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45 ‘Dog Balloons’ Who Floated All The Way Up To Ceilings

We are constantly trying to take the best dog pictures or trying to find some on the internet that stands out to us. We have a bottomless pit of hunger for adorable doggy pictures to satisfy our daily need for cuteness. After all, there is nothing more overwhelming than a cute looking dog in a funny situation. It is no greek to us that some netizens are extremely creative. They start innovative yet unusual trends on the internet that go viral and sell like hot cakes all around the world.


One of the members of the netizens army shared an adorable picture of its Shiba Inu which seemed like a balloon that floated up to the ceiling and got stuck. It didn’t take long before this eyecatching moment was captured and shared on the internet. As expected, it quickly went viral and people started posting pictures of their doggos looking like “dog balloons.” This originated from the subreddit aww, but now it’s everywhere. We have collected some dog balloons from around the internet rabbit hole and they are hysterical and overwhelming both at the same time.

So, allow us to present you 45 adorable dog balloons that will instantly make your day better!

#1 This little guy appears to have floated up to the ceiling and now he’s stuck!


#2 This little pupper seems to be towel hung to the wall.


Sleeping so calmy, this picture got us hooked. This little four-legged looks like a towel hung at the wall. No doubt it’s hilarious, but don’t you just want to cuddle with this one? Look at that fine belly all exposed and inviting for some tummy rubs. Who can resist? Here is what people thought of this cutie pie.

“LMAO!! He looks like he’s in the “Orbiter” at the fair. You know the ride, the one that spins so fast you stick to the wall and the backboard goes up the wall!” ~ Cody Eriksen

“Omg! All squishy and cute. So, so much cute!!” ~ Lyop

#3 This guy is a solid happy pupper. We love that blep though!


Here are some thoughts from people and we think they’re pretty accurate.

“Look ma….I’m parachuting” ~ Panda-monium

“Come on now I can’t be that bad looking”. ~ Pattie Kelly

“Tony Stark: The Lever… Captain… Anytime… NOW Captain: Am a little Busy down here… In a moment” ~ John Kamau

#4 This one looks like a spy from Mission Impossible.


Credits: marblethecorg

#5 This one is master Yoda from a parallel universe. Don’t you just want to give this one a hug?


Credits:  iknewiknewbetter

#6 We are pretty convinced that this one is a cloud.


Credits: son_of_a_spitz

#7 We believe his dentist would be very happy to see him.


Credits: mitthundeliv

#8 “How high am I? That’s it, no more licking things off the floor.”


Credits: acorginamedwilbur

#9 Those eyes are looking straight into our souls.


Credits: theadventuresofwallyandwinnie

#10 “This music is so heavenly, umm.”


Credits: suki_the_regal_shiba

#11 This one jumped his way up to the ceiling.

credits: contractormissy

#12 Softly touched the ceiling…


Credits: stanthemanuk

#13 “Help!! – get me down NOW!!”

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#14 This guy is definitely singing his happy song.


Credits: happilie

#15 “ARGH – sky-diving is scarier than I thought!!”

Credits: mikespetcare

#16 Deep in the imagination…


Credits: beta_corgi

#17 “Looks like he just floated up there & banged into the ceiling. This is his OOF! face.”

#18 This doggo is gorgeous…


#19 Umm… excuse me, miss? What shampoo do you use?

Credits: prettypenny.theaussie

#20 “Oops…floated the wrong way up”


#21 A little sneak peek of the corgi toofers!

Credits: burtreynolds_corgi

#22 This is a vampire in disguise.


Credits: bauwowworld

#23 Labrador doing his joker impression.

Credits: chooken_and_dog

#24 Good boy with good toofers.


#25 “Um. A little help, please?”

#26 Fly Away!!


#27 Looks like a balloon in the Macy’s Parade…


Credits: bonjourtoby

#28 Smile for the camera!

Credits: ring.around.the.rosie_gsd

#29 A little cloud sleeping and floating in dreams.


Credits: rikaria

#30 Floated in the wrong direction but it was worth it…

Credits: marleythecorgi_

#31 Excellent color coordination!

Credits: yogi_thecorgiphuket

#32 Sleepy little sunshine!


Credits: sunshine_solveig

#33 Aimed for the stars, landed on the ceiling.

#34 The face you make when you get in trouble.

Credits: marli_louise

#35 Free falling…


Credits: __tracii3__

#36 Aw, looks like doggo is holding paws.

Credits: sir_reggie_foxhunter

#37 Apparently he has been reading – We can see his book on the ceiling behind him.

Credits: sawfeather

#38 “See? You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!”


Credits: mnoldeart

#39 Corgis are magic!

Credits: bad_corgi

#40 He’s dancing in his sleep.

Credits: Heather PaulReport

#41 Looks like a little lamb! So sweet!


Credits: poodle.summer

#42 The dog is long…

Credits: _bellathestaff_

#43 That’s a pile of fur!


#44 It’s not a rug, it’s a stained glass ceiling.


Credits: jackbecorgi

#45 That’s a long woof!

Credits: sayheyfae

We love all these adorable balloon dogs. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share with others to make their day brighter and better.


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