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Wholesome Story Of Senior And Blind Dog Finding A Furrever Home

A lot of people have pets now. It has become very normal for people to adopt pets e.g. cats, dogs, bunnies, parrots, tortoises, etc. Animals are loved by everyone. People are more inclined towards spreading awareness on caring about animals. While most people are in the process of getting used to the idea of being around animals, animal lovers are already carrying the responsibility to care for any animal that comes their way. People keep pets because they want to have an animal in their presence. They want to build a life for them and take care of them. People want to help an animal grow and fill their life with happiness. Most people adopt newborns or young animals so they can see them grow.


Animals have started getting lots of love from human beings now. Sadly, there is a group of animals that usually suffers neglect. It is the animals that are disabled in some way e.g. either they won’t have a leg, they’ll be blind, or could be deaf. People rarely choose to adopt such animals instead of healthy ones. Keeping healthy animals can be challenging and it requires a lot of care. But adopting an animal that is an adult, blind, deaf, and also severely sick is a lot more difficult. It is not just one health condition but many combined, which makes it even harder to care for the pet. You may think that an animal can’t have these man conditions, but it is.

Today we will be sharing the story of Nannoo, a senior dog with several health conditions. His owner passed away, after which the owner’s family handed over Nannoo to an animal shelter named Nashville Humane. The animal shelter tried to take care of the animal as much as possible. Even though they were making sure Nannoo stays, gets fed, and remains healthy, they still hoped a loving and caring family would adopt him. The animal shelter was completely hopeless because rarely anyone is willing to adopt a sick dog. Eventually, Mr. Puckett came to rescue and brought happiness into Nannoo’s life.

1. A new member in the Puckett family

“Hi everyone, I’m MrPuckett”

Mr. Pucket starts sharing his story on the internet by showing two dogs he already has in his family.

2. Big boy and small boy


“Some of you know that these are my two amazing dogs, but you might not know that our family looks a little different all of a sudden”

These dogs are so cute! They will soon be joined by another dog. There will be a trouple instead of a couple.

3. Nannoo getting checked by the vet


“Meet Nannoo. 15 years old, blind, deaf, heart disease, arthritic, skin infections, and her owner recently passed away. Their family surrendered the dog to Nashville Humane, where I saw her posted on social media”

Poor Nannoo looks so injured. An animal lover’s heart breaks seeing a dog with such deteriorated health. This is probably what Mr. Puckett felt after seeing Nannoo’s picture.

4.Injured Nannoo

“She was an absolute mess, and they were working hard to try and give her some kind of quality of life at the shelter”

We need more doctors like these who center their careers around caring for animals. There are so many animals that are in great pain and require help.

5. Nannoo playing with her new sibling


“I had never really considered adding another dog to the family, but for some reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about this one. 3 days after I saw Nannoo posted on Instagram, I went to Nashville Humane to adopt her to try to give her the best life possible”

It does not take a long time for an animal lover to decide whether they want to rescue an abandoned puppy or not.

6. Nannoo resting!


“It was a tough first day at home for blind and deaf Nannoo, bumping into everything and trying to figure out where she was. She slept over 20 hours that first day, but on day 2 we took her out for her first adventure”

Seeing this little pup resting fills my heart with happiness. It is easier to have hope in this world when you know there are people in this world who sincerely care for animals.

7. Mini Walk


“She could barely stand up, so PJ’s old stroller came in handy. She can experience all of Nashville with us like this, and get out for mini walks every once in a while”

“It’s getting a little easier each day – with consistent practice, a great diet, and new supplements – it seems like most of the pain she was in when she first came home is almost non-existent now”

Nannoo is on his first walk with his new family!

8. Nannoo in the stroller


“The stroller was scary for her at first, but she eventually learned to love it. We’ve been sharing her daily adventures on Instagram stories.”

Nannoo is finally feeling at home.

9. Nannoo in the park with her new family


“Every day she walked a little bit more than the day before. In the week that she’s been home, she’s gone from stumbling only a few steps up to walking over 6 blocks at a time!!!!”

A wholesome picture pf Nannoo hanging out in a park with his new siblings!

10. A loving home

“The Pucketts eventually accepted her as well, and we gave her a nickname that she deserved: Nanna Puckett.”

After a long time being alone, this little puppy deserved to have a loving home, not just from the humans but other pets too!

11. Beautiful transformation


“It’s been an amazing transformation in only 7 days. A dog that could barely stand up is now jumping on all my furniture and walking around Nashville like a boss. It’s like a completely different dog.”

12. Before vs. After


“The vets don’t think she’ll make it a full year, they call me her “hospice home. But with all this progress, it’s hard not to be a little excited that maybe she’ll have more time left.”

This picture is a testimony to how much the little pup has grown. He looks so much healthier than before. His injuries look better too!

“Whether she lives for a couple of years or just a couple weeks, I promised that we would show her more love than she ever thought possible. Welcome home Nanna Puckett, you’re doing an amazing job so far.”

Every time the world is filled with bad news, one should read and search for such beautiful stories where pure-hearted souls make space in their lives for another soul and being. It did not bother Mr. Puckett that Nannoo had a deteriorated health. He was more concerned with giving her good health.

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