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21 Wholesome Before And After Pictures Of Smol Pets Growing Up To Big Floofs

Things always get emotional when you look at pictures of a younger you.

Call it a habit but every now and then when the family is all at one place, we take out all the old photo albums we can possibly find and start cherishing some old memories. As we all know, every picture has a story and all those stories are then discussed. There’s this close-up picture of me from when I was 4-years-old with some dark spots on my nose, chin, and forehead. When I asked my mother about it, she said I fell on a gas heater (used in winter to keep the house warm), and we all laughed remembering that moment. The whole idea is to go down memory lane and reflect upon the change. And things have changed quite a lot. The way we used to look, our habits, our routine, our lifestyle, our likings, and dislikings, everything changes as we grow up. Some grow uglier, like me. Some get an unbelievable glow up.


I know you guys remember that transition from birth to pre-puberty to puberty to post-puberty to adulthood. That really was something. And all of this does kinda make you emotional. I always wonder why did we have to grow up. Life was so simple back then.

And when you talk about animals, everything I just talked about, relates very well to them as well. Looking at animals before and after pictures is something that requires a very strong heart because it is like watching your little baby grow through the years. The journey does make you very happy that they made it, but it also makes you tear up that it soon will end, just like all journies.

Time for us to strengthen our hearts and take a look at these 21 then vs now images of pets.

1. “Max at 2 months vs 8 months old.”

Via u/Jakee798

2. “My Fancy Paws has grown up. The name still stands.” It sure does.


Via u/Herwiththetwodogs

3. “All grown up and still in love.” True love!


Via u/appropriate-username

4. “My cat before and after her glow up.” How do they do this.


Via u/catlovr95

5. The glow-up of dreams.


Via u/ceecees89

6. “1 year old to 17 years old.” Such a huge difference.


Via u/remaincobain

7. From zero to hundred real quick.


Via u/LilPequena

8. “2 months glow up for the foster kittens.” They went from being extremely adorable to a better word than extremely adorable.


Via u/grunt-sculpin

9. “My old girl turned 14 today.”


Via u/stormblast

10. “Pup glow up from 3 months to 11 months.” The pup was already glowing bright as heck at 3.


Via u/jujusea

11. “Shiju is all grown up and now with 100% fluffier tail.”

Via u/danawasnevermyfriend

Oh my god, some of these transitions are so hard to believe. I mean these animals put the Kardashians to the same. Why waste millions of dollars when you can do it for free It’s in the genes of all animals to look cute, with some exceptions of course. I’ll let you think about them.. Better not start a war here.

I am feeling all sorts of emotions viewing these comparison images. How do you guys like it so far?

There’s more. Scroll down below to take a look at some more before and afters.

12. “My cat’s glow up.” is extremely adorable.


Via u/heftybag

13. “My almost 2-year bigboi.”

Via u/BigC93NBA

14. This comparison photo tells a whole story.


Via u/Mama-

15. “6 years ago I introduced my puppy Moose to you. Here he is all grown up!”

Via u/bluedabade

16. From skin and bones to the biggest floof I have ever seen. Now that is what you call a glow-up.


Via u/Galaxycatcraft

17. A family that glows up together stays together.

Via u/mayaxs

18. “My little compromise Gibson has all grown up, 8 weeks vs 1 year, he’s a good handsome boy!”


Via u/Pukit

19. “How Rogue has grown in 10 weeks! Yes, he lives up to his loveable Rogue name!”

Via u/fliplyd

20. Some habits never change.


Via u/sixeyedcow

21. “All glown and grown up.”

Via u/ArkadiusBear

And we have reached the end. I personally could have easily looked at a thousand more images of animals before and after pictures. I really can’t explain how it feels after viewing these images. It is a blend of excitement, joy, happiness, a little bit of sadness, that’s for sure But, the reality is, I don’t think all emotions can be explained. They come and go with the moments as they should.

I really hope that you guys enjoyed it. Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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