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27 Ridiculous Things Designers Probably Made On Their Creative Block

Just a compilation of unnecessary and unusual creations.

We all are aware that it is not an easy job to come up with new creative ideas and styles, almost every cool and beautiful design of everything has already been made. Coming up with extremely unique and purely original content is a very difficult thing to do, not a job for everyone. Only extremely motivated and super creative people can get this job done. You might have observed that almost every famous artist spent their whole life only making a couple of things but their work was always so unique, never the same and mind-blowingly creative. To this day, the art made in history by these iconic and well-known artists is still very much loved and fascinating. Their art is also studied in schools because of its uniqueness and complexity, the artists back then were good at maths and riddles.


Being an artist and a creator in modern times is way more complicated and difficult than what we may assume. These jobs now are way more exhausting and they take up all the energy, not to mention the pressure to come up with new ideas and get the work done within a short time span. Not only does it kill the creativity in that person but also the person, internally. It can also lead up to the artists having a creativity block frequently which can cause damage to the person’s creative side and mental exhaustion can turn gold into dust. Either these artists end up getting no work done at all or they just come up with the strangest, most unusual and unnecessary ideas. Similarly, these designers who were probably having a creative block decided to make something, they have totally blown our minds with their unusually unique creations. Keep on scrolling down to see the most unnecessary and hilarious creations ever…

1. “Had to share this exceptional design.”

Image Credit: Quasime

2. Here is a multitasking park bench that also works as a public grill.


Image Credit: RocketSmash9000

3. This is what Aquaman’s throne looks like.


Image Credit: PeeB4uGoToBed

4. “That’s how I broke my leg.”


Image Credit: Dis-Man-8

5. The maker of this sign had one job…literally one thing to do and still manage to ruin it.


Image Credit: coyotoka

6. “Tie Dye” design hoody just looks like grease splashes (probably why its on sale!)”


Image Credit: robgod50

7. So, you are telling me this is not Coca Cola? Unbelievable.


Image Credit: CummingOnMyPant

8. Here is the walmart version of detective Pikachu.


Image Credit: EnderMax2106

9. “Can’t fit two USB adaptors for my USB-C-only Mac at the same time”


Image Credit: iwonteatpickles

10. “I wish I could piss while seeing my friends walk down the halls, what a view! 5 stars!”


Image Credit: A_Mother_fan

11. “So like…privacy is NOT number one priority I guess?”

Image Credit: Helios_OW

12. Bravo! They printed yellow text on a yellow background. It is painful to even read a word.


Image Credit: SexyScientistGirl

13. “So… which way to open?”

Image Credit: emailthezac

14. Imagine gifting this to someone or imagine getting this as a gift from your lover. I would be shocked and then I would laugh which will probably end in me crying.


Image Credit: Thrift Store Oddities

Unfortunately, I have not seen even a single thing above in those pictures to which I could politely say that it is really not that bad of a design, some people might like it. I really believe that all of those designs were extremely unlikeable. From the looks of them, they probably made these things in a hurry and did not think it through, they were really some dumb designs. The things that are done in a rush always have faults in them. I mean what were these people thinking when they decided to put a toilet seat next to the glass wall. They were probably NOT thinking, at all. What must be going through that person’s mind when they decided to decorate the chair they made to make it look more appealing and unique so they glued the whole chair with seashells. I really think the person who created that absolutely ridiculous park bench really has something against that park or the people who visit it because there is no way other than that he must be seeking some sort of revenge so he decided to do that. Do not even get me started on that bridge! It is really bugging me that someone actually thought that it would be a good idea to make stairs on a bridge. They also made it with that kind of wood which completely makes an illusion of a slide and then you know the rest, people who get on it with their own legs get off of it with broken legs instead. Keep on scrolling down to see more of these strange designs…

15. “This Italian clothing store had some oversize clothing to sell but didn’t have oversize mannequins, so they just stuffed some pillows over their bellies…”

Image Credit: ljseminarist

16. “Finally a realistic mannequins in women’s lingerie store.”


Image Credit: Bukkake_Monster

17. “This shower at my Airbnb.”

Image Credit: daredelvis421

18. “I almost gagged when I opened the cabinet in my bnb. Turns out it was just the design.”


Image Credit: barebasem

19. “This weird door at the top of the stairs in a weird hotel.”

Image Credit: AlephMartian

20. They probably did not pay him enough to remove the light pole.


Image Credit: ShoutingBlackbird

21. “Toilet seat makes it looks like someone didn’t quite make it.” 

Image Credit: PanthermalUnderwear

22. Here is the beautiful school toilet with a beautiful view.


Image Credit: Xemulated

23. “This foldable chair on the bus but with a metal bar handle.”

Image Credit: Lynthos00

24. “Pants that make you look really pissed.”

Image Credit: Lord_H1D30U5

25. “Lay all your love on me.”

Image Credit: jjquiceno

26. I have a few questions for whoever made this shoes. First of all, why?!

Image Credit:

27. “Found dress at local thrift store, can’t tell what color it is.”


Image Credit: larpkitten

I have absolutely no idea if I should laugh at these images or be frustrated about them. The amount of time I have shaken my head at each image above is insane. I find them funny but it is most irritating to know that someone spent so much of their time, money and energy on making these ridiculously stupid things. I do not even want to bother overthinking about the fact that if these kinds of things are being made then there must be people who are also buying these stuff. Have you ever seen an unusual and totally dumb creation similar to these? What was it? Share with us in the comments down below…


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