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50 Smiling Cats That Will Brighten Up Your World

What’s better than a smile?

Nothing because a simple smile can brighten the mood of others alongside you. However, there is one thing that is better than a smiling human. It’s when a cat smiles. While we don’t usually see cats smiling. Because they are usually very grumpy. That is about to change very soon. You see the kitty’s below were in a happy mood and their owners thought to capture that moment.

And I sure am glad they did because who knows if they would have had another chance. After all, we all know cats don’t smile often, and when they do they look like they are planning something evil rather than actually smiling wholeheartedly. But I won’t bore you any longer with my babble, just scroll on below and take a look at some smiling kitties.

#1 ‘I’m a baby.’

Via justnotdetectable

Can we talk about the legs? -JuliaWolfe

#2 ‘Don’t I look beautiful?’

Via TheFunkyMonk

It’s the Cheshire Cat in person!! -JackieBrown

#3 ‘Snuggle with me more.’


#4 ‘OMG, That is so funny.’


Someone’s got the giggles. -DanielaPopova

#5 Hello to you too.

Via jermopotamus

#6 This is the face of contentment.

Via Zombieddy

#7 Smell the beauty.

Via kagonekoshiro

An important component of the purrfumery! -MPaulaWhelan

#8 Time for a nap.

Via cutestpaw

#9 Where are all the teeth?

Via ferburt

This cat looks like the most talkative feline friend in the world! -МадленНанева

#10 A little bed for the tiny fellow.

Via kagonekoshiro

#11 I’m here now.

Via William Haas

Look at his toothy pegs! -AliVayo

#12 ‘I want head scratches.’

Via Cynaster

#13 ‘Look at my gnarly teeth.Scared yet?’

Via Artem Vasilenko

I think the local cast of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is looking for this cat. -GlynisLailann

#14 ‘Turn off the flashlight please.’

Via KidValentine

#15 I just want to boop that nose.

Via Flickrgrl42

That looks like mine lol. -MichelleParent

#16 This kitty is addicted to Fanta.

Via Daniele Viceconte

Who loves orange soda? Cat loves orange soda! Is it true? I do, I do, I do, ooh! -AmandaLee

#17 Is this one sleeping on her mum?

Happy kitten! -Rism

#18 ‘What did you just say?’

Via Julia Krasovskaya

#19 I want a pocket cat too.

Via cutestpaw

It’s so small. -Willow Arena

#20 ‘She is planning something ingenious.’

Via imgur

#21 ‘I can’t stop laughing.’

Via Velislava Koleva

“That’s too funny”!!! -Debbie

#22 ‘Do I look pretty now?’

Via Federica Vercelli

#23 ‘What’s that?’

Via iDovewing

Cat: YES, i got it in the goal! i won the polo match! -HopeBeaver

#24 ‘I can smell something disgusting.’


Is there a fart in the air? -MPaulaWhelan

#25 ‘I know what you did last summer.’

Via Marjanne Henstra

Smiles like the meme. -DanielaPopova

#26 The yellow really suits this handsome guy.


He is gorgeous!! One of the most natural photographs here!!! -Debbie

#27 ‘Don’t bother me when I’m sleeping.’

#28 He looks extra excited.

Via splclipping

“Are ya- ARE YA- are ya serious?!?! WOW THANKS MAN! THAT’S AWESOME!” -MargaretAltheaElvenshadow

#29 That is a smirk, not a smile.

Via Sultan Q

#30 The sunlight is all she needs.

Via tinternettime

Lovin’ the sunshine! -SharonHahn

#31 This is a candid photograph.

Via hwrightt

Francatstein! -JacquelineLavanchy

#32 Or she loves the warmth.


That cat loves it’s coffee. -HopeBeaver

#33 Gotta trim the mustache.

Via Vlad Popoff

#34 Some face scratches is all she needed.


#35 The kitty is very confused.

Seems the cat is unsure of the motives of the photographer. -MPaulaWhelan

#36 ‘This is my bed.’

Via DDA1

Gorgeous green eyes! -SharonHahn

#37 When you smile midway a yawn.

Via Javier Gracia Boné

#38 Is that a double chin I see?

Via Chuck S

Canadian, eh? -MPaulaWhelan

#39 ‘Hear me roar.’

I laugh at danger. I am a black cat. I am danger. -MPaulaWhelan

#40 The eyes tell a story.


#41 ‘Is that my food?’

Red heart on nose? I’ll tell the world. -MPaulaWhelan

#42 ‘I’m not going anywhere with you.’

Via Jasper Lesterhuis

“Did someone mention………the vet”???? -Debbie

#43 Stop forcing this little guy.

Via Mnphillips

#44 This is known as a grumpy smile.

Grump… -HopeBeaver

#45 When you are wanted.

She was rescued from streets, that pic was taken the very first day she was at home, fed and had a nice warm bath. -NahimaChaín

#46 This one is a chonker.

#47 Everybody looks so cute when they are sleeping.

#48 Such an adorable face.

#49 The red solo cup had something disgusting in it.

Having those nightmares again? -JacquelineLavanchy

#50 His tongue is forming into a blep.

Via Piotr Organa

”What? did i missed something?” -BlueNightFury

What are your thoughts on the smiles of these cats? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to spread the joy by sharing these images with your friends as well.


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