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20 Times The World Asked Us To Take a Day Off

Life can be so unpredictable. We have all had days where we couldn’t stop laughing from something funny we read online, and then there are days when even the smallest blunders can lead to a major loss and make us cry. Regardless of how terrible things go, we should always remember the good times and be grateful for the lessons that life has taught us.

If you’re having a horrible day at work, at home, or in a store, it’s perfectly fine. Just keep in mind that there are a lot of people in this world who are currently dealing with big difficulties for no apparent cause. But that’s simply because today is a bad luck day for them. Isn’t it unbelievable that a sneeze caused an accident in one man’s car? What a terrible misfortune the man must have had, right?

We’ve also gathered some funny images of people who aren’t having the best of days from around the internet. Take a look at these pictures by scrolling down and  we are they will make your day a little better!

1. This black beauty should be the star of a shampoo commercial.

Via rabbit_russia / Reddit

“Me: using shampoo, conditioner, hair treatments
The cat: cleans itself with just its tongue”

2. When you get a surprise while preparing your breakfast.

Via DogZim / Reddit

“Guess it’s toast for breakfast today.”

3. That must have hurt!

Via BingErrDronePilot / Reddit

“Learn from my mistakes.”

4. This stray cat got into the car and ate all of the tacos.

Via cascassian / Reddit

“My dad left his window down in his truck while he stepped away for a few minutes, and a feral cat got in and ate all of his tacos.”

5. Welcome to Chicago!

Via gummymod / Reddit

“4 days after moving to Chicago”

6. Someone is having a bad day at work today.

Via Thunder_SdSh / Reddit

“It’s always a pleasure to realize that your coworkers don’t know how to close a box properly. Right when you’re ready to go home.”

7. It must be in a firefighter bucket list!

Via  BruceInc / Reddit

“He picked a bad day to block the fire hydrant.”

8. A wasp stung this poor guy who has an interview later.

Via isakhwaja / Reddit

“Just got stung by a wasp, and I have a job interview later today. Can’t even talk right.”

9. That’s called “Luck”

Via  RickTrilogy / Reddit

“A few minutes before leaving to go to work, I heard gunshots outside. I went out to my car and saw this. Glad I wasn’t in the car.”

10. It just takes 5 minutes to ruin a nice day.

Via LandolphiN_ / Reddit

“DoorDashed food, and in the 5 minutes it took me to get to the door, the neighbor’s cat ate through the box and stole some chicken.”

11. Sneezing might result in huge damage.

Via  oddjaqx / Reddit

“So I had a sneezing fit while driving yesterday, and this happened.”

12. Ugh! we can understand the level of frustration here.

Via ****Chief / Reddit

“Are you kidding me?”

13. This doggy’s owner accidently used a hair dye instead of shampoo.

Via AbanaClara / Reddit

“Owner used the wrong shampoo (hair dye).”

14. This puppy loved the new PS5.

Via  waybackwhen15 / Reddit

“So finally, after a year, I was able to get a PS5. My dog was excited too.”

15. This guy gave a bagel to one poor man and what he found next day was so unexpected.

Via totalbangover / Reddit

“I gave a homeless man a freshly baked, warm bagel yesterday. He was kind, and I felt great driving away. The same intersection today.”

16. Every car owners worst nightmare.

Via Chriss444 / Reddit

“I woke yesterday night to a huge crash and saw my only car damaged by a POS driver at 1 a.m., they fled the scene.”

17. Well, that’s quite dangerous.

Via RedHot_Dragon / Reddit

“My dad’s phone. Left it to charge overnight, woke up, and saw this.”

18. But why would someone drill a hole in gas tank?

Via Erikmustride13 / Reddit

“Someone drilled a hole in my gas tank. They got away with roughly $12 worth of fuel.”

19. The most unluckiest guy on the internet.

Via The_Smoot / Reddit

“Dropped and broke my favorite plate I’ve used for 32 years. You served me well, Bros.”

20. When you need to rush and your car is not by your side.

Via PeppermintPatty420 / Reddit

“Your car just said, NOT TODAY.”

Are you having a good day today? If no, then we are sure these hilarious compilation might have made your day better. Don’t forget to share which compiled picture caught your eyes the most in the comments section below.


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