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Husband Cheats On Wife By Dating Her Boss

Husband Cheats Wife Boss

Sometimes when a terrible incident takes place in your life, you start questioning why was it you that life specifically chose to break. In such situations, you feel devastated and don’t know if there is any point in continuing on with life because everything, you thought life was, just ended. In such cases, you just have to remain extremely patient and let time pass…eventually, things get better…they always do.


In today’s story, such devastation took place in a Redditor’s life. She was extremely committed to raising the quality of her and her husband’s life and for that purpose, she joined a company to work. The good thing is that she absolutely loved her workplace because of the amazing benefits she got and she also had an amazing boss. OP’s boss was so good that she would always talk about her with her husband and this made him fascinated about her as well.

Unfortunately, though, his fascination with his wife’s boss quickly turned into a crush…and then love. He kept hiding it for as long as he could until finally, OP found out her husband was in a relationship with her boss. She was absolutely devastated and blamed herself for it all happening saying had she not talked about her boss all the time with her husband, this wouldn’t have happened.

Scroll down below to read how it all went down. You are going to love the rollercoasters this story has got.

Source: Reddit

1. Uh ho, what mistake did OP make to have her husband go all gaga over her boss? Let’s find out.

2. The job she is doing, she started over a year ago.


3. OP got a boss she instantly fell in love with as she joined for being a great person.


4. Wow, that is a really good boss you have their OP. A boss who appreciates her employees…finally found one.


5. OP loved working with her boss so much that she would always talk about her to her husband whenever they would converse.


6. The husband also used to get fascinated by the stories OP would tell him. He got to meet OP’s boss at a company party on Christmas one time.


7. The husband’s fascination, however, after that meeting turned into a crush…or maybe love as he followed OP’s boss on all her social media accounts and started liking all her pictures.


8. OP’s husband had just gone through a divorce at the beginning of the year.


9. Her ex-husband had basically cheated on OP’s boss with an employee from the company. Because he owns half the company, he started changing company policies.


10. Ultimately the boss managed to convince her ex-husband to sell her his shares. She would attain full ownership of the company once this process completes.


11. After hearing this story from OP, her husband felt really sad for the boss and got really angry with the boss’ ex for cheating on her.

12. OP told him all men do that. He laughed in response.


13. Things got even worse between OP and her husband when they went out to watch a movie and that is where they saw OP’s boss with a young man who looked like he was in his mid-20s.

14. The husband completely lost it after looking at the boss with a much younger man than her.


15. As soon as they reached home, he started stalking all of the boss’ social media to finally find out the young man was actually her nephew. He finally let out a sigh of relief.

16. This did it for OP. She started crying after seeing him go crazy about that young man. She yelled at him that she knows he loves her boss. After saying this, OP kicked him out of the room and locked it from inside.


17. The husband just kept making it worse for himself.

18. All sorts of questions from right, left, and center kept popping into OP’s brain.


19. Her husband’s refusal to admit anything kept OP stuck in the mud of confusion that kept pulling her down.

20. She couldn’t leave the job either as she absolutely loved working there and their quality of life had drastically improved ever since she joined.


21. OP says it was her fault to idolize her boss the way she did in front of her husband…it made him fall in love with her.

22. OP shared an update to tell all her major relatives and friends told her she was making a fuss out of nothing.


Source: Reddit

Here is what the internet had to say about this:

23. Keep the boss, leave the husband. He doesn’t deserve your care, efforts, and love. Put all of it into your job to grow even quicker and make more money.

Via frolicndetour

24. Having a child would worsen your case, OP. Don’t do it.

Via Lea_R_ning

25. His disrespect towards you, OP, is unacceptable.

Vua Complex-Historical

26. Two months later OP shared an update on the original story that the whole internet was eagerly waiting for.

27. Knowing she couldn’t take it anymore, OP asked her husband for separation.


28. OP’s husband moved in with his brother telling OP she was making a big mistake.

29. The two started couple therapy as well but after about 3 weeks her husband would either come late or not show up.


30. He then stopped calling and texting OP which confirmed to her that he is not interested in fixing their relationship.

31. OP decided not to quit her job as it was really beneficial to her.

32. Her husband stopped being active on his Instagram account as well…or at least that is what she thought it was.


33. His brother should OP her husband’s story of a night when he was at a restaurant holding a woman’s hands. He had blocked OP, and her family and friends. That is why OP couldn’t see the posts he would make.

34. OP commented on that post and her husband went yellow as he called her and started begging her to not tell her boss about their marriage.

35. That is when OP realized the woman in the picture whose hand her husband was holding was her boss


36. He said he found her on an app called Bumble after OP dumped him.

37. The boss knew OP’s husband was going through a divorce but she didn’t know it was OP, her own employee.

38. OP’s husband and boss were getting very serious about each other.


39. The husband kept repeating to OP to not ruin his life, and that he has found happiness after a very long time with the boss.

40. OP was left clueless about what to do. She did want to ruin her husband’s life but didn’t know if she could even do that.

I have some advice for you. But it all depends on one pre-requisite; being bold! What OP needs to do is continue with her job. Work alongside her boss and show her she is the best employee she ever hired. Attain that growth you deserve, and eventually become the boss. Secondly, get the divorce as quickly as you can and do not just sit lost after that, engage and socialize. “Love only happens once” is all BS. Find love, start a family, and restart it all because we are allowed.

Lastly and most importantly, tell your boss about everything. If she still decides to stay with your husband, well and good, if she decides to dump him, well and good again. Your job is to just get the heavy weight off your chest and tell your boss all about the guy she loves.  Maybe that is what is about to happen in the final update OP shared.

Let’s see what happened next. Scroll down below to continue reading!

Source: Reddit

41. Why is he panicking so much? It is because the foundation of his relationship with OP’s boss is based on incomplete information.


42. He wanted to tell the boss the complete truth himself…he did not want OP to do it first.

43. He just wants things to settle smoothly between him and the boss…OP is out of the equation for him…

44. …and he should be gone out of her heart too.


Source: Reddit

Here’s the view on the update:

45. The boss needs to know.

Via Foolish5678

46. Exactly! He is worried a conversation between OP and the boss would bring out all the truth about him and how he approached her.


47. But for all of this to happen, OP first needs to talk to her boss and tell her everything.


Via kspicydaddi

Within a week OP shared a new, and final, update:

48. OP finally told her boss everything.

49. She told the boss her own love for her is what rubbed off on her husband and he developed a crush on her…which converted into love.

50. She also told her about the whole movie night event. About how he panicked seeing the boss with her nephew.

51. OP also told her boss she accepts that her marriage is over with her husband and that she is only telling her all of this because she wants her to know the whole story.

52. She wanted to make it clear to her boss that it wasn’t just the connection through Bumble, between her (the boss) and her husband) that started it all…he liked her before.

53. That is when the boss finally spoke. She said they did not meet on the dating app, he was a patron at her gym and that is how they connected and it all started.

54. OP was under the impression her husband went to a gym near their house but he was going to her boss’ gym.

55. OP was shocked to know this news.

56. OP apologized once again, and the boss thanked her for making her aware of the truth.

57. On their second meeting, the boss apologized to OP for everything that happened to her.

58. When OP got home she found her husband crying. He blamed OP for ruining his relationship.

Sorry sir, but a relationship that is built on lies never survives for too long. You had your 6 weeks of fun, you are done now.

59. He wanted OP to tell her boss it was all her fault that they separated and that he is safe to date.

60. OP told him to leave and that she was going to start the divorce process at the earliest.

The divorce process should’ve started much earlier.

61. The two stopped talking to each other. Her husband looked so broken after what happened…but for OP he had zero feelings.

62. How should his wife believe him and his love when he took her love for him and broke it into a million pieces?

Source: Reddit

The final say of the internet was against the husband:

63. OP’s hunch was right…from the very beginning she was right about him. She should’ve trusted her gut then and divorced him on the spot.

Via Appropriate-Name06

64. He is a manipulator who just couldn’t take the level of cheating he was doing.

Via Thecrazytrainexpress

65. Stay safe…he cannot be trusted with all that sorrow and brokenness in his heart.

Via MountainLeopard7214

66. The irony!

Via Allafreya

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more stories!

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