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50 Cats That Are Spoiled Because They Deserve To Be

Nobody complains about spoiled cats.

Cats are our furbabies. We love and adore them. They are our responsibility and we have to look after their needs. We are responsible for their food, water, shelter, and health. However, some of us don’t stop at just that. That is just the bare minimum. We want to give our kitties the best life possible. We want to shower them with love and spoil them rotten. Cats may seem moody and independent, but deep down they love being spoiled too. They love getting attention from their humans whether they admit to it or not. Even though it might be hard to believe, cats are very grateful for the things we do for them.


Spoiled human children are a problem. They come off as annoying and obnoxious, to be honest. However, spoiled kitty cats aren’t a problem at all. They actually seem cute to us. We love our babies and want to give them a good time when they are with us. If you haven’t seen a lot of spoiled cats in your life, scroll down below and enjoy:

“Cool, Right?”

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“My Mom Crocheted A Couch For My Cats”


via: Higlac

“My Cat Loves Sitting In Pants So While I Don’t Have Anything To Do I Wear An Extra Pair Of Pants To Let Him Sit With Me”


via: oplunz

“I Shooed Him Off My Lap And He Gonna Be A Little Jerk About It”


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“Everyday Momo Cries Until My Boyfriend Puts Him In His “Hammock” For Nap Time”


via: ladymistborn

“Sometimes I Worry That I Spoil Them”


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“We’ve Had Him Less Than A Week And He Demands To Sleep In Our Arms”


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“I Think These Cats Might Be Spoiled”


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“Bean Likes To Be Carried Around In Empty Soda Cases”


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“This Weirdo Yells Until I Let Her Join Me In The Bathtub”


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“She Demands Cuddles On Days I Get To Work From Home”

via: lemaxx

“My Niece Decided That Her Cats Should Sleep In Bunk Beds”


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“My Cat Likes To Sit On My Chest. It’s Uncomfortable But She’s Just Too Damn Cute”

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“Spaw Day With Dad”


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“My Brother’s Cat Is The Light Of His Life”

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“We Have Had Our Indoor Cat For 6 Years, But He Has Never Had Much Windows/Views To Enjoy. We Moved Recently, And He Is Very Satisfied With His New Views”


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“If They Don’t Go Out At Sunset To Watch The Birdies Roost Every Day I Never Hear The End Of It”

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“One Of Our Kittens Only Sleeps In My Daughter’s Doll Bathtub”


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“Cat Tree, Deluxe Version”

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“Just Two Guys Walking Their Cats In Strollers”


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“He Loves Getting Raked By The Back Scratcher. He Is My Zen Garden”

via: mlapa

“Hobbes Is A Scarily Accurate Alarm Clock. Here He Is Demanding Food”


via: beeberoni

“My Dad (79) Went From “I Don’t Want That Dang Cat” To Carrying Her To “Her Room” For Bed Each Night”

via: laurieatari

A lot of these cats seem so happy in their forever homes, getting spoiled by their humans. This is how all cats should be treated. We know that they have a bad reputation and are considered “evil” or jerks, but they really aren’t. They are complete sweethearts who love their humans unconditionally. Cats are a blessing to us and we should cherish them. There are still some spoiled cats left for you to see. Scroll down below for the rest:

“Our Cat Is Obsessed With Blanket Forts, So We Made Him This. He Has Wares, If You Have Coin”

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“Pepper Obviously Has A Sense Of Entitlement”

via: JakeAndRay

“Grandparents Went From “We Don’t Need A Damn Cat” To “Did You Set Up Lulu’s Spot For Dinner?””


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“She Meows Until I Let Her Do This”


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“We Don’t Spoil Our Cat”

“My Sister Is Babysitting My Cat, Benny. He’s Very Demanding”


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“Made Her A Bridge To The Window She Always Stared At But Could Never Reach”

via: soup_sammich_

“Chewy Doesn’t Care About New Year’s Hangovers. Chewy Wants Breakfast Now”

via: WildWolf

“Sometimes I Wonder…”


via: liz_buckley

“When You Have To Give Your Cat A Decoy Laptop”

via: cuppytron

“My Cat Sits In Her “Boat” In The Hot Tub Every Single Day And Refuses To Get Out Even After An Hour. Her Name Is Trixie”

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“My Husband And Cat Share A Birthday Week”


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 “I Made My 17-Year-Old King Arthur A Cardboard Iron Throne”


“My Cat Likes To Have A “Cocktail” Whenever I Have A Drink (She Meows Until She Gets It) And She’ll Only Drink Out Of This Festive Glass”

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“My Friend Has A Hammock For Their Cat”


via: bbjackson

“I Have The World’s Clingiest Cat. He Loves To Be Picked Up, Kissed, Held And He Loves Taking Naps On My Lap. This Is What Happens When I’m Trying To Work”

via: scarletcyanide

“A Friend Of Mine Has Bathroom Art For Their Cat”

via: slingblade1315

“Babe, Of Course, The Cat Will Never Come Between Us”



“She Likes To Watch The Bin Men, But Can’t See Out By Herself”

via: british_boondog

“I Bought My Cats Child Sized Camp Chairs”

via: mxs4235

“Husband Said He Was Going To Make A Bed Frame. I Thought It Was For Our New Mattress. It Was For The Cat”


via: julcarls

“Cat Bedroom Is Complete. Birb TV Is On”

via: Bry_in_the_sky

“Baby Boy Tigger, Has To Lay Like This For At Least 30 Minutes Before Dad Goes To Work For The Day. Spoiled Brat”

via: flinderman76

“Brought My Senior Cat On Vacation With Me. This Is How The Maids Left Her After They Finished Cleaning My Hotel Room”


via: Panda_Cookie

“Built Our Spoiled Babies A Loft For Christmas”

via: Idgy98

“Our New Kitty Demands To Be Cuddled 24/7. This Is How We Hold Her When We’re Gaming”

via: mischiefsadvocate

“The First Day I Got My Kitten, I Took A Bath, She Somehow Managed To Hop The Tub And Take A Snooze On My Shoulder”

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Do you have a cat? How do you spoil them? Share your stories with us in the comments below!


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