Guy And His Friend Bought “Cursed” Shawls Which Ruined Their Relationships

We often roaming around the stores doing window shopping when we suddenly like something that is a bit unusual for our regular buying habits. Something people don’t expect us to buy or wear but we enjoy it for a change anyway. We are all guilty of buying something at some point in our life that everyone else was not happy about except us. We may have a little bit of regret about the aftermath of our little shopping mishap but whatever happens in life is for the best. Even if we fail, we have still won by learning our lessons. So nothing in life happens without a reason—A good reason.


So, these two boys got themselves into a similar situation where they randomly liked shawls that cost them their relationships. They ended up being single after purchasing these “cursed” shawls. One of the two boys shared this incident in a Reddit community “TIFU” which is short for “Today I f*cked up.” People here post the dumbest things they have done so others can second that and not feel like they are the only dumb ones around. Scroll down to read the story.


A little introduction and background of the narrator.

Minor background: I am a pretty affectionate, and at times, effeminate, dude. I’m 6’2 and have a pretty “tough-guy” background in that I was in special forces a while ago, and my roommates all served as well, but I also have thin wrists and sit on my friends’ laps and blow kisses to them and shit. I’m not gay, I just am me.

This is how the boys met the “Cursed” Shawl that was actually a lady repellent shawl.

So while I was in a shop with a roommate a few weeks ago he saw these really cool shawls that we both couldn’t get out of our heads; he returned last weekend to buy them and now we have these shawls. Mine makes me look like a Star Wars character and his looks like the Outlaw Josey Wales, these are seriously awesome shawls. The first night we wore them, everybody at the dive bar we went to (Re: dudes) thought they were awesome as well. Then this girl and her friend arrive on invite from Shawlbro, and they are seriously turned off by our sweet shawls. Like, acting pretty weird about them and making comments.


When your girlfriend calls and demands to hang out, you hang out. Period. *All the good boyfriend traits.*

 Whatever. So I get a call from my GF, she’s tired and wants to hang out at mine, and so I bid these mean girls and Shawlbro adieu and head home.

The “Curse” of the shawl starts to unveil.

I’m still wearing the shawl when my GF arrives and she’s also really taken aback, she won’t even kiss me until I take it off. We get do the deed and go to sleep, and the next morning she starts asking me if I’m gay. And she’s really serious and aggressive about it. I tell her I’m not, that if I was I’d definitely know if by now, and she counters with her major evidence of the fact that I own a shawl.

How a healthy and happy relationship turned to dust. All because of a shawl.

 Anyway she gets weird and leaves, and then sends me a text later about how she’s sorry and that she “needs to think about what kind of man” she wants, and then doesn’t contact me for days. So yesterday I invite her out, she’s stumbling over her words and talking about how she likes tough guys and how she grew up in the south and needs to get used to The Big City, but that she doesn’t know this or that, and eventually I just tell her very politely to get fucked because I’m pretty insulted by this point. On the way back, now that I’m not directly in front of her, I get this long apologetic text from her but the crux of it is that yeah, she’s just not that into me anymore because I wore a shawl.


Grab a drink and some napkins….

Later on, I tell Shawlbro about this, and he also had a blowout with the girl he was seeing over his shawl that very same night we went out.

We are both going to keep wearing the shawls though, they are warm.

Tl;dr: Me and my friend bought cursed shawls and now we are single.

Breaking up a relationship that was going great over some damn shawl!? Well, that seems pretty immature. People can make bad fashion choices and look weird but it doesn’t mean you start doubting their sexual orientation. Especially, when you’ve known them for a while. That’s just wrong. Extremely wrong and unfair. You know that your boyfriend has a great love for his best friend and may act like he’s gay around him but you know your man! No man would ever dump his girlfriend if she likes to wear a suit. He won’t go like “You wore a suit and that made me feel like you’re a man, so I’m breaking up with you.” Come on!

“I need a shawlder to cry on”

Credits: Imgur

She’s a nice girl, she’s just not pickin up what I’m puttin down. It’s a silly thing to be mad about.

And by popular demand: It’s shawl over for you hoes

“Shawl night long”


Credits: Imgur

Here’s what people thought about this whole situation.

I feel like this is the type of shit a marketing person should put on his/her resume


So much missed market opportunity too. I’m about to buy one


It’s official. That’s the most I’ve heard/seen the word ‘shawl’ in a single day.


This one is very encouraging.

2 sayings come to mind here, one from my basic instructor (who was also special forces, so I figure you’ll like that one) one I picked up… somewhere, I don’t remember where a long time ago.

What my instructor taught me was simple, “If you have something that makes your life easier or more comfortable, like using kneepads, or grabbing an umbrella, or whatever, and you choose not to use it, you are no tougher or better than the man who chooses to. In fact, if it says anything about you, it probably says you’re stupider, because while you’re standing there, wet and cold in the rain, he grabbed an umbrella and is dry.”

The other is, “The toughest, most “alpha” thing you can do in any situation is the thing you want, while everyone else is catering to others whims, you are confidently being you with no fucks given what others think.”


Some more people talk about the shawl…

Eh googled shawl men and they look more like something you’d wear to a toga party. Still overreaction by the girls I’d say


If it was anything close to a wild west poncho then every woman in this story would not have gotten “he’s definitely gay and loves dick” vibes. Just saying. He probably looked closer to Lily Tomlin from Grace and Frankie than Clint Eastwood.


So eventually providing pictures could be called the Shawlshank Redemption ?

But seriously, as funny looking as those shawls may seem on a guy, this one looks more like it was stolen from the set of” the three amigos” than something you’d expect a gay person to wear.

A total guess, maybe it’s his mannerisms with it really threw her off ? I mean she should have known him better than that, that is, to let this get to her.


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