us in the comments below. We are sure there are other folks here who want some serious ideas of controlling their little ones!!


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