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50 Amazing Photos That Prove South Korea Is A Whole Different World

Whenever we think of exotic places, the countries that come to your mind are usually Australia or Japan. But this is going to change after you see the images below of South Korea.


It is important to be aware of the utter uniqueness of this country. To help you do that, we have 50 pictures that show you what a beautiful country this is. These images depicts what a day looks like in South Korea. Did you know there are benches in South Korea that are solar-powered and have wireless charging? They also have onion-flavored cereal. Damn, I never thought I would use onion and cereal in the same sentence. Other than that, there are so many other interesting things you will find in this country.

Keep scrolling to find out what a beautiful and unique place Korea is. You will be more stoked to visit South Korea now!

1. School for the elderly!

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Due to low birth rates, the schools had a low enrollment of children. Due to overall low enrollment, schools have opened seats for the illiterate elderly grandmothers to enroll so they can get an education as well.

2. On the second day of Quarantine, a person received a care package from the government of South Korea

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3. Jeju City, Jeju Island, South Korea. This looks too beautiful to be real.

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4. Korean Ktx Trains Play “Healing Broadcasts” which shows newborn puppies lying around in their comfy bed doing nothing. It plays for five minute

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5. Airports in Seoul give you your boarding pass with a map on its back, that shows you how to reach your gate.

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People get impressed by the solidarity that is present in the Koreans.

This country in East Asia makes up about 45 per cent of the Korean Peninsula and faces North Korea across a demilitarized zone (DMZ) that’s 2.5 miles (4 km) wide. The DMZ was established by the terms of the 1953 armistice that ended fighting in the Korean War (1950–53) and runs for about 150 miles (240 km).

“We have been calling South Korea our home for 3.5 years now,” A Fun Couple told Bored Panda. “What we liked about the idea of moving here was that this country is still not on most people’s bucket list when travelling to Asia. Many travellers would rather prioritize neighbouring countries such as Japan, China or Hong Kong when visiting the continent.”

However, according to Hammer and Guillaume, South Korea has been making a name for itself over the last few years, with the K-phenomenon on the cultural side and large companies such as Samsung and LG on the business side.

“We were excited but also curious to live in a country that continues to develop fast yet remains a bit unknown to the Western world.”

6. Even after several Typhoons and landslides

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7. This is Yeouido, a beautiful large Island in Korea. This picture shows four different seasons in Yeouido.

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8. A mini-library in a subway car

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9. The beautifully handpainted underside of the roof of a temple in Korea

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10. Before painting the Apartment Complex, the thoughtful painters covered the cars in covers to protect them from paint splatter.

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One aspect that really impressed the couple once they came to this country was the strong sense of solidarity amongst Koreans. “An aspect that’s really astonishing and will help you understand what we mean by that is the gold collecting campaign.”

“In 1998, South Korea was about $304 billion in debt to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). As a national sacrifice, 3.5 million Koreans donated their gold to the government to repay part of the debt. About 227 tons of gold were donated voluntarily during that event. Impressive, right?!”

“This sense of solidarity can be felt in everyday life in Korea. For example, during the pandemic, people were very supportive of each other. Koreans made a joint effort to keep social distancing rules and wear masks at all times. This is also why South Korea was seen as a benchmark when managing the COVID crisis in its early stage.”

11. Used Coffee was offered by Starbuck in Seoul for gardening. What a nice way to recycle things!

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12. A sign to let everyone know cats are around!

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13. A perfect place for a romantic date!

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Of course, settling in another culture takes time. Hammer and Guillaume said the ‘work hard, play hard’ concept was probably the trickiest thing to adjust to.

“Koreans are very hard working. The maximum number of working hours per week recently changed from 63 to 52, but it’s still a lot. Although the work-life balance got better over the last few years, working overtime (and not being paid for it) is still pretty common.”

“It is also very common to go out with colleagues multiple times a week after work and have dinner and drinks until late at night. We definitely had to cut down on our sleeping hours, but it’s a lot of fun to live and work in South Korea!”

14. Food rations sent by S. Korea to people in Quarantine! We need such kindness in all countries.

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15. 2D Cafe in Seoul

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“Since there are much fewer expats in South Korea than other Asian countries we’ve lived in, things are not always fully catered to foreigners. Opening a bank account, getting a local driver’s license, getting a phone plan, using different apps; these things weren’t always easy,” A Fun Couple said.

“Besides there is still a language barrier and most of the documents are rarely translated into English. However, we’ve noticed that it has become easier for a foreigner to go about their daily life than when we arrived here 3.5 years ago. So we hope that this trend will continue in the future as well!”

16. A view of Modern Korea and the Historic one in one picture

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17. Adorable little restaurants in Seoul in wintertime!

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18. They are taking Covid-19 very seriously in South Korea.

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19. South Korea has incorporated traffic lights on the roads as well. It helps the people who are on road to know what traffic light is on.

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20. South Korea is my new favorite place.

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21. “Root Bench”

Via Yong Ju Lee

This is a beautiful public installation designed by the talented architect Yong Ju Lee. This is placed in the Hannah Art Park in South Korea.

22. Can you believe this is a solar-powered bench? It has a USB dock and wireless charging too

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23. Chips were organized in the store to make a rainbow

Via MaximumK

During their time in South Korea, A Fun Couple discovered a beautiful country, full of contrasts between the modern and the traditional, amazing natural landscapes, and exciting cities like Seoul and Busan.

“South Koreans are very welcoming and positive-minded people. We met so many great people here and made very good friends. Therefore, we highly recommend South Korea as an ex-pat destination. We started our blog so that more people can realize how great this place is and that they should add this destination to their bucket list!”

24. Bukhansan Yesterday

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25. A lone tree in Daedunsan, South Korea

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26. A tray is attached with the ice lolly to avoid the ice melting on your hands

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27. They tried to encourage people to take the stairs but I guess it failed

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28. “I am staying in Korea right now and there is a TV Channel dedicated to Dogs, as in programming for dogs”

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29. Adorable coffee art in a cafe in Seoul, South Korea

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30. Pedestrians can find benches after every half kilometer which is made as a resting area for them in Ansan, Korea.

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31. Entrance of Chroma, Seoul, South Korea. It is one of the largest nightclubs in the world made by MVRDV architecture

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32. A sanitizer is attached to the escalator to sanitize it from all the hands touching it. Such a smart idea!

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33. These roads clean themselves! Wow.


34. Cakes in South Korea are sometimes sold with free candles. You’ll be surprised to know that the plastic cake knives have matches hidden in them too!

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35. Daegaksa Temple Near Jongmyo Shrine In Seoul

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36. An old Korean Architecture

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37. Supermarkets in S. Korea provide samples of toilet paper. That way you can check which toilet paper you like best. Wow!

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38. Single Person Karaoke booth. We all need this!

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39. “In some Asian countries (Korea), the 4th-floor button in the elevator is “F” because its 4 sounds the same as death. When I go home, I always have to pay respect”

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40. A library with a unique design

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41. A cute snowman on a roadside

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42.  Wander Incheon airport has robots that can help you check all details about your flight

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43. Toothpaste come in pump bottles

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44. The wavy GT tower in Seoul. I cannot believe this is real. It looks like an illusion!

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45. “1,000 Doors” Building

Via Choi Jeong-Hwa

46. A public ramen dispenser

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47. Walkthrough covid-19 testing booths

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48.  Sauron’s tower

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49. Coca Cola bottles in Cherry Blossom themes

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50. A grocery store delivered bananas with cute little stickers to put on them!

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Wow. I always wanted to go to Korea, but after seeing these photos I want to visit them even more. It looks like a place you imagine in your fantasies. This country seems so resourceful and efficient. This country is so underrated and no one seems to know how beautiful this place is. It should be on everyone’s bucket list for places they want to travel to!

Which image of Korea did you find most pretty?


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