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Twitter Thread : Man Finds Caterpillars In Broccoli And Hilarity Ensues

Discovering our tiny fellows living and feeding on some of our favorite veggies is no surprise. We often buy vegetables and fruits from the store, bring them home and as we chop them up for meal preparation we are greeted by these teensy-weensy buddies living in our food. Technically, if you accidentally eat a caterpillar, (of course, no one will eat it deliberately except if you are Bear Grylls) it isn’t that harmful because it’s essentially just protein. But some may be poisonous too, however, since they are so small they don’t have any effect on the human body. So, you’re just basically eating some proteins that taste bitter especially if they are bright and light in color. Anyways, why eat them in the first place?

On an encounter with our little residents of the veggie town, our normal behavior is to discard that particular piece of vegetable and move one to the next one. Literally move on. But this one guy couldn’t. He took the whole situation to another level and honestly we aren’t even mad. Sam Darlaston who is also a radio presenter at the Kiss Fm UK recently became a caterpillar dad when he found a bunch of caterpillars in the broccoli he bought. In a twitter thread he took his followers on a beautiful educational journey about the life of a caterpillar. Scroll down and read what he had to say.

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There aren’t many broccoli fans out there so this one seems like a well raised boy.

Cedric sounds like a fun name for a caterpillar.

Are you kidding me?


Daddy of 6 beautiful caterpillars now.



Proud daddy? We guess…

The babies are making progress.


It’s a love story. Baby just say yes?

Life is not easy. Only after a hard time and difficulty do we fully evolve.


Someone is learning new skills we guess.

Another one evolving.


Mum is scared and the caterpillar’s got a huge appetite. That’s a hysterical mess.

One of the baby caterpillar thinks food is a toy.

Babies are growing up fast.


Six out of seven grew up fast.

It’s time for a picture!


Broc and Cedric are making fast progress.


Would ya’ look at the beautiful butterfly?


A now and then picture is mandatory.

Starting the new chapter of their life. Darlaston is a proud dad.

New beginnings for Croc! Life is beautiful.

Little did Sam know the broccoli he bought would change his life forever. Now, he has 3 new best friends.

Ah! What a beautiful story of a man and his best friends—the butterflies. Life is so unpredictable.You never know what blessings await as you move forward. Life is an adventure, so live it like one. Break free from your cocoon and explore the world. It has so much to offer. You never know where you may find a caterpillar that would join in on your journey of life. Just explore and survive.

Let us know what you think of Sam’s caterpillars and also tell us whether you would adopt one if it came out of your broccoli. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us.


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