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25 Times The Simpsons’ Fans Noticed Small Details In The Show And Created Ridiculous Fan Theories

The Simpsons is the only longest-running cartoon in US history, having first aired in December 1989 and still receiving new episodes. The show’s durability demonstrates how popular it is, and it undoubtedly has a large fan base. Some people rewatch the show a couple or even a few times, so they can make some interesting observations with the full picture in mind.


Because creators frequently like to hide meanings between the lines and have fun with very vague hints, fans like to believe that everything shown in the cartoon is planned and serves a purpose in telling another story. Given how long the show has been on the air, this explains why there are so many Simpsons theories on the internet. We gathered the most interesting theories about the main character Homer.

Some theories may be more credible than others, and we’d like to know which ones make sense to you and which ones you believe have evidence in the episodes to back them up. So keep on scrolling down below and make sure you watch it till the end, We are sure you are going to love it.

1. Since 1993, Homer has been in a coma.

Homer Has Been In A Coma Since 1993

He finally wakes up, but Reddit user Hardtopickaname believes he never did and that all episodes after this one were the result of Homer’s fever dreams. According to the Redditor, the plots became loonier after this point, and it’s possible that they weren’t really in The Simpsons’ world. That could also explain why the family has stopped celebrating the children’s birthdays. The various cultural references that occurred after Homer’s accident in 1993 could cause this theory to fail. Hardtopickaname believes Homer gets to hear everything the family says when they come to visit, which could be true given that people’s minds are conscious even while in a coma.

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2. Did you notice? Mr. Burns Remembers Homer And Knows His Name

Mr. Burns Remembers Homer And Knows His Name


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Mr. Burns’ inability to remember Homer’s name is a running gag in the Simpsons. However, Reddit user MCmnbvgyuio proposed a theory that he does and is just pretending not to annoy him.

According to the Redditor, Mr. Burns said in season 2 episode 4, Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish, “Simpson, I shall make it the focus of my remaining years that your dreams will go unfulfilled.” They believe that this threat was too mild in comparison to other threats made by the boss, and it refers to gradually breaking Homer’s spirit by keeping him in a job with no prospects and not even acknowledging him.

Mr. Burns remembers the names of Homer’s family members as well as their roles in his life as additional evidence.

The Redditor suggests that “this is his way of passively erasing Homer in everyone’s minds – he’s making sure that everyone knows he’s not worth remembering” to explain why Mr. Burns doesn’t know who Homer is even when he’s not in the same room.

3. Patty and Selma despise Homer because they believe he forced Marge to marry him.

Patty And Selma Hate Homer Because They Think They Conditioned Marge To Marry Him


There are many people in Springfield who dislike Homer, including his wife’s sisters Patty and Selma. Marge married him, according to Reddit user Bteatesthighlander, because they blame themselves.

They were cruel to her as children and “drove Marge into Homer’s arms by the way they treated her.” But now they want Marge to despise Homer because they believe Marge became the chore-loving, apologetic, and undemanding wife she is as a result of their influence.

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4. We See Homer Through Ned Flanders’s Eyes

We See Homer Through Ned Flanders's Eyes


Except for the Flanders family, it appears that everyone in the Simpsons universe has their own vices. They are a picture-perfect family who is completely dedicated to God and never sins. According to Anomalocaris, this could be because the show is seen through the eyes of Ned Flanders.

He thinks of himself and his family as superior to everyone else, and Homer is the worst neighbour because he does not follow God’s path. It’s possible that Homer’s vices are exaggerated because he’s a deeply religious man. Perhaps they are not such losers as we have come to believe because, in the end, Lisa becomes the first female president of the United States, and Homer takes care of Springfield by working in a safety position he obtained while campaigning for the city’s safety.


5. Homer’s Drinking Bird Didn’t Just Fall Over, and Marge Could Have Played a Role

Homer's Drinking Bird Didn't Just Fall Over And Marge Might Have Been Involved


In episode 7 of season 7 of King-Size Homer, the protagonist gains a significant amount of weight in order to be considered disabled and work from home. When the system asks for something, he does and must do one thing: he presses the key ‘Y,’ which stands for ‘yes.’

Because Homer is too bone idle to do it himself, he places a drinking bird in front of the key to do it for him. However, it nearly ends in a nuclear disaster when Homer leaves for the movies and notices that the bird has fallen over, implying that the accident can only be stopped manually.

The cause of the bird’s demise is unknown, but Reddit user mother step suggests that it could have been Marge before ruling out any other possibilities. Marge and Homer were arguing about him gaining weight, and she even told him she wasn’t attracted to him anymore. Marge may have moved the bird to teach him a lesson without realizing the terrible consequences. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section below

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6. Homer was a paranoid person. Marge would abandon him after he went to the therapist because that was when his parents divorced.

Homer Knows He's A Cartoon Character


In season 6, episode 11, Fear of Flying, the Simpsons are given a chance to fly for free, but Marge has such a fear of flying that she has a panic attack on the plane.

The trip is rescheduled, and Lisa suggests therapy after Homer’s failed attempt to treat her phobia. Homer is firmly opposed, claiming that therapy fractures families.

Pasta-hobo, a Reddit user, makes a compelling case for his point of view. They remind us that when Homer was a child, his parents went to counseling, which resulted in their divorce. Homer’s mother abandoned him and his father without warning, which led to his father’s alcoholism and transformation into the grumpy character seen on the show.

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8. Did you know Homer Simpson Is A Criminal Mastermind? You probably didn’t.

Homer Simpson Is A Criminal Mastermind


WealthyJoker75, a Reddit user, believes Homer is quite clever when it comes to committing crimes because they don’t recall the character ever being caught. Homer distills his own homemade liquor in Season 8, Episode 18, and no one knows he’s the Beer Baron until he turns himself in to help Wiggum’s career. Homer opens a movie theatre in his backyard in Season 25, Episode 9, and shows movies he pirated from the internet. It only ends because Marge sends a letter of apology to Hollywood for profiting from their work.

In episode 3 of Season 12, Homer assists Krusty in stealing a violin from Fat Tony’s house during a mafia summit, and they are successful. The Redditor believes that these incidents demonstrate that Homer knows how to commit a crime without facing serious consequences. However, some people in the comments pointed out that the cops in Springfield aren’t very competent, while others supported the theory, claiming that it could be genetic because Homer’s mother was a successful criminal.

9. Did you know Mr.Burns retains Homer precisely because he is inept?

Mr. Burns Keeps Homer Precisely Because He Is Incompetent


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10. Homer continues to collect royalties from the Be Sharps.

Homer Is Still Collecting Royalties From The Be Sharps


According to Redditor somewherecheap, the band made a lot of money from this venture, which is why Homer can afford to live in a house, drive two cars, and take lavish vacations on occasion.

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Bart Joined The Stone Cutter Organization Before Homer


Reddit user TyPiper93 thinks that maybe Bart entered the organization before Homer did because he actually saved Mr. Burns’ life by donating blood to him and the millionaire is a Stone-Cutter.

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12. Did you know The Simpsons animators purposefully made Homer look like Krusty when the idea of them being the same person was already rejected?

Animators Of The Simpsons Deliberately Made Homer Look Like Krusty When The Idea Of Them Being The Same Person Was Already Rejected

diogenes08, a Reddit user, speculates that when the writers and animators were told to drop the storyline about Homer and Krusty being the same person, they ignored it subtly. This could be implied in a scene where the entire town is gathered and Krusty is seen in the crowd; however, he lacks the dark circles under his eyes and has a painted nose rather than a rubber one.

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13. Did you notice? The Reason Bart Is Such A Troublemaker Is Because Of Homer’s Influence

The Reason Bart Is Such A Troublemaker Is Because Of Homer's Influence


Bart is constantly getting into mischief at school, after school, and at home. There could be a variety of reasons for this, but Reddit user  Tryptychal-Orbits believes he is following in the footsteps of his father, Homer.

Homer is frequently seen committing crimes such as stealing, vandalism, and other more serious offenses. He is not afraid to break the law, and his son, seeing such behavior, simply follows suit.

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14. Because he owns the Denver Broncos, Homer is a billionaire.

Homer Is A Billionaire Because He Owns The Denver Broncos

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According to Reddit user awkwardhipsters, Hank Scorpio, the evil genius villain, gave Homer the American football team the Denver Broncos in season 8, episode 2, You Only Move Twice. The Denver Broncos were worth $1.16 billion in 2012, according to the Redditor who proposed the theory, and they will be worth $3.75 billion in 2022.

The only issue Not_So_Bad_Andy had with the theory was that there was an entire episode about Homer trying to get tickets to the Falcons-Broncos Super Bowl; however, many explained this by saying Homer is just stupid or he forgot he owned the team.

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15. Homer is attempting to demolish the power plant.

Homer Is Trying To Destroy The Power Plant


Reddit user  IQHigherThanYours discovered a few clues that point to this being true. For starters, in Season 8 Episode 23, the power plant hired a new employee named Frank Grimes. He actually does his job and does it well. Given that they work in a power plant, the Redditor believes Homer purposefully drove Frank to the point of insanity, which almost guarantees death.

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16. Maggie’s pacifier addiction mirrors Homer’s alcohol addiction.

Homer's Alcohol Addiction Is Reflected In Maggie's Pacifier Addiction

Maggie, according to Reddit user doctorsnakelegs, is also very fond of her father, to the point where she mimics him. Maggie sees her father drinking Duff while watching TV and mimics him by sucking her pacifier, according to the Redditor. She is actually very attached to her pacifier, which may be a reflection of Homer’s beer addiction.

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17. Homer did not dream of Heaven, but he accurately predicted the Apocalypse and saved everyone.

Homer Did Not Dream Of Paradise, But He Perfectly Predicted The Apocalypse And That He Really Saved Everyone


Homer awakens on the mesa, and it is suggested that everything has been a dream. StrangeBible, a Redditor, disagrees, claiming that everything happened and Homer saved Springfield. The user provides a few more examples of Homer predicting the future, making the Apocalypse prediction more credible.

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18. You must have noticed homer talks with his stomach

Homer Talks With His Stomach

Knowing this, a Reddit user suggested that because Homer lacks brain power, he communicates with his gut, which has a large influence on his life.

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19. Did you know homer is afraid that Bart is gay?

Homer Is Afraid That Bart Is Gay


Reddit user Agent 700_ has heard theories that Bart is gay and believes them to be credible because all of Bart’s relationships with girls fail and the majority of them are more masculine than feminine. He has expressed interest in feminine activities, and in episode 3 of the 20th season, it is revealed that in the future, Bart is married to a female Millhouse, leading them to believe that the childhood friend is trans.

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20. Homer Has Severe Memory Loss

Homer Has Severe Memory Loss

Homer has a tendency to forget things, which we can explain by him being stupid or drinking too much beer. However, Reddit user GrandmasterSexay has a slightly different theory and believes Homer may be suffering from memory loss.

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21. Homer Really Slept With Mindy

Homer Really Slept With Mindy


Most people interpreted the scene as Homer remaining faithful to his wife, but Reddit user lawangel thinks that Homer gave into the temptation after all and Marge’s presence can be explained by an active imagination. The Redditor believed that “Homer, wrestling with both strong attraction and guilt throughout the episode, either imagined Marge in her place or subsequently chose to pretend it was Marge in the hotel, not Mindy, a memory he could live with.”

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22. Springfield Is An Alternate Reality Controlled By Homer

Springfield Is An Alternate Reality Controlled By Homer

A Reddit user speculates that it’s “because the state of Springfield is an alternate reality controlled by none other than Homer Simpson,” citing the fact that no one knows where Springfield is in the cartoon and comparing it to the Westview anomaly from WandaVision.

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23. It wasn’t an accident that Homer boiled Pinchy.

Homer Boiling Pinchy Wasn't An Accident


However, Homer eventually boils him, which appears to be an accident, and then eats the lobster by himself. Reddit user dogs playing poker believes Homer knew exactly what he was doing and purposefully put the lobster in boiling water so he could pretend to be grieving and be allowed to eat it alone.

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24. Did you know Homer is intersex?

Homer Is Intersex

To explain this logical gap, Reddit user Lvl1bidoof proposes that Homer is intersex, which means he is an intersex cis man with XX male syndrome, which explains why he lacks the Simpson gene and is naturally intelligent.

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25. Homer Represents The ’80s

Homer Represents The '80s

According to Reddit user Cnidaria45, each Simpson family member can be attributed to a generation ago to the show. Homer is assigned the 1980s because “he’s the stereotypical crass consumer standing in for that era, and is usually an absolute idiot, despite having a genuine love for his family.”

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Let us know what you think about these small details in the comment section below. If you have any more details that you might have noticed feel free to share them with us. Don’t forget to like and share it. Stay tuned with Defused.


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