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People Shared The Worst Hotel Fails That ‘Almost’ Ruined Their Trips

Even Hotel executives can make stupid decisions.

You go to a hotel when you don’t want to do anything yourself and wanted a nice clean space to sleep in which may or not be better than your own home. However, not all hotels provide the best service. After all there is a reason a show named hotel hell exists. While these pictures may not damn these hotels as hellish, they are weird.

From balcony doors that open from within your shower to an open bathroom, it seems many hotels are into voyeurism. So let’s take a look at some of the best hotel fails.

#1 This hotel situated in Thailand clearly didn’t bother checking this before getting it off the internet.

Via daveylovesMN

#2 Now that is just disgusting.

Via time2fly80

#3 Big brain move right here.

Via DiceGottfried

#4 Well, I am glad he got out and the hotel staff didn’t discover his body.

Via wilsononreddit

My buddy traveled across the country to visit me last weekend. Unfortunately, he got stuck in his hotel shower for 3 hours. Shout-out to Julio for helping out a man in need.

#5 This is gonna require some ‘evasive’ maneuvers.

Via MotleyHatchet

#6 This hotel doesn’t want to let you go.

Via yeaabut

#7 How appropriate.

Via Slyth66

#8 The architect probably had some voyeuristic characteristics.

Via cbass62083

#9 Who needs a quote when you’ve got sample text?

Via DangerDonEl

#10 Did they gather all the drain hair from every room and make this display?

Via ConerTheBarbarian

#11 This is the reason, nobody can find their room.

Via Pararoyal

#12 At least they don’t want you to get hurt…too bad.

Via Yonski3

#13 What a mesmerizing view!

Via Tudar87

Was told my hotel room had a courtyard view. Was not disappointed.

10/10 would view again.

#14 Just like every person who wants to seem ‘well-read’.

Via benem94

#15 Is this a hotel for pigs?

Via Martynypm

#16 The perfect place to commit a crime.

Via Mog-Player

#17 My mind can’t process this.

Via sandberg_93

#18 My toes are starting to hurt just by looking at that door stopper.

Via SpartanJack17

#19 Every Instagram model that ever existed.

Via abenomic

#20 You had one job!

Via licorso1

The braille in this hotel bathroom sign isnt raised.

#21 Even airplane food is better than this.

Via nickykeeng

#22 How did they manage to do this?

Via _ItsAllRelative

#23 Braille numbering on a bumpy surface? Makes sense.

Via TheCarrot_v2

#24 Why the thank you though?

Via lulewde

#25 They just don’t want to burn your face off.

Via mclardass

Just wanted a nice, hot shower at the hotel I was staying at.

#26 At least the toilet is in another room.

Via arandomguyfromdk

#27 Someone probably dragged a dead body here and they made it look like a design to hide that fact.

Via mshelbym

#28 When you have too many flower petals.

Via elosoyonki

#29 I can relate and it always hurts your back after.

Via Tsurnka

#30 Don’t even breathe near the minibar and you’re fine.

Via totallyadragon

Do you have any stories about your hotel stays? If so why not let us know in the comments below?


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