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40 Rib Tickling Memes That You Don’t Want To Miss Today

Bored? Nothing seems fun? The zoom meeting was long and your dog is also having a lazy day so won’t do anything silly? Nothing to laugh about and friends are not receiving calls? Life’s a mess and you can’t find the motivation to do anything today? Well, you need something to kick start you. An instant dose of motivation to get you up and started for a fun day.

Now, when we talk about fun, what’s better than some new memes? Today’s fresh memes are here. They will instantly crack you up and energize you with a burst of laughter. Nothing is better than a dose of hilarious memes right in your face. So without any more procrastination scroll down to laugh your a*s off.

#1 All our life we wished for a 6-month vacation twice a year. Well, looks like our wish has been granted.

Credits: u/bignate-_-

We are all quarantined and every day seems to the same. We have officially lost track of time and sleeping schedules are doomed all over the world. Different time zones and differences? What are those? Those are some of the terms now unknown to us. Our everyday activities include revisiting the time we wished for a long weekend or a 6-month vacation and cursing ourself for making that wish. When everything will go back to normal (hopes keep us alive) we bet no one will EVER wish for a day off ever again. We miss our jobs and going out with friends and even school seems like the best place to visit right now. Anyways, here is what people said about this meme. Check out their thoughts on this ongoing situation.

“Well, on Sunday the shops are closed, so there’s that.” ~ MaddestLadOnReddit

“We don’t keep time like that anymor. Its you’re awake or you’re not simple.” ~ Spiffy_boi_Shrek

#2 Ain’t nobody messes with the cheese!!


Credits: u/trappedinikea

#3 All the American kids, please stand up!


Credits:  u/Toustar

Here is what people said about this meme. Most of these comments are hysterical and others might hurt little American sentiments.

“The kid who plays way too much cod: the expert” ~ tasty_nugget69

“As an American this hurts me” ~ moistpoptart52

“My back to school equipment” ~ charizardevoultion

“AK47 car with a fast pew pew-ing AK-47 ontop” ~ YourAvrageBoris

“Thanks for uploading the school shooter item list” ~ Panty-Sniffer69420

“I almost choked on my sandwich laughing at this” ~ tan-ban

“Americans be like: all I see here are school supplies” ~ S0phie_ee

#4 “Looks delicious…”

Credits: u/Beyaz_Arap_sucugu

“Why do they run their hands like that, like listen little shit you have a lifespan of like a week, what are you planning” ~ Big_Birb_Offical

“Flies rub their limbs together to clean them. This may seem counterintuitive given these insects’ seemingly insatiable lust for filth and grime, but grooming is actually one of their primary activities. It gets rid of physical and chemical detritus and clears up their smell receptors — all of which is important for flying, finding food, courting mates and just about everything that a fly does.” ~ t00thman

“Been scrolling all day. This finally made me laugh enough to overcome my existential crisis. Thank you” ~ ArgyleMonster

#5 Batsy is not happy.


Credits: u/Pretator

#6 Ayy! It’s your man Snoop Dogg!


Credits: u/lalahunma

#7 Adobe is like, “I’m about to destroy this man’s whole career!”


Credits: u/ASinglePackingPeanut

#8 Cats are crazy…


Credits: u/GetDank42069

#9 Here’s a chicken stuffed with a smoking fish, follow my Instagram page for more recipes.


Credits: u/_4ndrew

#10 Let’s just admit that we all are guilty of doing this.


Credits: u/ValiantCharizard

#11 Pro- Confusion!?

Credits: u/Woodster320

#12 Little dog with his creepy big cat friend.


Credits: u/Eziopool

#13 In sheer confusion…

Credits: u/BoyBeyondStars

“The furrys umder my bed: oh sh*”~ jonahallen48

“O-OwO you fownd mee” ~ -Lonely_Ramen-

“My uncle wondering how I can see him through the secret hole he made to watch me.” ~ iiTzPurplez

#14 When the tables turn…


Credits: u/A-B-L-E

#15 “Today is a good day!”

Credits: u/MMaalouf108140

#16 Bamboozled much!


Credits: u/idea4granted

#17 France is not a good boy…

Credits: u/NVIAMD

#18 *Censored*


Credits: u/NelJerochi

“Harry potter and sexy half blood Prince Harry potter and order of sexy phoenix” ~ anonymous200019

#19 That creepy smile though!

Credits: u/I_am_unique6435

#20 Handling an awkward situation 101.


Credits: u/mmmmmjjjrrrrr

#21 Your time is up Karen!

Credits: u/Raghav_Verma

#22 Being a girl is a tough job…


Credits: u/TennisADHD

#23 “Modern problems require modern solutions”

Credits: u/Doodle_Dragon

#24 Damn! Didn’t notice…


Credits: u/Tomato_Ghost72

#25 Whenever anything happens, there’s always a Karen behind it…

Credits: u/BruceDwayne1

#26 “Now is the perfect time to take the biggest dump ever…”


Credits: u/Addian4

#27 “Hi there! It’s a doctored image! All the hashtags are lies”


#28  “Its owners are ducks”

Credits: u/__knight_wing__

#29 Sad but true!


Credits:  u/Flyspeck1

#30 I’m not crying… *Wipes Tears*

Credits: u/Altaire851

#31 “Sleep is a word unknown to me.”

Credits: u/I-love-Cabbage

#32 A scene from an average American school.


Credits: u/winkysocks21

#33  Someone’s getting on Santa’s naughty list this year.

Credits: u/thegoldengrunt

#34 Woof!

Credits: u/iam4real

“Plot twist: he thinks that’s her name because everyone calls her that” ~ Voxesnessx

#35 Sharing is caring, isn’t it?


Credits: u/yagzkdg

#36 Relatable…

Credits: u/jwskiles

#37 There’s definitely a USB port monster in there.

Credits: u/TVF2002

#38 We can relate…


Credits: u/MixPakora

#39 Video games are the biggest threat to the modern education system apparently…

Credits: u/winkysocks21

#40 When you don’t like most people…

Credits: u/GodOfAtheist

Hope you’ve got your daily dose of memes and feel energized now. Have a great day ahead and don’t forget to share this with others for a good laugh.


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