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22 Hilarious Stories About Pets Full of Love and Drama

Pets are the most important members of our family – and, of course, of our lives! They not only provide us companionship but also emotionally support us by acting as anti-stress agents, reducing our stress by encouraging us with their innocent smiles and giving us endless smooches and cuddles.


However, there are times when these pals require guidance and support as well. People abandon these tiny creatures, or they are locked in small cages with no proper necessities, or they are simply left on the streets as stray animals with no proper shelter, food, or basic things. There are heroes who take on these pals’ responsibilities and provide them with unconditional love, emotional support, and respect, transforming their lives into happy ones.

You know the meaning of your pet’s presence in your life on a deeper level as a pet owner. When you recall stories about your pet, you have a bundle of sweet memories to share with everyone. We’ve gathered some photos of these adorable pets who have found their owners and happy home to spend the rest of their lives.

So, keep scrolling down to have a look at these images!

1. These pure souls can sense the vibes.

Via Rawtashk / reddit

“Our old boy’s passed away today. Somehow our other 2 seemed to know, and they’d been saying goodbye all morning.”

2. Looks like this old cat has a lot of stories about how different things were back then.

Via  Donteventrytomakeme / reddit

“He’s almost 30 with no teeth or claws, but he’s still my gorgeous old man!”

3. Likewise, he makes us smile!

Via dumboi_ / reddit

“He makes me miss my exits and chooses bad music sometimes but I wouldn’t trade him for the world.”

4. The best way to start the day!

Via  Samjaxxson / reddit

“The farm cat does this every time I’m around.”

5. Get well soon, buddy!

Via shrekdaddy666 / reddit

“Got quarantined at the vet and had to give my dog a little talk that the other dogs do want to be his friends, he’s just too sick to play with them right now.”

6. Everything gets better when these pets are around.

via cchocolat_ice_cream / reddit

“Don’t cry. I understand you, I understand…”

7. There’s nothing more upsetting than seeing your furry baby fall ill.

Via nfhii / reddit..

“I find out that my sweet giant rabbit has a heart disease and has only a few days left. He is at the age of 3 and I thought we had years left together.”

8. Finally, after a long time this cat found a new home.

Via br1dg1d / reddit

“Walked into the shelter and asked which cat had been there the longest. Came home with a deaf, toothless, senior lovebug. Meet Cali!”

9. What you gonna do about it, hooman?

Via Smurflington92 / reddit

“My boss’s dogs like to come into the tractor even though there’s not a lot of space.”

10. Aw! Some unfortunate people abandoned this kitty and relocated elsewhere.

Via ©© CosmosFoxx / reddit

“My neighbors moved without taking their cat with them.”

11. Blind doggos have the most gleaming eyes and the purest souls.

Via Pseudus96 / reddit

“Deaf, nearly blind, 17 years old but still shares his love every day.”

12. How can people be so cruel???

Via violetbasil / reddit

“Violet was an Easter present to a young child who lost interest. She was kept in a tiny cage in their basement and forgotten about. Now she lives cage-free and sleeps in bed with me every night.”

Watching these images makes us realize that there are few people who are incapable of providing proper care for these animals. Maybe because they lack empathy or are unaware of the importance of these animals in our lives. They are unable to fulfill their responsibility of taking care of these helpless creatures. Whatever the case, these pets deserve all of our attention and affection because of their innocent hearts and the most genuine smiles they give us.

Scroll down for some more amazing pictures!

13. It’s amazing to see the before and after pictures of these animals.

Via  daisyhannigan / reddit

“My husband found our cat when he was an infant kitten and cared for him 24/7. Over a year later, he still thinks my husband is his birth mother. It’s adorable.”

14. Dog-lovers can go beyond limits for their pets.

Via LostInSpaceXXX / reddit

“Airlines wouldn’t fly my dog, so I drove from one city to another. I’d never leave you behind, girl.”

15. Cat enjoying the moment!

Via  joepbjr / reddit

“My majestic cat. This was taken on the first day in weeks she felt like herself after the antibiotic treatment kicked in.”

16. This deaf pup deserves more love!

Via  kochukaru / reddit

“Deaf, old, arthritis stricken grandpa doesn’t go crazy when I come home anymore but I still love him.”

17. Growing old together!

Via  dananapatman / reddit

“My girlfriend and her cat 20 years apart!”

18. Have you ever seen dogs growing old with grey hair? If not, then check out this beautiful old man!

Via  potagada / reddit

“My best bud just turned 9 years old, and his gray hair makes him twice as precious.”

19. It’s a good idea to bring your pet along when traveling, but isn’t it unsafe for this pal?

Via  zerhio / reddit

20. Oh, the amount of love in this picture is beautiful!

Via OnlyEightAreMilhouse / reddit

“My boyfriend never had a pet and my cat hates him even though he loves her. I suggested we get a kitten so that he could feel kitty love. They’re inseparable.”

21. Grandpa sharing his stories.

Via  doinmybest4now / reddit

“We just retired and we’re staying with our daughter’s dogs. Every evening at the appointed time, they all gather for cookie time with Grandpa.”

22. Holding these paws makes everything so perfect!

Via shittymorph / reddit

Have you ever rescued a pet? If so, how did these pals contribute to making your life better? Let us know in the comment box below!


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