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21 People Share Stunning Stories Of The Most Insulting Things Their Bosses Said To Them

In the professional world, having a good boss can make all the difference. A supportive and encouraging boss can help you thrive and excel in your work, while a problematic or insulting boss can leave you feeling demoralized and unmotivated. Unfortunately, many people have experienced the latter, and some have even had to endure the most insulting comments from their bosses.

Bad bosses are generally defined as those who do not deserve to sit in the seat of a leader. Bad bosses will never think like good leaders. They will always be in search of an immediate gain. And trust me, these motives have never led anyone to success. Immediate gain will never lead to long-term success and you need at least 3 brain cells to understand that. The bad bosses do not even have a single brain cell and that is why they don’t understand this.

In achieving their purpose, these bad bosses end up being extremely rude to their employees, making their lives miserable. They often do things one cannot even imagine. Today, we are going to explore this aspect of the corporate sector in detail. We have compiled some stories as narrated by employees from all around the world sharing their experiences with bad bosses.

Ready to read the 21 most stunning stories of bosses saying the most insulting things to their employees? Well, what are you waiting for then? Scroll down below to read!

1. Who allowed you to make financial estimates for your employee?

Via indyaj

2. One time you get late and they are all over you.



Via chemchick27

3. Ouch! That one must have hurt.


Via 69schrutebucks

4. I just sprayed my drink everywhere reading this.


Via middayfirework

5. I really don’t think there was a need to make that inappropriate comment.





Via AmayaSmith96

6. Mam, report this to the police and leave the job as soon as you can.


Via StarryLindsey

7. Even though I have just read this with my own eyes, I still don’t want to believe this happened.

Via marie_llama

8. This wasn’t even aimed at me and I am still so furious.


Via IrritatedAlpaca

9. He wanted it.

Via Pandaland27

10. Way too insensitive to sit on the seat of a boss.


Via LadyFireCrotch

11. Should’ve punched him in the face and quit there and then. I would’ve loved to see a smile on the manager’s face then.

Via tamgui

It is tough, man. I know these people have put in a sense of hilarity in their stories as you all can feel it too but I can fully understand the pain behind these words. It is scary to read for all those who are about to apply for jobs but we all must know this harsh reality of the corporate world; that bad bosses will always exist.

However, don’t worry. Not everyone is bad. There is good on this planet too and I am sure we will all meet good bosses too in our lives and will be sharing their stories on social media as well. Till that happens, let’s continue reading through some more stories of employees being insulted by their bosses.

Scroll down below to continue!

12. Too late.


Via she_huulk

13. I would’ve asked for elaboration because dishtowels are helpful and I love people who have a helpful personality.

Via aliceINchainz

14. Why don’t you try it then?


Via joedrums8a

15. Well if you die overdosing on it, who is going to save the women then?

Via pingumom

16. Why do you care what I do on my day off? So creepy.


Via bw833s

17. And how exactly was this assumption made?

Via charmanderr

18. I think you are supposed to have an affair with the person you are married to.


Via Heidi1026

19. You bet your bum this person went to HR.

Via legend72

20. I think it is the employee’s lunch break and she can do whatever the heck she wants with it.


Via jocietimes

21. That is so disgusting…such a pervert manager.


Via happyhourfappyhour

I wish everyone who shared their stories is now in a better place, working for a better boss. Or even better, I wish for these people to get promoted to the seat of the boss so they can be the example they always wanted to see. That would be so ideal.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more stories!


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