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50 Times People Spotted Dogs In The Most Hilarious Places

Dog lovers, we meet again.

Of course, we know the love you guys have for dogs which is why you keep on visiting us. I mean, who wouldn’t love these adorable, beautiful and majestic-looking creatures, right? Well, cat lovers might disagree with us, *coughs*. But hey, this article isn’t about dogs vs cats, because we love cats too. However, this article is exclusively reserved for our doggos only, sorry cat lovers.


Okay, so knowing about the fact of how much you enjoy looking at the pictures of doggos, we have a piece of incredible news for you. Have you ever heard of the Facebook group, “Dogspotting“? If you have, that’s good for you but if you haven’t, you guys are missing out on a MAJOR thing! For starters, the group has about 1.8M followers and you will be able to find numerous pictures of doggos caught in different moments. Some might be hilarious AF and some could be emotional. Either way, you’re gonna love them!

Before you hop in to join the group, you need to know that every group has its own set of rules and this group has them too. For instance, you are not allowed to share pictures of your own dogs or dogs that you know personally. Apart from that, don’t even think about mentioning cats but we are pretty sure that you would have figured that out already. And that’s about it. To get you started, we have gathered up a few best posts from that group to let you know beforehand what you are getting into. Keep scrolling.

1. The dog seems to be pretty intrigued by the painting and it has left me wondering, what is on that painting!

via Thomas J Morrison‎

My Sister Went To Visit Our Grandparents Today And Our Grandfather (Who Unfortunately Has Dementia) Felt Really Sad For The Dogs Who Had To Stay Outside. So He Spent The Day Entertaining Them By Showing Them Various Paintings

2. Can’t decide what is more beautiful. The rainbow or the doggo.

via Cordelia Zhong

“Hello, hooman. Can I come out to play now?”

3. Someone’s desperately trying to get to the other side of the wall from that little hole.

via Sachitha Amarasekera‎

“Heyyyy, I was first. Let me try first.”

The admins of the Dogspotting Society said that “Dogspotting is a game, sport, and lifestyle of spotting random dogs you encounter” and encouraged the people to post pictures of the dogs which they encounter every day in their lives, randomly.

4. Hello there, gorgeous!

via Calista Jones‎

“Can I get some snacks in here? Please?”

5. Awww, look at those cute little teeth!

via Valerie Hughes‎

His Name Is Connor And He’s Precious

6. Oh. My. God. This is heaven!

via Chelsea Brown‎

I Work At Starbucks And This Happened Today In The Drive Thru (I Got Permission To Take This Photo)

7. You are definitely lucky as hell!

via Sophie Moore

I’ve Recently Moved House, I’ll Wake Up And My Nextdoor Neighbors Dog Will Be Sat Outside My Door Waiting For Me, I’ll Open The Door And She Comes And Sits On The Door Mat. Her Name Is Edith And She’s My New Best Friend

8. Perfect puppy eyes don’t exi…

via Moira Watts‎

Oh, my! That face can make me do anything, I swear!

The group admins thought it would be a good idea to tell the spotters to respect the privacy of the dog they spot and not be aggressive about it.”Keep in mind, spotters do not have control over the dogs they spot, be respectful!”

9. I won’t leave you, I pawmise.

via Jordan Simone Adair‎

Tovah Roche – “I’ll never let go, Jack. I’ll never let go. I promise.”

10. Hey, can I come into the picture too?

via Amy Sh

Was Waiting For A Taxi In Argentina Pre-Covid When A I Heard Sniffling

11. How may I help you today, sir?

via Eloise Martin

My Friend Moved Into A New House And Right Around The Corner Was This Guy! We Saw A Tiny Hole With A Name Above And Figured It Was A Doggy Lookout, So We Called The Name And This Wee Face Popped Up His Owners Had Made A Space In The Fence For Him To Say Hi To People Walking Past

12. How many treats are left in my account, ma’am?

via Becca Schlim‎

Scagsy – “Don’t worry! If my cheque bounces I’ll chase it and catch it – I likes bouncies”

13. What a golden day, it is!

via Nicola Wood

This guy can now say, “I miss my golden days”.

14. Guess I’m gonna have to travel to Newfoundland too. Or travel with Newfoundland. Ugh, it’s so confusing.

via Бекки Алекс‎

I Found A Newfoundland In Newfoundland!

15. If only I could get greetings from a dog like this during my way to work.

via Erin Puccinelli

“Hey, psst. You got any treats for me?”

16. I’d steal that adorable ball of fluff!

via Cameron Coday

Coworker Left His Baked Pawtato On My Desk

17. That is a cute little Pawincess.

via Baylee Shandler-West

Im Housesitting For Some Family Friends And They Mention Theyre Dogsitting, No Details. Meet Princess, Shes Toothless, Sleeps In An Old Suitcase, And… Yes, Shes Chubby, Look We Just Met. I Cant Judge

18. Someone’s having a fun ride!

via Tracy Korkuc

Spotted This Cute Corgi In A Backpack! Her Name Is On The Backpack. She Was A Happy Girl

19. Mickey mouse be like, “Goofy, put me down, boy”.

via Sam Draper

Just Met Ellie Who Likes To Walk Around The City With Her Favourite Micky Mouse Toy (For All The Attention And Pats She Gets). Can Confirm It 110% Worked

20. “Hey, do you wanna come over? We are having a little party.”

via Blair Mowat

Found This Good Boy Peeking Over A Wall Down By The Sea In Scotland

21. Or maybe he just wants to become friends with you?

via Brady Wood

Looked Down Mid-Flight And Found That The Passenger In The Row Behind Us Was Not Practicing Social Distancing

22. That’s it! My brain has malfunctioned after seeing the amount of cuteness in this picture!

via Nicole Marie

Spotted This Daddy Leading His Hoard Of Puppers To The Yard For Playtime. 15/10 Would Get Smothered In Kisses By These Cute Babies Again

23. Shadow is handsome AF.

via Ryder James Hathaway

Met This 14 Year Old Wolf At The Top A Mountain ! His Name Is Shadow

24. “I’m a good doggo. Can you take me out for a walk, please?”

via Laura Papp‎

Three Month Old Mini Australian Shep!!!!!!! Look At That Lil Nose!!!!

25. Awww… why do you look so scared, smol baby?

via Rafe Higson‎

“But why can’t I have something to drink?”

Imagine spotting doggos like these? I mean, these people are truly lucky to bump into these doggos because I’d do anything for it. Look at those adorable faces! Keep scrolling because there’s a lot more.

26. Oh god, look at those adorable eyes!

via Shivam Bhardwaj

“Did you lose your ball, Mr Williams?”

27. And you are? The vocalist?

via Olivia Fine

Spotted This Smiling Cutie On The Bus With His Musical Owner!

28. Hello, I’m Yoda.

via Hannah Loomes

‘dobby’ Eared Boii Having A Well Deserved Snooze On The Streets Of Rome

29. Hello, Sir. Welcome aboard.

via Colin Healy‎

Just Met This Absolute Beaut And I’m In Love. Say Hello To Mylo

30. Awww, someone’s too sleepy.

via Lorna Grey

Spotted Little Winnie Falling Asleep In Her Mums Hands!

31. Are you that famous Dalmatian from the movie 101 Dalmatian!?

via Michael Winter‎

Cowspotting!! Met This Handsome Fellow, Archie, In Maine. He’s An English Setter And I Tried To Steal Him

32. Isn’t she beautiful AF!?

via Ali Jacob Whelan

“Hey, Mister. Can you take a picture of me, please?”

33. OMG! I am going to faint… someone, please take me there!

via Nicole Perrault

Our family was camping, when people pulled up beside us with their trailer and truck. after they got situated the lady popped over and seen our 4 dogs. she said she has some dogs with her as well, we asked “oh how many dogs do you have?” said said “19” and walked away. we all thought we heard wrong. i waited a bit and went over. below is what i found. all the dogs were so happy and healthy. i didn’t hear any of them bark and they went swimming everyday. (imagine watching 19 dogs swim, the old and small dogs stayed on her paddle board). best vacation.

34. “Damn, that shit was dope. I feel so high.”

via Joel Smith

Spotted Dog At Bar….owner Saved Him From Tijuana Mexico Off The Street And He Is The Happiest Dog I’ve Ever Seen Lol Such A Lover!

35. “Take my breath awayyyyyyyy” *Plays in the background*

via Yap Tze Sheng

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s Afgan hound, for you!

36. Not sure if he tried to take a picture of the doggo or the nose?

via James Freemantle‎

But we love that lil nose! Don’t we?

37. Wait a minute, is that a pony with a doggo? WOW!

via Kelly Hamachi

My Mom’s Spot – Huge Doggo With Smol Pony Friend!

38. What a beautiful doggo!

via Jasmine Lindley‎

“Will you go out on a date with me?”

39. “Hey hooman, hurry up! There’s plenty of other work to do as well.”

via Grace Chambers

My Dad Is Doing Flooring At A House And Has An Elderly Gentleman Called Bob Supervising The Works, 16 Years Young

40. “Can I have that leaf, pwease?”

via Sam Draper‎

Just Met Itty Bitty Phoebe Who Loves Playing With Leaves And Doing Sits Like A Good Girl

41. “Hey hooman, I’m up here.”

via Chloe Huggs‎

Quite The Surprise To Come Home And Find The Neighbours Newfoundland Sat On The Roof! After All The Window Probably Acts Like A Cat Flap For Him!

42. Can I just dive into those puppies and get cuddles!?

via Caitlin Grant

My Friend Found A Momma Pup In A Parking Lot A Week Ago. Knew She Was Preggo And Decided To Help Her Out. Little Did He Know She Would Have Fifteen ( 1 5 ) Puppies!!! Holy Cow. Can’t Wait To Cuddle These Babies!

43. Meet Angus, he’s 7 months old and he’s extremely adorable!

via Claire Elizabeth

“I hope she doesn’t find out that I’m high.”

44. “You weren’t expecting me, I know.”

via Emily Charlotte

This Airbnb Comes With A Miniature Woolly Mammoth

45. Guys, meet jake.

via Aaron James Roth

He is definitely one of the most handsome doggos!

46. Wow, that’s the longest tongue I’ve ever seen.

via Bruno Parizotto Agustini

“Can I have more snacks, please?

47. Doggo guarding the property.

via Alex TenikoDesu

“Aye, what do you want? Get off my property!”

48. “Yeah, take my pictures, you peasants!”

via Holly Orton

Tiny Doggo Making His Superstar Debut Trevi Fountain, Rome

49. “Ride or die, b*tch”

via Emily Hunt

Spotted Ms. Finnegan Posing On The Lake, My Cousins Just Bought The Cutest Mini Golden Doodle 10/10 Best Surfing Prodigy

50. What do you mean that is not a duck!?

via Deb Bell

I Know This Is Dog Spotting, But I Saw This Duck In Arlington, Va Today And Had To Share

Well, the fun finally comes to an end! We are sure that after seeing all these pictures, now you’d straightaway join that group for more posts but hey, don’t forget us too! Which one did you find the best of all? Hard to tell, we know but we would still like to hear it from you. Let us know in the comments section below.


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