Meet The New Robinhood Of Town, A Cat Who Steals From The Rich And Gives To Charity

Move away, feline Robinhood has taken over.

We all know the tale of Robinhood. Basically, he was a man who stole from the elite, and rich and he gave all the stolen goods in the name of charity to the needy or poor. In our humble opinion charity is such a wholesome thing. There are a lot of people who deserve a little from life in their darkest hour and charity is an action which provides. Just like us humans, animals can be charitable too and help the needy. It’s very wrong to assume that animals do not possess emotions. Animals in their own way provide charity to whoever needs it.

So today we bring you a story in which a kitty Robinhood helped people with charity. This is no doubt a very cute story and this adorable cat won the hearts of millions with its feline ways.
Here you go:

So for his marketing agency, Stuart McDaniel adopted a cat, who he named Sir Whine-a-lot. This kitty would help around the office with the pest problem and cheer up everyone working there. A little time of two years had passed and strange instances started happening around the office like Stuart walking in a pile of cash on the floor.


This little kitty would take the cash out and sit near the window with bills lying around it and it so happened to be that the office was in an area where there was an abundance of restaurants and bars, so every time people passed by and say this little munchkin lying on the floor with cash, they would slip in some money and the little catto would take it. This totalled up in 120 pounds. And all thanks to this cat that money went to charity to The Tusla Day center and thanks to this story they raised close to 4500 bucks.


So in a way, this kitty and its Robinhood ways worked 100 per cent and thanks to this cutie, an actual charity was raised and we cannot thank this cat baby enough.


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