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19 Dogs That Aren’t So Good At Hide-And-Seek But They Are Giving Their Best

Dogs aren’t always the best when it comes to hide and seek.

Hey, do you remember the times when you were a kid and you would often hide yourself or try to camouflage yourself in the most prominent spots where anyone can find you easily? Dogs try to hide too and they think they are really good at it. You have to just play along and act like you can’t see them for the game to be fun. They end up hiding in the most hilarious places where they can obviously be seen but they think nobody can see them.

I mean, if you happen to have a dog and you have experienced that in your life, you would know exactly what we are talking about. Moreover, the hilarious expressions are just the cherry on top. At that moment, you can’t help yourself but adore them and laugh at their cute silly acts.

In case you have not been able to experience that yet, not a problem. We have managed to grab some of the cutest and funniest pictures of doggos hiding in the most obvious spots that it’s going to make you laugh at their silliness.

1. Welcome to Dogland. How may I serve you today?

I’d like to have some water, please.

2. “They can never find us here”


I wonder, what’s the mission about?

3. “Come find me”


Someone needs to be taught, how to hide.

4. Can you tell which one’s the real doggo?


“What do you mean this isn’t my older brother?”

5. “Pitch black. No one can ever find me here”


We totally can’t see your paws and the rest of your body on the floor, doggo.

6. “But that’s where the TV remote hide too”


But you can’t switch channels, can you?

7. God. This has got to be one of the best camouflage I have seen!


Please be careful and don’t step on the doggo. “Doggo? What doggo?”

8. It’s funny that they can’t even see me.


And neither can I see them.

9. Can you find the doggo in it?


No no, that’s not a real doggo with the orange scarf.

Yes, we get it that you have been laughing your ass off while looking at these hilarious yet adorable pictures. Do you see how the “hide & seek” works for them? That’s similar to what the actual human babies do as well and that is just extremely cute. Up for more? Keep scrolling. The most hilarious ones are yet to come!

10. “Help, I just came to hide but I’m stuck I think”


How did you even manage to fit in that place, doggo?

11. Ah, a perfect hiding spot. A toilet roll is covering my eyes.

Hooman can’t even think that I’d be hiding behind the toilet roll.

12. Someone’s preparing to give us a jumpscare…


But little does he know there’s a mirror at the back.

13. Go away, I don’t wanna see you right now.

Because I am trying to hide.

14. Just a doggo trying to hide inside the jacket.


but that’s a good hiding spot though.

15. If I just hide my face, I won’t be able to see my hooman which means…

He can’t see me either.

16. Not sure if he’s trying to hide or looking through the window.


But those paws are adorable AF!

17. “Are you looking for something?”

OH MY GOD! How CUTE is that thing!

18. I thought you don’t like to read so this would be the perfect hiding spot.


Maybe the doggo is trying to give a hint.

19. “I am going to be the laundry guy today”

Not the perfect hiding spot, doggo.

And the game of “hide & seek” ends today. We hope you enjoyed every bit of it and smiled while scrolling through every picture. But we would be interested to find out if you have experienced anything similar to this. Let us know in the comments section below.


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